Xzibit Contest: Xzibit is giving away 15+ limited edition Napalm shirts to his biggest fans!

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Do you think you are Xzibit's biggest fan? Prove it! Xzibit is sending out 15+ limited edition Napalm shirts to his biggest fans! All you need to do is tweet @xzibit a picture of your Xzibit CD's, Merchandise, Past show tickets and anything else to show how big an Xzibit fan you are! Go to Xzibit's twitter page at http://twitter.com/xzibit and tweet him your picture to win!

Xzibit has already given away a couple of shirts and two XzibitCentral.com contributors have won their Napalm shirts:

Xzibit Giving Away Rock The Bells Shirts

Xzibit sending out the first 5 shirts


Xzibit fan & XzibitCentral.com contributor Harry Parslow Tweeted his picture to Xzibit and won!


Xzibit fan & XzibitCentral.com contributor Billooh Tweeted his picture to Xzibit and won!

Go to Xzibit's twitter page at http://twitter.com/xzibit and tweet him your picture to win!

Xzibit announces official Napalm album release date: 9 October 2012

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Xzibit has just officially announced his new album 'Napalm' will be released 9 October 2012:

Xzibit Napalm Release Date October 9 2012

Xzibit recently showed the world the Napalm album artwork and Napalm track list which lead many in the industry to announce Xzibit's new album 'Napalm' as the most anticipated album of 2012.

Xzibit Releases Official ‘Napalm’ Album Artwork

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The wait is soon over! Xzibit recently released the official album artwork of his much anticipated new album  'Napalm', which is being distributed through Open Bar, EMI, Universal Worldwide.

The official artwork for Napalm can be viewed below:

Xzibit Napalm Album Cover

Xzibit Napalm Album Cover Inside CD Tracklist

Incase you missed it, Napalm is set to be released in September 2012. The official release date is coming soon, alongside with the video of the track "Napalm", and the single "Up Out The Way" featuring e-40.

You can follow Xzibit at his official twitter: http://www.twitter.com/xzibit or stay tuned on XzibitCentral.com for the latest news!

New Video: 1 minute of 1st track from Restless 2 live at the Royal Arena Festival

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Xzibit gaves his fans a teaser of a track from his new album 'Restless 2' due out later this year/early next year. The 1 minute teaser was recorded live at the Royal Arena Festival.

The new song starts at 3:54 – 4:56.

XZIBIT at Royal Arena Festival 

New Name For The New Xzibit Album: RESTLESS 2

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RESTLESS 2 is the new name of the much anticipated Xzibit album.

Quote from Xzibit's twitter:

"MMX (2010) was the tend. title of the new album. Of course that wont work now, so I decided the body of work has earned the title: #RESTLESS2"

 Napalm Music Video Update:

Xzibit has recently been filming the music video for "Napalm", look out for the video right here on XzibitCentral!

Incase you missed the Audio version of the song, you can listen to it here.

Stay tuned for the latest news on RESTLESS 2 right here on XzibitCentral.com. 


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