New Video: Adil Omar ft. Xzibit – Off The Handle

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Adil Omar ft. Xzibit, directed by Matt Alonzo
Xzibit features in the first single off Pakistani rapper Adil Omar's debut solo album The Mushroom Cloud Effect, due out in 2012

Xzibit Drops ‘Urban Ammo 2’ With Extreme Music/Sony ATV

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Rapper Xzibit has teamed with Extreme Music, the production music library arm of Sony/ATV Music Publishing, to release a new compilation of material titled Urban Ammo 2.

Xzibit produced, composed and performed the tracks on Urban Ammo 2, which contains 40 tracks, created primarily for professional music users and music supervisors in need of material for their movie/television productions.

Extreme Music has made two of the 40 tracks from the Extreme's production music library available to the public via iTunes.

Xzibit enlisted veteran director Matt Alonzo to shoot the videos for the two singles, which are titled "Man on the Moon" and "What It Is."

“Working with Extreme has been a wonderful experience," Xzibit told AllHipHop.com in a press release. "The music created for Urban Ammo 2 has been [in] collaboration with artists whom I feel are the next generation of stars in Hip Hop, R&B and Rock. Unleashing these tracks is gonna wreak some havoc!”

Other acts on Extreme Music's roster include Young DE, Quincy Jones, Snoop Dogg,  Junkie XL and Paul Oakenfold.

TV shows and movies like "Glee," "Entourage," "30 Rock," "Avatar," "Inception" and various major advertisers have used selections from Extreme's production music library.

The world premiere of both “Man on the Moon” and “What It Is” took place on April 13th 2011.

Watch them right here on XzibitCentral:

Man on the Moon ft. Young De

What It Is ft. Young De


SOURCE Extreme Music & AllHipHop

New Video: What It Is ft. Young De

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Xzibit's latest video clip – What It Is featuring Young De, directed by Matt Alonzo
Xzibit's new album is due out in the Summer of 2011! 'What It Is' is available on ITunes now!

New Video: Man on the Moon ft. Young De – amazing ‘under water’ video!

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Xzibit's latest video clip – Man on the Moon featuring Young De, directed by Matt Alonzo
Xzibit's new album is due out in the Summer of 2011! Man on the Moon is available on ITunes now!

New Video: Xzibit – Phenom (video clip) – ft. Kurupt & 40 Glocc

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