New Crip Walk Videos to Download on XzibitCentral.com!

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6 New Crip Walk videos have been added to XzibitCentral.com for you to download!

To check out the new videos, go to http://www.xzibitcentral.com/cwalk.php (or click “Crip Walk Video” from the menu on the left of this page) and click on the pictures to start the videos!

Enjoy the new clips!

78 Xzibit Ringtones added to XzibitCentral.com!

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We’ve just added 78 Xzibit MP3 Ringtones to XzibitCentral.com – all of which you can download from the website!

10 Ringtones are from the X man himself – voice recordings of Xzibit as your message or Ringtone. A few examples are:
“Hey Baby Sexy Lady, You make them pants look crazy! Haha You should let me Pimp that! Yo its X to the Z, Pick it up!”
“Yo its X to the Z Xzibit, Pick up your phone man, You got a call coming in!”
“Yo, I’m pimpin out this phone right now, You got a Pimpin phone call Pimpin! This is X to the Z, Pick it up!”

And we’ve got 68 music clips as Ringtones from tracks such as: Concentrate, Black and Brown, Thank You, X, Papparazi and many more!

To check out the Ringtones go to XzibitCentral.com and click Ringtones on the left menu, or go directly to the Ringtones page!

Pimp My Ride Pages Updated on XzibitCentral.com

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Pimp My Ride is well into it’s 5th season straight and I’ve finally got around to adding as much information as i can find for all 56 episodes!

Check out the Pimp My Ride page to see the episode guide has been split up into seasons and that episode 37 to 56 are all new and online finally!

If you have pictures or information that you think should go up on any of the episode pages please email me at: webmaster@xzibitcentral.com


Xzibits MTV Cribs Show on XzibitCentral.com for you to download!

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Hey Xzibit fan!

Just letting you know that i’ve put the full MTV Cribs Xzibit special up on the website for everyone to download!

The show takes you on a tour of Xzibits house that he owned a few years ago. It gives you a little insight into what goes on in Xzibits daily life so be sure to check it out.

To download the MTV Cribs special, just go to http://www.xzibitcentral.com/home.php and click the first picture to start the video!

The video is 70mb in size and its well worth the download. Feel free to tell your friends, send it around, make it into a torrent and share it with the world, upload it to YouTube and Google Video – the same goes for all the Xzibit videos on XzibitCentral.com – download them and share them around!


Justin – XzibitCentral.com

Justin Russo – Owner of XzibitCentral.com

400 New Xzibit Pictures added to XzibitCentral.com’s Picture Gallery

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There have been close to 400 new Xzibit pictures added to the Xzibit Picture Gallery on XzibitCentral.com

You can access the Picture Gallery by clicking on the “Picture Gallery” link on the left side of this page.

Enjoy the new pictures!


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