Xzibit To Guest Star On FOX TV Show ‘Empire’

Posted 26 February 2016 by XzibitCentral.com | , , , | 8 Comments »

Xzibit is bringing his acting talents to Empire. Mr. X To The Z, born Alvin Joiner, will be appearing on the FOX drama as a rival to Lucious Lyon (Terrence Howard).

Deadline reports that:

Xzibit will star as Leslie “Shyne” Johnson aside Terrence Howard’s polarizing character, Lucious. The rapper will embody a music mogul with a close ear to the streets. “Shyne” also has resentment towards Lucious after getting blackballed for his lifestyle. Leslie “Shyne” Johnson is 100% wolf and 100% gangster. He has managed artists, started record imprints and even sold a few units here and there, but his bread and butter always has been — much to his years-long frustration — drugs, guns and extortion. Feeling shut out by the other heavy hitters in the music industry, he carries a big chip on his shoulder, especially for Lucious.

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