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  1. Anonymous says:

    pls i will like to get intouch with you ok and to no more about you espiceally on pimp my ride because am also into repairing of cars so pls i would love in to email which is Ampiahamonoo.aagmail.com

  2. Cassandra hall says:

    Hay xzibit would you like to pimp ride I been having a stroke of bad luck I lost my first job my transportation is mess up I having transmission problem car is giving me lot of problem cost me money all the time I can afford it all the time sometimes my husband have to take my son to work and my stays in the shop all the time because I have I starting to run out money I need car reliable car to get around you live live in la wish you come and pimp my ride I stay in suisun california I wish you come and pimp my ride it would you be nice I’m have a stroke of bad luck can’t afford new car

  3. Christopher says:

    I would like to know how i can get my 61yr old mother’s 1994 cavalier pimped. My mother is a fan of the show and when she talks about her car she says that her car has xima and whenone day ill get my car pimped .

  4. tommy says:

    How can iget yal to pimp my son 2001 impala he try to keep fix but have no luck need a paint job bad he work all these jobs they take all his money he need help please

  5. sheryl says:

    Im a cancer survivor who watched your show pimped my ride.
    i really enjoyed your show tremendously and always hope to
    have my ride pimped. It would be great to see you guys back on the air.

  6. bvs says:

    Hello! Xzibit I like your songs but especially like how you flushed through the wheelbarrow. I'm out of my Nissan 1992gv I myself have tried tuning but does not work like you do not have stingers here in Kazakhstan. help give a bit of advice here is my work bvstuning@Gmail.com

  7. demitra says:

    Hi I would like to know how to pimp my ride please email me at demitranino52@gmail.com

  8. Chriswilson says:

    I like the whole idea of the show. I dont get a chance to watch your show to often. I would like to be contacted by your company. I want to have a car finished four my father. He is 78 years of age. He was working on a 56 turnpike cruiser. Its in great shape. Her purchased it out of new mexico. Frame and body is well preserved. Her stopped working on it because the machine shop lost the guts to the engine. I would like for him to see it finished. My name is chris wilson. I can be reached at 937-405-3841, or at wilson.chris1987 at yahoo.com. I hope you take an interest in this project. Thank you.

    • Kurt says:

      Good Day Xzibit
      I live in Souh Africa Johannesburg & everyone loves your show.
      I know we live far apart. Can You please pimp my ride I drive a 318i BMW 1996 Model. I spend all my savings fixing here & there. The windows never work for a month & every now & then have to replace water pipes. I sold my old opel astra to buy a engine for this car. but I refuse to give up hope, She has the potential to be alive & shine I really love this car & my wife told me just give the car away, I was rip off by lots off mechanics not putting the proper parts in to fix her up & make her drivable. I wish the have my car pimp so that I can show her at the Show & Shine car shows as I like the sound competitions as well. Best Regards Kurt (kurtj.designeronline@gmail.com)