Xzibit Pimp My RideBirth Date: 18 Sep 1974
Birth Place: Detroit
Birth Name: Alvin Nathaniel Joiner

Xzibit is a name familiar to millions across the world. A hustler in the music, film, and television world, X is a performer as likely to be seen on-stage thrilling listeners in Germany as he is on cinema screens in blockbuster franchises like xXx 2 and The X Files: I Want To Believe. Let him tell it and Xzibit is simply "a self-made man from poverty." Throughout his career he's embodied a Do-It-Yourself mentality, resulting in the Platinum recording artist becoming a superstar with a formidable fanbase that spans the entire globe.

X began his grind to superstardom as he came to the attention of attentive Hip-Hop listenersas a member of the revered rap collective Likwit Crew. Founder and West Coast Hip-Hop veteran King Tee enlisted raucous group Tha Alkaholiks and newcomer Xzibit into the clique as original Likwit representatives. From there, the tenacious X unleashed his 1996 debut, At The Speed Of Life. Considered by many to be an underground rap classic, it arguably made him the breakout star of the Likwit collective. The album also spawned a definitive West Coast Hip-Hop cut in the cautionary "Paparazzi." "That song still gets a crazy reception from my fans," says its creator. "It first blew up overseas, but it ended up travelling everywhere. It's a timeless record." With enlightened Hip-Hop listeners swarming to offer their approval, he swiftly followed up this release with another Hip-Hop staple. Sophomore release 40 Dayz & 40 Nights was lauded by critics and fans alike, as its lead single "What U See Is What U Get" spent an astonishing six weeks atop the chart on BET's Rap City.

X's mainstream breakthrough came courtesy of one of Hip-Hop's most memorable guest verses. Appearing on Snoop Dogg's atmospheric "B Please," his brash aggression was a perfect foil to Snoop's established, considered drawl. With an integral assist from X, the single became one of Snoop's most successful in years. The X-Man's turn clearly impressed the track's producer, the legendary Dr. Dre as he soon offered Xzibit a spot on his epic Up In Smoke tour. Joining a bill that included the afore-mentioned Dre and Snoop, Ice Cube, and the controversial Eminem, a captivating, showstealing X was introduced to thousands of thrilled concertgoers night after night. "That tour was a turning point in my career," acknowledges X. "I was rocking capacity crowds in arenas across the country, and everyone was feeling what I brought to the table."

Xzibit Hip Hop and Rap artist

Bringing himself to the attention of Dre, Xzibit got the production giant to oversee his next solo album, the Platinum selling Restless. Expanding Xzibit's fanbase far beyond the undergrounds constraints, it spawned the unforgettable "X," a worldwide smash hit synonymous with the MC. Unlike "B Please," "X" allowed Xzibit to showcase his impressive talents solo, over Dre's stirring backdrop. The Dre and Xzibit pairing was so phenomenally successful that the Doc also served as the Executive Producer of Restless' successor, the star-studded Man Vs Machine. "It made sense to collaborate with Dre again," stresses the artist. "We have a dope chemistry and Restless had sold over a million copies – why not capitalize on that momentum?" Man Vs Machine featured appearances from career affiliates and fellow Hip-Hop heavyweights Snoop Dogg and Eminem, and soon earned its creator another RIAA plaque. Having now established a devoted fanbase and gained a reputation as a relentlessly energetic live performer, Em wisely enlisted Xzibit as a headlining act on the mammoth, globe-spanning Anger Management tour.

