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  1. hugh jidick says:

    hello mr x, u use to be cool now u changed. u just about the money now fam

  2. Samyon Kopalin(Семен Копалин) says:

    Dear mr Zibit, I dont give Your money because Im a now in a difficult sircumstansens, but I want that You and your professional team of good guy “upgrade level up” someting for my greatyful Bank, there Im just only client and especially for German Oskarovich Greff- the Big Boss of This Bank and international investing bankir, very very important person in our Country – Russia, I want that after that Your guys shaked or showed this cool amazing shit in YouTube Channel and many others places – succesful guaranteed I supose. In our mentality this shit named or called Corporative in russian language – “Корпоратив”. Thank you a lot and goodbuy Dear mr X.

  3. bhigh westside says:

    am gonna be very delirious if i can someday emerge the musical industry chilling on westside,been a real G of CRIP…….

  4. Eileen says:

    Just like how u transform people cars to new once wish u could do ma own but am in Africa Ghana