Xzibit receives praise from X-Files 2 writer: Frank Spotnitz

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In a recent interview with Frank Spotnitz, one of the writers of X-Files 2: I want to believe, he praises Xzibit’s acting skills.

An extract of the interview from Movieweb:

Movieweb- There are a few new additions here with Amanda Peet, Billy Connolly and Xzibit. Did you guys write any of these roles with any of them in mind, or how did you come across them for these roles?

Frank Spotnitz- We didn’t write with Amanda or Xzibit in mind. Xzibit was a big discovery for us. He just came in and destroyed in the room and he became our first choice after he read.

Xzibit will star in a number of big budget movies in the near future, including “Bad Lieutenant”, “Fencewalker” and “Pinkville”.

Stay tuned to XzibitCentral.com for more information about these movies in the near future!

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