New Music: Xzibit – Napalm

Posted 12 March 2011 by XzibitCentral.com | | 5 Comments »

The latest Xzibit release, Napalm, is off the Travis Barker & DJ Whoo Kid "Let the Drummer Get Wicked" Mixtape.


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  1. -shawty- says:

    damn i think we all nw dat it aint possible 4 Xzibit an lil wayne 2 make a duow 2 getha 4sure like nw jke get rel… PLZZZZZZ!

  2. westsiderideordie says:

    i wouldnt mind seeing him get back with Em and do a track or 2. man they tore it up together back in the day.

  3. West Side says:

    50 cent , lil wayne ?? xzibit is one of the biggest rap legends, we all know he won’t make song with fuckin singer Lil wayne

  4. Riki D says:

    this is awsome! on your next album you should hook up wiv lil wayne or 50 cent! that would sell out big time! xD cant wait for MMXI!