About Us

+ Webmaster/Owner
Name: Justin Russo
Favorite Xzibit albums: Restless & At the Speed Of Life
Location: Australia
Email Address: webmaster@xzibitcentral.com
XzibitCentral.com was created on January 4, 2003

+ The Site
XzibitCentral.com is the official fan website of Music, TV and Movie star Xzibit. Xzibit is best known for hosting MTV’s popular series “Pimp My Ride”. XzibitCentral.com has been online since 2003. XzibitCentral.com is the number one source for Xzibit news and information worldwide! With daily news features, interviews, audio and video, XzibitCentral.com is the complete online Xzibit authority.

Xzibit and Justin in 2007



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