With his vibrant personality showcased expertly through his music, Hollywood inevitably began to show interest in the ascending MC. "I was open to the offers," explains X, "Because they allowed people to see the other sides of me. My raps will tear your head off, but I'm not always the aggressive dude from music videos." His stint as the host of MTV's overwhelmingly successful Pimp My Ride led to X accepting an invitation to host the networks prestigious European Music Awards. It also allowed the ferocious MC to secure numerous notable film roles, including a starring role in 2006's inspirational sports drama Gridiron Gang. While that movie saw X exercising his affable side, other roles saw him vested in more aggressive and menacing personas. One example is when he starred alongside Jennifer Aniston and Clive Owen in the tense thriller Derailed.  Continuing to hone his acting skills, X can currently be seen alongside Nicolas Cage and Eva Mendes in the critically-acclaimed Bad Lieutenant

Amidst silver-screen acceptance and MTV hosting duties, X kept grinding out music with the release of two more albums: Weapons Of Mass Destruction, which featured the Timbaland-helmed club favorite "Hey Now," and the independent release Full Circle. The latter was of particular significance as it saw a proud X once again taking control of his own destiny. Although Full Circle featured some of the most popular names in music, including T-Pain and The Game, X made it clear that his primary allegiance remained to his fans. Dedicating the poignant "Thank You" to his wealth of supporters, X went on to give a rousing performance of the track on David Letterman's highly-rated programme. "It was important that I made a song like Thank You," X claims, "because I wanted to remind all the people that love Xzibit that I put my music above just about anything. Music is the foundation of everything that I do, and my fans make it possible for me to keep recording. It's only right that I thanked them."

Mr X to the Z Xzibit

In 2009, that love for his listeners remained a constant. Despite the securement of several more impressive film roles and a well-received guest host spot on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Xzibit is still committed to making the unadulterated and unforgiving Hip-Hop that motivates so many. He has lent his booming, unmistakable vocals to both thankful up-and-comers and renowned veterans – expect to hear X's gruff baritone on Dr. Dre's future masterpiece Detox. Amidst such extracurricular duties, he is recording several of his own high profile projects. These include a collaborative release with Cypress Hill front man B-Real and promising New West representative Young De, and a fervently anticipated new solo album, MMX. As a preview of this new solo, X has teased listeners by offering "Hurt Locker." A thunderous and anthemic precursor, the excellent track was produced by Scoop Deville, the man responsible for Snoop Dogg's unavoidable hit "I Wanna Rock."

"I just hustle and hustle because it comes to me naturally," notes X on another recent MMX taster, "Phenom" which also features Kurupt and 40 Glocc. What could be perceived as little more than a brief Hip-Hop lyric is in fact a perfect summary of Xzibit's attitude. Committed to succeeding within the worlds of film, television, and music, the tireless entertainer has come from nothing to something, and has no intention of ever going back. Currently, though, he is rededicating himself to his Hip-Hop roots. An industry veteran in his own right, X has wisely taken the reigns of his own music career. As a result, MMX (the Roman numeral spelling for 2010) boasts the sort of unadulterated and unforgiving Hip-Hop that helped Xzibit cultivate such a mammoth fan base in the first place. "My fans are going to love this album," he triumphantly announces.

A household name that will continue to dazzle on the big and small screen, X hasn’t forgotten his Hip-Hop roots. He will continue to warrant the respect of all those within earshot, and as a lyricist is intent on proving his skilled penmanship at any given opportunity. "I still love it as much as I did when I first burst through the door," confirms the man, "And I'm going to keep spitting like I'm that unsigned kid desperate to showcase himself." This inspiring grind, boundless enthusiasm, and enviable talent means that Xzibit will remain familiar to millions for as long as he desires.

Xzibit's Career Timeline


This section contains information in chronological order (earliest to latest)

1996 – 1997

Xzibit achieves individual recognition with the album "At the speed of life," which spawned the successful singles "Paparazzi" and "The Foundation."

1997 – 1998

His second individual album "40 Dayz & 40 Nightz" followed and was met with great reviews just like At The Speed Of Life had been two years ago. During this time, Xzibit was hard at work appearing on many albums such as Snoop's Top Dogg, Dre's 2001 and Kurupt's Tha Streetz Iz A Mutha.

