Pictures: Xzibit at the Premier of X-Files: I Want To Believe

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Xzibit at the Premier of X-Files: I Want To Believe

Xzibit - Premier of X-Files: I Want To Believe

Premier of X-Files: I Want To Believe (Xzibit)

Xzibit at the Premier of X-Files: I Want To Believe

The X-Files : I Want to Believe Receives 4.5 out of 5 stars

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The X-Files 2The X-Files : I Want to Believe has received 4.5 out of 5 stars in a review by MovieHole.net

The curtains close. The screen goes black. Cue the Mark Snow track.

Six years after they merged with the pixels in the box, the feisty sceptic and the dry-humoured believer return to the forefront of our screens – and by golly if fervent “X-Files” fans aren’t drowning in a pool of their sweat by the time they sink into their cushy cinema seats, anticipating the reintroduction of agents Mulder and Scully . “If you build it, they will come”.

Series creator Chris Carter, along with actors David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, dive back into a pile of manila folders for the highly-anticipated and long-awaited (the first draft was written in 2003) sequel to television’s greatest spook-serial. And like the first “X-Files” film – “X-Files: Fight the Future” – “I want to Believe” is an epic and imposing big-screen adventure, one that extends the theme’s of the series, whilst offering something for those that don’t know their Jeffrey Spender’s from their well-manicured men.

It’s been a long time between drinks for Mulder and Scully, and so admittedly their big-screen reprisal doesn’t come without risk. Not that they don’t still have an audience out there – they certainly do, you only have to do a Google to see how many “X-Files” websites and forums exist – but like an overseas tourist in the front row of a pantomime, it has to stand-up. So many TV shows-cum-films simply disintegrate due to poor structure – even the “Sex and the City” movie loses points, because it didn’t think of anyone else but those that watched the show; in this day and age, you have to! – “I Want to Believe” has been more thought out than a triple-homicide. it’s a meticulously plotted and imaginatively crafted piece of filmmaking that’s considered everyone from the get-go.

First a disclaimer: I love The X-Files. Always have… probably always will. They call us ‘X-Phile’s, and we collect anything and everything bearing the ‘X’ symbol – be it a DVD collection, CD soundtrack, pencil case or T-Shirt. So yes, it’s inevitable that whatever Chris Carter and company put together I was going to enjoy … but the question is: How much would I enjoy it? And could the film work for the non-fan? For the sake of the review, I’ve locked my bias in the basement. For the film to succeed I realize it has to do more than simply have Mulder and Scully admitting to their unspoken relationship (but that would be a good start).

I don’t want to touch on the plot too much – it’s best to walk in fresh, without knowing every jump, jolt and bit of dialogue back-to-front before you see the film. What I will say is that it involves a disgraced priest (Billy Connolly), “Dr” Scully (Anderson) and her reclusive beau Mulder (Duchovny) and a series of kidnappings – which, as to be expected, isn’t the doing of your usual ‘snatch and grab’ villain.

Filmed in beautiful Vancouver (the sequences shot in the snow look terrific) – where the series was shot for many years before relocating to L.A – “I Want to Believe” is a much smaller film than its predecessor, but no less thrilling. In fact, the intimacy of the storyline, and the central emphasis shifting from the ‘monster-of-the-week’ to the lead characters, might be an even more affecting stratagem than the conspiracy-centric ‘Fight the Future’.

Carter knows Mulder and Scully back to front – he really does. This is where the two characters would probably be six years from the series – there’s no doubting that. He’s also aware that their relationship, not just careers, would’ve changed since we last saw them – and welcomingly announces the duo as a couple from the get-go.
And how could he not? The undeniable chemistry, not just between Mulder and Scully, but the actors that play them, is harder to hide than a slab of beer at an underage disco. Fans will be pleased with the number of sweeter scenes – scenes that wont leave you doubting the status of their relationship (and don’t leave before the end of the credits, as you will miss a fun little surprise that will make you smile).

Anderson shines as the long suffering Scully, still equipped with the huge heart we saw in the series, but also some newly-added gusto (she has balls!). Scully feels a little more grown and developed as a character while Duchovny’s Mulder has pretty much remained stagnant – but probably by design (once a believer, always a believer).

Though it’s clearly the ‘Mulder and Scully’ show – and rightfully so – Carter has assembled a terrific support cast. Amanda Peet (“Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip”, “The Martian Child”) and rapper Alvin ‘Xzibit’ Joiner are the most noticeable of the new additions – she as Agent Dakota Whitney, he as Agent Mosley Drummy. Billy Connolly, as the disgraced priest Father Crissman, once again proves his versatility as an actor by taking on a role that’s about as fun as Cancer (Man). It’s also quite an accomplishment for an actor to play such a dislikeable character and yet not be seen ostensibly evil in the audience’s eyes.

