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New Xzibit Blog Post: MR X to tha Z says: I HAVE NO BEEF WITH DIDDY!!!!!

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Wow, so I wake up this morning and my phone is going nuts. I turn on the computer and find all this shit about me “throwing puffy under the gay bus” whatever that means. All this SPIN that you journalist are putting on the statements I made on a radio show to DIRECTLY effect a guy in a manor not intended is wrong. I got a call yesterday (which caught me off guard) from Diddy himself stating the club was an after hours spot called “space” I believe. The rumor mill that has ground this bullshit out to be the shit storm that it is, is doing so on its own accord. Like I said at the top, I have no beef with Diddy. BUT WAIT… a bigger problem I see is the negative stance these hip hop sites and blog sites are taking when speaking of gay people in general. All I can say to that is :PEOPLE GROW UP! I do NOT like to spread hate and make it a point not to do so, so this is not the way I intended this interview to unfold. You heard it directly from me ladies and gents, Im looking forward to the issues at hand that really mean something to both my fans and Diddys as well: ART & MUSIC.



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New Xzibit Blog Post: THE FIRST 100 DAYS……..

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WE HAVE A NEW PRESIDENT!!!!!! Ladies and gentlemen, I must say I never thought I would see what I witnessed yesterday. I was always told “It would be a cold day in hell before we see a Black President.” Well Im proud to announce that it was 28 degrees in hell yesterday. There is a huge amount of accomplishment that went into yesterday, reaching back to MLK and the entire civil rights movement. I sat on the couch all day switching channels to see all the coverage, of course FOX news talked shit the whole way. President Obama showed concern for Ted Kennedy at such delicate time and truly showed what class is supposed to be like. (thats right I said “class” fuck the term “swag” I hate that shit.) The american people seemed to be pleased all in all but at the same time I pray that they are REALISTIC as well. President Obama has a HUGE task in front of him, (havin him out doing the running man till 4am aint gonna help either) he is actually at work as we speak. It’s gonna take time to clean up the mess we have been going thru for the last 8 years and THEN get to the agenda of his cabinet. You know “us” tho. We want immediate gratification and quick results, but we have to be better than that now. We have to be accountable and set some examples for the kids who are growing up during these exciting times. Be involved when and where you can, I think so many people did not feel patriotic because of the long standing disconnect between government and “real people” or the “streets”. now its not like that. If any thing people will start being more attentive to the political process, which will in turn fuel people wanting to show up. I am all for it. My hope is with the new president but my faith is with the man up stairs. Just wanted to share my thoughts on yesterdays events. Let me now how you felt about yesterday in the comments, would love to see what your take on it was……Oh please leave all “nigger” and “I hate nigger” rhetoric else where, I want objective discussion. XZIBIT

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Xzibit receives praise from X-Files 2 writer: Frank Spotnitz

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In a recent interview with Frank Spotnitz, one of the writers of X-Files 2: I want to believe, he praises Xzibit’s acting skills.

An extract of the interview from Movieweb:

Movieweb- There are a few new additions here with Amanda Peet, Billy Connolly and Xzibit. Did you guys write any of these roles with any of them in mind, or how did you come across them for these roles?

Frank Spotnitz- We didn’t write with Amanda or Xzibit in mind. Xzibit was a big discovery for us. He just came in and destroyed in the room and he became our first choice after he read.

Xzibit will star in a number of big budget movies in the near future, including “Bad Lieutenant”, “Fencewalker” and “Pinkville”.

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New Xzibit track ‘Gotta Get Em’ / Download Xzibit’s mixtape!

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A new unreleased Xzibit track has surfaced entitled ‘Gotta Get Em’. The track contains hard hitting lyrics about the unfortunate passing of Xzibit’s second son Xavier:

‘…Xavier Kingston, Xavier Kingston, May 15th I held him all through the weekend, on the 4th day the doctors helped with his breathing, on the 7th day vital signs became uneven, the 12th day my son died in my arms…’

To download the track go to http://www.xzibitcentral.com, scroll down to “Featured Xzibit Audio”. While you’re there check out T.I’s new track Live Your Life featuring Rihanna.


In other news, Xzibit’s latest retail album (Full Circle) and his previous mixtape release (Appetite for Destruction Mixtape) are available for purchase and download on his website at http://www.xzibit.com/merchandise – Full Cirle costs $10 to download and Appetite for Destruction is only $5.

