Xzibit Drawing for Charity – Bid on it now!

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Xzibit generously donated a “doodle” for a charity Internet auction on eBay. The auction started yesterday and continues through May 18.

Proceeds from the auction benefit NF, Inc., a national non-profit organization that supports families affected by Neurofibromatosis.

The auction is on eBay, you can view the auction here.

The auction started on May 8, and continues through this Sunday, May 18. Currently, Xzibit’s Doodle is bidding for $79!

Xzibit is the hit-making rapper and hilarious host (for 7 seasons) of MTV’s Pimp My Ride, a reality show that turns teens’ junkyard-bound cars into dream cars. The show is now broadcast in over 40 countries and the market continues to grow.

He has guested in CSI: Miami and freestyled opposite Eminem in 8 Mile. Other film roles include XXX: State of the Union with fellow emcee Ice Cube, Derailed with Clive Owen and Jennifer Aniston, and Gridiron Gang with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. He was also the voice of Chief Grizzly in the 2006 hit animated film Hoodwinked.

Xzibit and Amanda Peet will play FBI agents working alongside David Duchovny (Mulder) and Gillian Anderson (Scully) in The X-Files: I Want To Believe scheduled to be released in July 2008.

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X-Files 2 – Xzibit mentioned in article, title of movie revealed

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The name of the new X-Files 2 movie has finally been revealed. Sources say the movie is entitled “X Files : I Want To Believe“.

Xzibit’s casting has also been discussed in a recent interview with the creators/writers of the movie, Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz.
“There are three actors new to the X-Files franchise who are said to have notable roles in the film, including Amanda Peet, rapper Xzibit and Scottish comedian Billy Connolly. Spotnitz discussed each of these actors, explaining “Amanda Peet is an FBI agent, as is Xzibit. In Amanda Peet, we were looking for somebody who was Scully-like in a way – that intelligence, that intensity, that authority that Gillian Anderson naturally commands, so Amanda we thought, especially after seeing her in Studio 60 on television, we thought she was great for this role. Xzibit was just a discovery for us. We knew his music, but we didn’t realize what a great actor he was. He’s really fantastic. He’s another FBI agent. I don’t think you would picture him as an FBI agent normally. But he’s really quite good.

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Xzibit to feature in new Alkaholics DVD – WIN YOUR COPY OF LIVE FROM REHAB!

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Win a copy of Live from Rehab here!

New Xzibit Blog: Im in Canada,and its f*ckin FREEZING!

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The following is taken from Xzibit’s latest blog to his fans. The blog is at http://www.xzibit.com/blog.

Man where do I start,
I apologize for the long time between blogs, so I will make this a good one. After I finished the movie in New Orleans I went back to LA and took a second to regroup and reset for the new year. I had a kick back new years eve at my crib, had a bunch of people over and brought it in with family. The club scene in LAis cooked and burnt up so that was NOT an option. Jokes and food and lots and lots of henessy went around and it was a great evening. Let me rewind the tape a little and tell you about my hair cut. One day I got up and took my braids down and was about to make the call to get it re braided I looked in the mirror and put the phone down and picked up the clippers. I cut my hair myself to a little afro. I gotta tell you after Icut it and took a shower I felt preety fuckin good. After 10 years of braids I felt like it was time. Now after that I got a call from my agents about a Oliver Stone movie named “Pinkville” and there was a part that would be good for me, I got the script and loved it. I went in to read for Oliver 2times beforeI got the offer, I was hyped to travel and do a war film with Oliver Stone because he knows that world so vividly. Well 2 days before we are supposed to get on the plane, I get the call that the movie had been put on hold because of the writers strike. Even though the script had been complete, changes were requested on some of the dialouge and you cant do that wthout writers, everyone agreed and stood on the side of the writers and supported the decision. I got a call a few days later about the new X FILES movie being directed by Chris Carter and he heard I was coming in and flew down to meet me and watch me read. I meet Chris and talked to him about music. I was shocked to see he had heard the song I did “YEAR 2000” where I mention the X FILES in the 3rd verse. He was very direct and nice to deal with, a little while later I got the call to pack my bags for Canada. So here I am writing to all my folks in a ski resort 3hours from Vancouver, Its beautiful but cold. like 15 below 0 cold,…..and Im standing it it………in a suit……..welcome to hollywood. LOL. All bullshit aside I am having a great time. David Ducovnny, Amanda Peet, Billy Conolly and Gillan Anderson are very cool and great people to work with. The whole crew for that matter are some of the best people you can find, I mean its brick out side and these folks are our out there setting up lights and setting up cameras and shit, hours before they yell ACTION. They deserve every penny they get. I wont be back to LAtill March so I gotta good news flash for you when I get home, I will holla back at you guys asap…..thanks for stoppin in!!! If you wanna see what I look like in the film go XZIBIT.COM its on the main page………..



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Pictures of Xzibit On The Set of X-Files 2 Movie

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Check out the photos of Xzibit on the set of X-Files 2 taken while shooting a scene last night for the first day of shooting. X-Files fans get ready, because Mulder and Scully are coming back next summer to a theater near you, where Xzibit will be playing a major role in the movie!

Xzibit Lands Role In New 'X-Files' Movie

Xzibit Lands Role In New 'X-Files' Movie

Xzibit Lands Role In New 'X-Files' Movie

Stay tuned to XzibitCentral.com for more news and pictures from the set of X-Files 2!

Source: XzibitCentral.com Exclusive!


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