XzibitCentral.com Interview with Hip Hop Heavyweight Xzibit!

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New Xzibit Interview Recorded in July 2007 (Audio, Video and Text)

Listen to the Interview in MP3 Format
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Watch a Short Video Clip – 1 Minute Long

A new audio interview has been conducted with hip-hop heavyweight, actor and well know rap artist Xzibit. In the interview Xzibit talks on his 2 month world tour, being an independent artist and future music video releases.

Xzibit Interview Picture - Discusses Full Circle, Concentrate, Lyrics, Fans, Concerts, Pimp My Ride and Much more!
XzibitCentral.com Owner ‘Justin’ and Hip Hop Heavyweight Xzibit

Xzibit took time out of his busy tour schedule to answer questions asked directly from the fans, which just shows how devoted Xzibit is to his fans. The interview was a joint effort between XzibitCentral.com and Xzibit.com – Xzibit’s Official Fan site and Official Site respectively.

Here is a taste of what rapper Xzibit had to say:

XzibitCentral.com:: What feedback did you received from the fans after Full Circle?

Xzibit: It was crazy you know what I’m saying! A lot of people appreciate the music, a lot of people expected some mature music and that’s what they got, real solid hip hop music, straight forward. [click here to read more]

A Question Directly From A Fan:

XzibitCentral.com:: Do you play any video games?

Xzibit: Yeah, yeah I’ve got all the systems – come on I’ve got a little boy – he’s not going to let me get away with not playing no video games. We’ve got all the systems every one lined up in front of the TV with a switch box – (OK play this one!) [click here to read more]

Listen to the Interview in MP3 Format
Read the Interview
Watch a Short Video Clip – 1 Minute Long

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