Stay tuned to http://www.xzibit.com/merchandise in the next few weeks as we will have some exclusive unreleased tracks dating back to ‘The Golden State Project’ days – yes thats right, we’ve got some exclusives for you!


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So today its Saturday the 4th of Oct. about 2:41pm in the afternoon, but at home its still friday. weird right! When I leave here I will go back in time and land in LA on a monday even though I leave on tuesday. Fuckin confusing if you dont know shit about international time diffrences. I am alright out here, I had a 15 hour travel day yesterday, and when I got off the plane one of the homies “WILDCHILD” from “LOOTPACK” was at the airport about to go do his own gigs out here. crazy. I was beat when I got here so I chilled and tried to relax. I got up early to go for a run and ran into a “mexican” food place and HAD to come back when it opened. Now this is a big deal because I LOVE mexican food, IM biased to “NEW MEXICAN/ SOUTHWEST” style food becuase I used to live there, but southern cali has its share of great places to eat as well. To be in australia where there are NO mexicans, I had to see what it was all about. Well folks I would like to tell you they got the right direction with the menu BUT it took a weird turn and they had like, BBQ chicken / RIBS and Cajun potato wedges, the nachos had chilli on em. (like the shit you eat in the winter time) the taquitos were cool, cant fuck that up too bad anyhow. Never the less, I ate and had to come tell you guys. Basicly im fuckin bored. I go on stage tonight at 8:30pm and play for an hour. so tommorow I will tell you how the performance and the after party goes. If you live out here in australia come to the show in Sydney tommorow night, @ the Forum. And bring some BACKWOODS!(sweet aromatic cigars) were out. LOL


Yes folks just saw it on cnn. the juice has offically been squeezed. Well, hope he knows which gang he’s gonna join when he gets on the inside. Very sad conclusion to a troubled man. Learn from this one folks.


More news:


Xzibit Pimp My Ride Birth Date: 18 Sep 1974
Birth Place: Detroit
Birth Name: Alvin Nathaniel Joiner

A name familiar to millions across the world - a hustler in the music, film, and television world, X is a performer as likely to be seen on-stage thrilling listeners in Germany as he is on cinema screens in blockbuster franchises like xXx 2 and The X Files: I Want To Believe. Let him tell it and he is simply "a self-made man from poverty." Throughout his career he's embodied a Do-It-Yourself mentality, resulting in the Platinum recording artist becoming a superstar with a formidable fanbase that spans the entire globe.

X began his grind to superstardom as he came to the attention of attentive Hip-Hop listenersas a member of the revered rap collective Likwit Crew. Founder and West Coast Hip-Hop veteran King Tee enlisted raucous group Tha Alkaholiks and newcomer X into the clique as original Likwit representatives. From there, the tenacious X unleashed his 1996 debut, At The Speed Of Life. Considered by many to be an underground rap classic, it arguably made him the breakout star of the Likwit collective. The album also spawned a definitive West Coast Hip-Hop cut in the cautionary "Paparazzi." "That song still gets a crazy reception from my fans," says its creator. "It first blew up overseas, but it ended up travelling everywhere. It's a timeless record." With enlightened Hip-Hop listeners swarming to offer their approval, he swiftly followed up this release with another Hip-Hop staple. Sophomore release 40 Dayz & 40 Nights was lauded by critics and fans alike, as its lead single "What U See Is What U Get" spent an astonishing six weeks atop the chart on BET's Rap City... read more at the Xzibit Biography page.


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For many young adults, getting the insurance or finance to fix up their cars can be difficult and taking out a car loan is often no an option. “It’s not just about the cars anymore,” X said, but also “the boost that these kids get in their self-esteem. You can see it in their faces.” "Everybody has had a bucket in their life," said X, using L.A. slang for a clunker. He has had two of his own rides — a Hummer H2 and a Mercedes-Benz S500 — "pimped" at West Coast Customs. A typical episode begins with X paying a surprise visit to the viewer and humorously highlighting the car's numerous problem areas. Then it's off to West Coast Customs, where a team of professionals disassembles the vehicle and completely refurbishes it with custom rims and paint, plush interiors and the latest in lighting, car audio and video accessories. Wheels, Grilles, Body Kits, Customer Paint, Rims, Tires, Car Audio, Car DVD Video and Computer Systems, and many more crazy additions are transplanted into a Pimped Rides every episode! ... read more at the Pimp My Ride page.

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