Xzibit’s European tour dates

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Hey Xzibit Fans,
Xzibit is currently on tour in Europe as we speak!

Catch him on stage in these cities:

04.01.09 Amsterdam, Netherlands
04.02.09 Paris, France
04.03.09 Kerkrade, Netherlands
04.27.09 Helsinki, Finland
04.29.09 Bergen Norway
04.30.09 Warsaw, Poland
05.01.09 Basel, Switzerland
05.02.09 Lausanne, Switzerland
05.06.09 Odense, Denmark
05.07.09 Athens Greece
05.08.09 Oslo, Norway
05.09.09 Budabest, Hungary
05.10.09 Prauge, Czech Republic
05.11.09 Sofia, Bulgaria

My apologies for not sending this out earlier. If you can catch Xzibit live on stage, be sure to do it, you won’t regret it (trust me, i’ve seen him live 6 times, the shows GO OFF!)

Be sure to check out Xzibit’s Twitter and Youtube channel. You’ll see some funny footage (especially in the cafe in Amsterdam!).

Go out there and get your tickets!
Justin – XzibitCentral.com founder

Source: XzibitCentral.com Exclusive!

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