Fans of the show will love it – there’s lots of in-jokes, cameos, and, of course, some surprises in store story-wise! – And I don’t see those off the street having a problem with the flick either. They’ll be sure to be drawn into the thrilling plotline and won’t feel too much of an alien in this unfamiliar terrain – anything they need to know can be explained in an easy sentence (Previous knowledge is not required as much here as it was in the previous film “Fight the Future” – it really is a great stand-alone piece)

Yes, the overall ‘X-File’ of the plot is a little wacky – they probably could’ve toned it back a bit, and it still would’ve worked just as well – and Duchovny is constantly overshadowed by Anderson (and no again fault of his, it’s merely the fact that the writers have chosen to evolve the character of Scully – more so Mulder; and that’s probably been the intention since day one) and devoid of a lot new to do, but they’re merely tiny holes in a grand ship – steered in style by the masterful Chris Carter and long-time cohort Frank Spotnitz.

“The X-Files: I Want to Believe” isn’t just a love letter to X-Philes, it’s a tremendous film in it’s own right – in fact, it might be just be the best film of the year! Believe it!

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SO I took a day off to relax and get ready for the next week, this friday we see X-FILES:I WANT TO BELIEVE hit the screen. I truly am excited. But let me tell you about my trip. It was a 10 hour flight to frankfurt then a 1 hour flight to Berlin. Now the movie industry is diffrent from the music industry in a major way. Just by travel alone, hands down the movie industry has no problem booking first class travel for THE ENTIRE CAMP, usually I fly fist class and they make my team spread out thru coach. which is wack. So we got to the hotel and it was a restored bank from the 1800’s. some of the walls were still reinforced with vault doors, it was very cool. On top of that it was fashion week right across the street and the hotel ws full of models. I know what youre thinking, but NO. Im not talking about models we see in KING or the hottie pages in your favorite rap mag, Im talking about the “DAMN BITCH YOU NEED TO EAT SOMETHING BEFORE YOU FALL OVER DEAD” looking models. It was not that kind of party. If you like girls that are built like 10 year old boys then you would have been in heaven. After we got setteled I went to the gym and crashed. We worked all day the next day and tried to adjust to the time diffrence (we were 9 hours ahead of the US)
But then turn right back around the next day to go back home. I got back to LA around 6 just in time to get home and gather up the family to go see THE DARK KNIGHT! The movie was LONG, I guess it was the jet lag, but I was still into it. Of course Heath did his thing as the joker, Bale was a little stiff as Batman, kind of one note all the way thru. But over all I was impressed. One of the most graphic and realistic settings of all the films to date. Its LOUD as hell as well. explosions went OFF like they were right in front of you. Im sure its better in IMAX. But go check it out, its worth it. I wish I could tell you about my movie but the simple truth of the matter is………I HAVE NOT SEEN THE MOVIE MY DAMN SELF! real talk. I see it on the 23rd @ the premire….So I guess come back on the 24th I will let you know what I think before you guys go see it. LOL
Well there it is, stay focused people.


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New Xzibit Blog: Just saw THE DARK KNIGHT>>>>>

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11:15 showing. I am dead beat down tired. I will fill you in on how it was tommorow! Made it back home to LA folks. over and out.


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So here we are just a few weeks away from the release of the film, and the promotion is about to be in full swing. Of course Im excited about it and now I get to do my part and spread the word. I have a few dates in germany via interviews and apperances in Berlin I believe. Anyway I will be there for a week. Then I come home to do domestic promotion, you will be well aware of this movie before July 25th. @ least we dont have to open up against Batman, I heard that film is going to open very well. I am just gearing up after such a difficult time and thankful for ALL the LOVE and SUPPORT that I have recieved, It keeps me going folks…..more than you know. My struggles have never been easy, But those things that define me as a man are written in my battle scars so I wear them proudly. Never allow the things that have NOT happend be the excuse to not try.You LEARN from your ups AND your downs. Im still here and my family is behind me as well as you guys…the fans. Music to me has been a voice for the underdogs, as it continues to be. I to this day believe that I have not said what I was put here to say yet thru music, I still feel like I havent written my best music yet. I have alot of work to do and procrastination is like masturbation……..YOU ARE FUCKING YOURSELF. (thats from one of my records called “HANDLE YOUR BIZNESS” go do your homework) So I want you to check out my new film and new music on its way. As I continue to relate, communicate, and bang new tunes out for you and yours, Just know I got your back, cause at the right time…..you all had mine. less GO!
PS. peedi cracks verse on the roots album is bangin! and go do yourself a favor and
go peep out “guilty simpson” on youtube, dope MC from DETROIT. Just what im bumpin right now.


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