New Download: Bishop Lamont takes rappers to ‘chuuch’ with Dr. Dre, Xzibit

Perpetual West Coast next-to-bat rapper Bishop Lamont climbs up from limbo to deliver scriptures once again. “Hallelujah” appears to be the latest leak from Bishop Lamont’s highly anticipated debut album, The Reformation. Bishop Lamont is the long-time protege of legendary rap producer and West Coast icon Dr. Dre, an association that builds excitement for his debut to feverish levels.

Though the last time Bishop Lamont was in the news, it was for rumors that he had been dropped from Dre’s Aftermath imprint. After some back and forth between VladTV, who originally broke the story, and Bishop Lamont, fans were left confused as to the rapper’s current status with Dr. Dre and Aftermath.

Bishop Lamont “Hallelujah” (ft. Xzibit)[prod. Dr. Dre]

The leak of “Hallelujah” would seem to allay fears that Bishop had been dropped. In the song, he raps from the position of preacher and educates the congregation about fake rappers. Xzibit hops on the hook, playing the role as another preacher (or assistant?). Dr. Dre rounds out the concept with a fire-and-brimstone, apocalyptic beat featuring some really hard drums and eerie church choir singing. Bishop sticks to pretty standard subject matter–fake gangsters and the demonic Hollywood influence–but he also sticks to his concept, which makes it really fresh. Hopefully, The Reformation sees the light of day, unlike so many other Aftermath projects.

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