Xzibit announces a 13 show December 2009 European tour!

Xzibit has announced another 13 show Europe tour starting in Lucerne, Switzerland on December 4!

Here is where you can catch X performing:

04 Dec 09 Lucerne, Switzerland (Der Froschkoenig)
05 Dec 09 Paris, France (Space Tropicale)
06 Dec 09 Paris, France (Hosting Party @ Sens’s)
11 Dec 09 Cologne, Germany (Essigfabrik)
12 Dec 09 Nassjo, Sweden (SPORT HALLEN)
13 Dec 09 Zwickau, Germany (Alter Gasometer e.V)
15 Dec 09 Oslo, Norway (TBA)
17 Dec 09 Gothenburg, Sweden (Parken)
18 Dec 09 Angers, France (Le Chabada)
19 Dec 09 Biel, Switzerland (Volkshau)
20 Dec 09 Purmerend, Netherlands (P3 Purmerend)
22 Dec 09 Den Haag, Netherlands (Paard van Troje)
23 Dec 09 Zwolle, Netherlands (HEDON)

If you can catch Xzibit live on stage, be sure to do it, you won’t regret it (trust me, i’ve seen him live 6 times, the shows GO OFF!)

Be sure to check out Xzibit’s Twitter and Youtube channel.

Go out there and get your tickets!

Source: XzibitCentral.com Exclusive!

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  1. yo where da hells da forum gone people……….wtf……..all gone……..ill find it……..damn tho …….lol……..props to the x man…..we waiting on another tour for australia…..last few were insane x never ever dissapoints….trust me…come back x we miss ya’ll…bn a long tym now……..2008 was it…lol i thinx so…but props…..still waiting on dat new album x….i know rome wasnt built in a day….but its around about dat tym man…aint it…i cenrtainly hope so..lol

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