Xzibit Nabbed In Guam For Weed Possession

Rapper Xzibit was reportedly cited in Guam on Sunday for possession of marijuana as he was scheduled to perform for fans in the country.

The apprehension occurred at the Guam International Airport Authority and, according to local NBC Channel 8, the rapper admitted to having the small amount of the illegal substance.

As he arrived in Guam, a K-9 dog reportedly smelled the rapper’s luggage and alerted officials, who did search of the bags. About two grams of marijuana were allegedly found inside of Xzibit’s clothing.

The California resident is expected to be fined for the weed, but official charges have yet to be released. He’ll likely be charged with possession of less than an ounce of a controlled substance and should not serve any jail time. If he chooses to dispute the charges, that could change.

One custom official told Channel 8, “He was very good-natured that morning [and] even declaring that he had it and he was smoking [the marijuana]. Very seldom [do we] we find people being caught [and confess]…the very first thing is deny, deny, deny. He was very relaxed about it.”

Xzibit went on to perform for hundreds of fans in Guam despite the infraction.

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