Xzibit Releases Official ‘Napalm’ Album Artwork

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The wait is soon over! Xzibit recently released the official album artwork of his much anticipated new album  'Napalm', which is being distributed through Open Bar, EMI, Universal Worldwide.

The official artwork for Napalm can be viewed below:

Xzibit Napalm Album Cover

Xzibit Napalm Album Cover Inside CD Tracklist

Incase you missed it, Napalm is set to be released in September 2012. The official release date is coming soon, alongside with the video of the track "Napalm", and the single "Up Out The Way" featuring e-40.

You can follow Xzibit at his official twitter: http://www.twitter.com/xzibit or stay tuned on XzibitCentral.com for the latest news!

Xzibit hypes up the Monster T1 headphones

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There’s a lot of musicians that have their names associated with headphones, especially with Monster headphones. The Monster Tron T1 headphones may not have his name attached to them, but Xzibit is the celebrity that’s spending his time hyping them up.

X-to-the-Z is working closely with Monster for all it’s gaming lineup (as part of the Monster Game brand), and the T1 headphones are just the first of that line. Xzibit claims there’ll be more to come by the end of 2012 including controllers and game-specific HDMI cables. Unfortunately those headphones have been delayed several times over as Monster has had to tweak the design quite a bit over the past year, the aesthetics are about the same, however.

With the T1 headphones the big deal is that it will give you more precise locations of sound. So, as Xzibit put it, you can hear when someone is to your right but above you compared to other headphones where you might just hear them to your right. It would theoretically give you an advantage in shooters like Modern Warfare 3 compared to someone who would be using Turtle Beach headphones, for example. Or, as Xzibit put it: “why be a Turtle when you can be a Monster?”

Of course, you can also use the T1 headphones for listening to music. They actually ship as standard headphones, and turn into gaming headphones with the additional Game Box mixer. The sound, from the few times I’ve listened to the headphones since they were announced, it pretty great even for music, plus they looks cool when they light up.

xzibit-headphones-1 xzibit-headphones-2 
Pictures credit to http://www.ryannotch.com/

New Pictures: Xzibit with Dr. Dre, Eminem and Snoop Dogg at Coachella music festival

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Xzibit recently spent some time at the Coachella music festival and here are some pictures from the event:
Xzibit with Dr. Dre at Coachella

Xzibit With Dr. Dre at Coachella

Xzibit with Eminem at Coachella

Xzibit with Eminem at Coachella

Xzibit with Snoop at Coachella

Xzibit with Snoop Dogg at Coachella

New Pictures: Xzibit with Dr. Dre, John Legend, Nicholas Cage & Xzibit’s two sons

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Xzibit has recently taken to Instagram (username: @xzibit). Here are a couple of his recent images:
Xzibit With Dr. Dre

Xzibit with Dr. Dre

Xzibit with John Legend

Xzibit with John Legend

Xzibit With Nicholas Cage

Xzibit with Nicholas Cage

Xzibit's sons

Xzibit's Sons

New Pictures: Xzibit in Sadam’s mansion in Iraq, filming a new movie, with his kid and his jewellery

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Xzibit has recently taken to Instagram (username: @xzibit). Here are a couple of his images:
Xzibit in Sadams Mansion

Xzibit in Sadams Mansion in Iraq 


Xzibit in character filming Geronimo: Killing Bin Laden

Xzibit with his child

Xzibit's little kid

Xzibit's Jewellery

Xzibit's Jewellery


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