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  1. michael says:

    ezibit i got an old 1988 ford f150 that my first truck got a lot of rust and just dont look good and its kind of embarrassing to go out in and pick up in girls. i live in kansas city mo.i have to rig my speakers in the center. just a mess. so could you please pimp my ride i would really love it and my truck is a manual i would like it to be an automatic

  2. christian says:

    xzibit hello uncle have a 86 year Sprinte chevrolet really my brother if you can cuddle the Callao Peru and pimp my machine men do not want to desaser of the brother and not brome

  3. Edward Okraku Adum says:

    Hello am 68yrs old and i had an accident on 25th September a week after my birthday on the 17th of september. my Suv is now a mess and i believe you can make it more than a new one from the showroom
    if you agree to pimp my ride Ghanaian population will see because they watch this program twice a week on our national Television.
    thank and awaits for your response. thanks bro.

  4. aga ptarama says:

    hi my name aga pratama MTV, I have a Toyota Kijang car models kunom plot, I’m from Indonesia, desert city, West Sumatra.

    I beg beautify my car
    Hp no 085271377267

  5. Kurt says:

    Good Day Xzibit
    I live in Souh Africa Johannesburg & everyone loves your show.
    I know we live far apart. Can You please pimp my ride I drive a 318i BMW 1996 Model. I spend all my savings fixing here & there. The windows never work for a month & every now & then have to replace water pipes. I sold my old opel astra to buy a engine for this car. but I refuse to give up hope, She has the potential to be alive & shine I really love this car & my wife told me just give the car away, I was rip off by lots off mechanics not putting the proper parts in to fix her up & make her drivable. I wish the have my car pimp so that I can show her at the Show & Shine car shows as I like the sound competitions as well. Best Regards Kurt (kurtj.designeronline@gmail.com)

  6. mariam ba says:

    hello me is mariam I am African and I have a car that comes from my father and I am very attached to this gift and it’s been long time that I am not in the USA in Cincinnati and I would like a car or power sleep to my needs because at the moment I live with an aunt who makes me very much pain what she hates in life is to see me then please I launch an urgent and important need help

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hi ezibit I am martha from Ethiopia.I am 31.I & my mom likes ur show and ur hair style .

  8. samanda alexander says:

    hi  my  name  is  samanda  alexander i live in dothan alabama i have a 91 honda accord lx its a peace sometimes my gears go out sometime i got to shift like a manual and its  a auotomatic  my over drive is always on  i need help i have two kid and i watch your show my car need a make over big time so please xzibit pimp my ride thanks