Happy birthday Xzibit from XzibitCentral.com!

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All of us here at XzibitCentral.com would like to wish Xzibit a happy birthday for today September 18th!

Continue to kill it on your Europe/Australian tour! We are all looking forward to hearing the new album early next year.

If you would like to send your birthday wishes to Xzibit, leave a comment on this post or hit him on Twitter at http://twitter.com/#!/xzibit

Justin Russo
XzibitCentral.com Owner

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  1. RAY.B says:

    XZIBIT will come tomorow to chelyabinsk russia please i want someone who can help me to take a picture which MR XZIBIT

  2. $yrina Mi{helle Howard says:

    Happy Birthday Alvin! Happy Birthday Xzibit! I got a brother named Alvin he a mess! lol! My birthday is 12/18/1974! So you’re a Tiger too! No wonder you’re so Grreat! You know MJ’s a Virgo too! I hope you join Snoop on 10/27/2011 Buffalo Run Casino so I can marry ya! Teach me how to do that Crip Walk it’s so flyyyyy! I can do the basic! Well anyway I been bumping your jams all week like some Xmen shish just hit me and said bump Xzibit!lol! I didn’t know you were on Extreme Home Makeover so I watched it today! I like Pimp my Ride better you look bored on that Home Show lol! so you been on X files I hope you’re too busy to date need to holla at me I been getting dissed by the other celebs lately they be like Bitch please lol! Well Happy Birthday and many more don’t let my Music Scare ya! I tried to get on Death Row Records once just cause Snoop was on there! Let me check out your label! Well nighty night! I got a new rap Killer Klowns I went hard on that one!