Gumball 3000 update #1: Xzibit & the Gumballers make their way to Russia

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Xzibit has been taking some pictures on his way throughout Europe on the Gumball 3000 tour. Xzibit and the Gumballers have made their way to Russia and onwards. Xzibit will perform at a Gumball 3000 event in Riga, Latvia.

Xzibit at the gym on the morning of Gumball drive day
@xzibit: This dude bench pressed 553 pounds like it was nothing. Then he decided to take this pic. Wtf was I about to say? Lol!!!!!!

Xzibit in St Petersburg
@xzibit: Amazing weather in #St.petersburg!

Russian mechanics that fixed the Bonita Bentley
@xzibit: These are the guys that fixed our cars in mother #Russia! #bonitaarmy

Stay tuned at XzibitCentral.com with exclusive pictures of the event – follow us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/xzibitcentral to keep up with the Gumball 3000!

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