New Video "Concetrate" By XZIBIT Out Now!

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The first video from the upcoming Xzibit album, Full Circle, has been released online today!

To watch the video go to Brand New Video “Concetrate” By XZIBIT On the XzibitCentral.com Forums.

You will also see the album cover for the new album on that page.

To keep up-to-date with all the latest Full Circle and Xzibit news, register on the forums!

Xzibit’s ‘Gridiron Gang’ Tops Weekend Box Office

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Despite mixed reviews from critics, Gridiron Gang captured the number one spot at the box office.

The inspirational drama, which stars rapper Xzibit and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as football coaches of a Los Angeles juvenile detention center football team, raked in an estimated $15 million in ticket sales to secure the top position.

Gridiron Gang’s number one opening echoes another recently released football feature, Invincible.

The Mark Wahlberg film, which occupied the top spot for two weeks, placed sixth by taking in $3.9 million over the weekend, according to reports.

Although profits and attendance have increased since last year, this marks the second consecutive weekend that movie studios have dealt with less than stellar results at the box office.

The top 10 films for the weekend of Sept. 15-17 read as follows:

1. Gridiron Gang $15 million.
2. The Black Dahlia $10.4 million
3. Everyone’s Hero $6.2 million
4. The Last Kiss $4.7 million
5. The Covenant $4.7 million
6. Invincible $3.9 million
7. The Illusionist $3.8 million
8. Little Miss Sunshine $3.4 million
9. Hollywoodland $2.7 million
10. Crank $2.7 million

Xzibit’s 32nd Birthday TODAY!

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Today, September 18 2006, marks Xzibit’s (real name: Alvin) 32nd birthday!

From myself and everyone else on the XzibitCentral.com Forums we would like to wish Alvin a happy birthday and we hope the success of his latest movie, Girdiron Gang, continues on with the release of Full Circle – which is now less then 1 month away!

Wish Xzibit a happy birthday here!

Xzibit gets on the internet almost every day so he’d love to see some comments from his fans!

Justin Russo – Owner of XzibitCentral.com

Notable West Coast Hip Hop Artist Xzibit Speaks Out

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Notable west coast hip hop artist Xzibit who is not only famous for his rap but also his position on MTV’s Pimp My Ride, has spoken out to defend his craft and chosen profession.

The hip hop artist says “Rap is a reflection of society. If society wasn’t violent, then hip hop wouldn’t be violent.”

The west coast hip hop rapper is known for his keen street knowledge and his ‘realness’ among the hip hop culture. Xzibit added “You can blame hip hop but we’re like reporters; we tell you what’s going on in the neighborhood and we tell you how it is. I don’t think hip-hop should glorify the violence. I think with hip hop music you have to have some kind of balance. When you take someone’s life you’re gonna end up losing yours.”

Xzibit is tired of all the media hip hop pundits taking shots at hip hop over some of the violent lyrics and some of the imagery in hip hop and rap videos.

Xzibit also stated “But we can’t be like Arnold Schwarzenegger; he can kill 70 million people on the screen and still he’s a role model. But when you talk about slapping somebody, or shooting somebody on a rap tape, you are a criminal.”

The west coast rapper Xzibit seems to have ‘hit the nail on the head’, so to speak, and it is good to see that there are some in the hip hop culture who are willing to speak out against the view that mainstream media puts on hip hop.

It’s funny that so many don’t like hip hop culture but they will use us to sell everything from hamburgers to cell phones.

Xzibit Understands Black Crime

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Rapper XZIBIT fears young black Americans get involved in crime because they’ll never be able to compete with their rich white neighbours, who have fortunes passed on to them.

The thoughtful PIMP MY RIDE star understands why some of his peers turn to stealing and drug dealing as a means to get rich quick – because they don’t have trust funds to turn to.

He says, “I think our biggest problem as young black men in this country is that we have become used to immediate gratification and that will destroy you.

“We come from a generation where our families don’t have trust funds or family businesses where we can just jump into.

“My father had to struggle and his father had to struggle, so me, being born into the situation, I inherit the struggle. What becomes attractive with stealing is that I can enjoy the things society has, but I get it faster. It’s immediate gratification.

“That’s more attractive than going to college for five years, you’re halfway done with your life before you even get to enjoy your car.”


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