New Audio Interview with Hip-Hop Legend Xzibit!

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A new audio interview has been done with hip-hop legend, actor and well know rap artist Xzibit. In the interview Xzibit talks on his upcoming album and his upcoming movie release. The interview was conducted by XzibitCentral.com, the premier hip-hop source for all information on the west coast rap legend Xzibit.

Here is a taste of what hip-hop legendary rapper Xzibit had to say.

XzibitCentral.com: What’s been happening in the life of Xzibit?

Xzibit: Ahh everything you know my son is 11 now, I’ve got several movies that have just been released – going from “Hoodwinked” to “Derailed” to “XXX2” and now I’ve got a new movie coming out September 15th, my first co-star role opposite The Rock. It’s called “Gridiron Gang” and it’s based on a true story, you know I play a probation officer and a football coach in the movie so there’s no hip hop element [laughs] – I actually play somebody other then hip hop so it’s pretty good.

XzibitCentral.com: Which label will full circle be released on?

Xzibit: Full Circle is the independent release. I made a North American deal with Koch and I own the rights and the masters to this record so I’m really excited about it. I get to distribute it the way I want, to who I want, throughout the world.

XzibitCentral.com: So we’ll see a better advertising job then last time?

Xzibit: Yes! Yes! You’ll see all of that and then some!

You can read the interview by going to XzibitCentral.com or listen to the full interview in MP3 at XzibitCentral.com MP3

Justin Russo – Owner of XzibitCentral.com

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