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  1. Darrin says:

    They sent me a email said i was approve to get my ride pimp. So what do i do next. Here my address 6120grayton Detroit mich.

  2. Miyesha says:

    Plz call me 9109399762 I need help with mi car

  3. Fred Davis says:

    My name is Fred Davis and I have watched your shows and noticed that you have never pimped out and older guys ride and I wish that I COULD BE THE FIRST.I live in Cheyenne,Wy.and has been through so much since moving here.Please help

  4. Jimmy nicholson says:

    Got a car for you. We get the crazyest looks

  5. Anthony llanez says:

    I love your show and I live in Tucson Arizona is it possible to get my pimp bout by you is a Nissan sentra 2004 plz

  6. Miro says:

    Beautiful site,pity that we don’t have anything like that in our impoverished nation slovakia.Right now I would be writing about the dream, and modification of the BMW E38.Xzibit is the lord, and those cars are nicer than new from the production line.Keep my fingers crossed.

  7. giles tramp says:

    I have a 1978 f-150 4×4 with a 400 m runs and drives ok it needs help I work part time as a handy man on homes my truck , ppl turn and look the other way lol but I love my f 150 , it would mean so much to as a fan !!! if you all could help me out , I’m into bigblocks super chargers , I wanted it to be blue nice looking , I’m not sure how long this will take to get to be pimp ,every car I have had has just been no good , yes I drive it every day please please help me out it needs some true love I would like for pimp my ride to fix my 1978 f-150 4×4 up please ….

  8. Denise white says:

    I honestly love your show wished we had on in Arizona.

  9. Denise white says:

    I live in Phoenix, Ariz is it possible to get my old school car pimpbout by you.

  10. Maria Diaz says:

    pimp my ride

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