Xzibit to appear in TV commercial for ‘Škoda’ (european car manufacturer)

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Xzibit will appear in a commerial for european car manufacturer 'Škoda'.
Here are a couple of pictures taken during the recording of the commercial.

Xzibit Skoda Commercial 1

Xzibit Skoda Commercial 2

Xzibit Skoda Commercial 3

We will post the commercial here on XzibitCentral.com as soon as it hits TV or the Internet!

Xzibit Returning To TV In New FOX Series

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Xzibit Joins Cast Of Weekend At Bellvue

Rapper Xzibit is reportedly preparing his return to television.

X to the Z, is a part of Fox's pilot for a new medical drama titled Weekends At Bellvue, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The show is based on the memoir of psychiatrist Julie Holland M.D and centers around a doctor in charge of the weekend shift at Bellevue's psychiatric ward. Xzibit has been tapped to play the role of a character named “Chuck.”

Actors Lauren Ambrose, Janet McTeer, Eric Winter and Amber Stevens have also signed on to be a part of the new series. No date has been given for the premiere of the show.

Xzibit is no stranger to the camera. The West coast rapper turned actor has starred in several films including, 8 Mile, xXx: State of the Union, Hoodwinked, Gridiron Gang, The X-Files: I Want to Believe and Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, as well as hosting the popular MTV series Pimp My Ride.


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