Xzibit Understands Black Crime

Posted 16 September 2006 by XzibitCentral.com | | No Comments »

Rapper XZIBIT fears young black Americans get involved in crime because they’ll never be able to compete with their rich white neighbours, who have fortunes passed on to them.

The thoughtful PIMP MY RIDE star understands why some of his peers turn to stealing and drug dealing as a means to get rich quick – because they don’t have trust funds to turn to.

He says, “I think our biggest problem as young black men in this country is that we have become used to immediate gratification and that will destroy you.

“We come from a generation where our families don’t have trust funds or family businesses where we can just jump into.

“My father had to struggle and his father had to struggle, so me, being born into the situation, I inherit the struggle. What becomes attractive with stealing is that I can enjoy the things society has, but I get it faster. It’s immediate gratification.

“That’s more attractive than going to college for five years, you’re halfway done with your life before you even get to enjoy your car.”

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