Xzibit’s Album Napalm Out Now! Full Set of Album Lyrics Posted on XzibitCentral.com

Xzibit's newest album Napalm has just hit been released on iTunes and will hit store shelves in time for opening in the morning. Get out there an pick up your copy in the physical form, or hit iTunes to download the album now!

Just in time for the release we can bring you the full set of lyrics from the album. Check out the links to find the lyrics:

Xzibit Napalm album front cover lyrics from songs

Napalm Lyrics:

01. State of Hip Hop vs. Xzibit – Xzibit Lyrics
02. Everything – Xzibit Lyrics
03. Don Equis – Xzibit Lyrics
04. Something More – Xzibit Lyrics
05. Gangsta Gangsta – Xzibit Lyrics
06. Forever a G – Xzibit Lyrics
07. 1983 – Xzibit Lyrics
08. Stand Tall – Xzibit Lyrics
09. Spread It Out – Xzibit Lyrics
10. Up Out The Way – Xzibit Lyrics
11. Napalm – Xzibit Lyrics
12. Meaning of Life – Xzibit Lyrics
13. Louis XIII – Xzibit Lyrics
14. Enjoy the Night – Xzibit Lyrics
15. Movies – Xzibit Lyrics
16. I Came To Kill – Xzibit Lyrics
17. Killer’s Remorse – Xzibit Lyrics
18. 1983 Remix – Xzibit Lyrics

If you spot any errors in the lyrics please send these to webmaster@xzibitcentral.com or comment on the page of the track lyrics.

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