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New Pictures: Xzibit in Sadam’s mansion in Iraq, filming a new movie, with his kid and his jewellery

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Xzibit has recently taken to Instagram (username: @xzibit). Here are a couple of his images:
Xzibit in Sadams Mansion

Xzibit in Sadams Mansion in Iraq 


Xzibit in character filming Geronimo: Killing Bin Laden

Xzibit with his child

Xzibit's little kid

Xzibit's Jewellery

Xzibit's Jewellery

New Pictures: Xzibit training with Navy SEALs for new movie ‘Code Name: Geronimo – Killing Bin Laden’

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Xzibit has been out training with Navy SEALs to get in to character for the new movie 'Code Name: Geronimo – Killing Bin Laden’ which began filming in early February:

Code Name: Geronimo - Xzibit training with Navy SEALs 

Xzibit holding his new best friend, the MK48 belt fed machine gun:
Code Name: Geronimo - Xzibit training with Navy SEALs 2

New Pictures: Xzibit on the set of new movie ‘Code Name: Geronimo – Killing Bin Laden’

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Filming of the new movie 'Code Name: Geronimo – Killing Bin Laden’ began in early February. We've got some pictures of Xzibit & Rick Perez on the set:

Xzibit & Rick Perez on the set of: Code Name Geronimo

Xzibit & Rick Perez on the set of: Code Name Geronimo #2

Source: Thanks to Rick Perez for these images


Xzibit to star in new movie entitled ‘Code Name: Geronimo – Killing Bin Laden’

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The cast for the Seal Team Six project Code Name: Geronimo has been announced as Variety reports that Cam Gigandet, William Fichtner, Robert Knepper, Kenneth Miller, Anson Mount, Freddy Rodriguez, Eddie Kaye Thomas and Xzibit have all signed on.

The film, written by Kendall Lampkin and to be directed by John Stockwell, is based on the military incursion into Osama bin Laden's compound from the perspective of a small contingent of Navy SEALS. The film takes a look inside their lives as tensions rise between them until they learn the identity of their latest target, whose code name is Geronimo.

Gigandet, Knepper, Mount, Rodríguez, Xzibit and Miller will compose the SEAL team with Fichtner, Robertson and Thomas serving as CIA operatives.

When Xzibit confirmed via his Twitter account that he is to be in the film, a member of XzibitCentral.com staff did some searching and found a movie poster for the movie:

Stay tuned for more information about the movie here on XzibitCentral.com.

Xzibit Thanks Fans For Support During Dad’s Illness

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Rapper Xzibit has taken to Twitter.com to thank fans for their outpouring of support following his father's hospitalisation.

The hip-hop star, real name Alvin Joiner, dashed to his father's hospital bedside in New Mexico on Sunday (22 Jan 12) after alerting followers to the fact his dad had undergone surgery to amputate a leg due to complications with diabetes.
Xzibit was inundated with kind words and messages from fans after the news broke and he has since expressed his gratitude to his devotees.
In a tweet on Monday (23 Jan 12), he wrote, "Thanks to all of the loved ones sending support and well wishes for my dad. We fully appreciate it."
He later added, "At Physical Training with pops, he's doing really well. This facility is doing wonders. He is in good spirits."

Source: http://www.contactmusic.com/news/xzibit-thanks-fans-for-support-during-dads-illness_1286589

More news:


Xzibit Pimp My Ride Birth Date: 18 Sep 1974
Birth Place: Detroit
Birth Name: Alvin Nathaniel Joiner

A name familiar to millions across the world - a hustler in the music, film, and television world, X is a performer as likely to be seen on-stage thrilling listeners in Germany as he is on cinema screens in blockbuster franchises like xXx 2 and The X Files: I Want To Believe. Let him tell it and he is simply "a self-made man from poverty." Throughout his career he's embodied a Do-It-Yourself mentality, resulting in the Platinum recording artist becoming a superstar with a formidable fanbase that spans the entire globe.

X began his grind to superstardom as he came to the attention of attentive Hip-Hop listenersas a member of the revered rap collective Likwit Crew. Founder and West Coast Hip-Hop veteran King Tee enlisted raucous group Tha Alkaholiks and newcomer X into the clique as original Likwit representatives. From there, the tenacious X unleashed his 1996 debut, At The Speed Of Life. Considered by many to be an underground rap classic, it arguably made him the breakout star of the Likwit collective. The album also spawned a definitive West Coast Hip-Hop cut in the cautionary "Paparazzi." "That song still gets a crazy reception from my fans," says its creator. "It first blew up overseas, but it ended up travelling everywhere. It's a timeless record." With enlightened Hip-Hop listeners swarming to offer their approval, he swiftly followed up this release with another Hip-Hop staple. Sophomore release 40 Dayz & 40 Nights was lauded by critics and fans alike, as its lead single "What U See Is What U Get" spent an astonishing six weeks atop the chart on BET's Rap City... read more at the Xzibit Biography page.


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