1999 – 2000

In 2000 the stage was set for Xzibit's 3rd solo album, titled "Restless". After being released in December 2000, the album was met with great reviews and earned Xzibit his first platinum record. Restless was selling strongly due to a great selection of singles including "X", "Front 2 Back", "Loud & Clear", and "Get Your Walk On". Restless also marked the beginning of Xzibit's own label, Open Bar Entertainment. Xzibit also released his own DVD on open bar, titled "Xzibit Xposed". Xzibit also appeared in The Alkaholiks DVD as well as Snoop and Dre's hit comedy, The Wash.

2001 – 2002

Xzibit released his 4th solo album, "Man Vs Machine", was released early October 2002. Xzibit Xposed was re-released in Australia. (Australia's code is PAL, where the US is NTSC). Despite a poor effort to promote the album, on November 12, 2002, Man Vs. Machine officialy went gold.

2003 – 2004

'The Golden State Project' fell apart due to problems with Ras Kass' Record Label. Xzibit formed 'The Steady Gang', with Mitchy Slick, Krondon & Phil The Agony. Xzibit hosted the smash hit MTV show 'Pimp My Ride'. 'Weapons of Mass Destruction', Xzibits 5th solo album, was released towards the end of the 2004. X to the Z proves he can still hold his own in the rap game. Xzibit flexes lyrical muscle and substantial song-writing power throughout the album, with top notch battle-ready verses such as"LAX" and "Klack".

2005 – 2006

2005 added a number of acting experiances to Xzibit's already massive list performances. X has some major roles in both "Derailed" where Xzibit plays Dexter, and in the box office smash "xXx: State of the Union" (xXx 2) where Xzibit plays "Zeke" – the arms dealer. Successful MTV show Pimp My Ride continued to grow. Pimp My Ride the video game was released in 2006. Xzibit appeared in a few more TV shows and in videos games, such as “E! Behind the Scenes: Derailed”. Xzibit provides voice for video game, “The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay” as well as the voice of Chief Grizzly in the teen animated movie “Hoodwinked”. In late 2006 Xzibit co-stars with The Rock as Malcom Moore in the “Gridiron Gang” and around the same time Xzibit releases his sixth solo studio album, “Full Circle”.

2007 – 2008

Xzibit embarked on the Full Circle world tour in 2007. The tour took him throughout Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

During Xzibit's tour of Australia he was set to appear a on popular TV show, "Rove Live". Xzibit left the Rove Live studios in Australia before an appearance. Media outlets reported that it was due to Xzibit not being given stand alone billing on the program despite not being booked in advance. According to Xzibit he walked off the set after taking offense to comments made by a Rove employee, who after informing Xzibit that his performance time would not be to his liking allegedly said: "you know we came a long way just having you on the program." Xzibit took this to be a racist remark, although the staff allege that they were referring to him being a late booking.

Xzibit took part in the Gumball 3000 2007 rally, where he drove a black Lamborghini Gallardo. During the first day of the rally, Dutch police seized his driver's license for doing 160 km/h where only 100 km/h was allowed. After the penalty, his co-driver, producer Fredwreck Nassar took over the wheel and they were allowed to continue. In an interview with Dutch radio personality Reinout 'Q-Bah' van Gendt, Xzibit says that he mistook the kilometers for miles. 

Xzibit continued to host MTV's Pimp My Ride throughout 2007, until the final episode was filmed toward the end of 2007.

2008 saw Xzibit swap T-shirts for Corporate Ties and collared shirts to play an FBI agent in the big budget movie The X-Files: I Want to Believe. Xzibit also played the character of Darrell Hughes in the film American Violet. Due to popular demand, Xzibit returned to the shores of Australia for another tour.

2009 – 2010

Xzibit had a full workload in 2009, where he made a number of TV appearances on shows such as "The Parker Report" and "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition".
Xzibit played a notorious drug dealer in the movie Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans. The movie stars Nicolas Cage, Val Kilmer, Eva Mendes and Fairuza Balk. Nicolas Cage praised Xzibit on his acting ability in the movie.

Xzibit released 2 new music videos in the first half of 2010. Phenom was released first shortly followed by Hurt Locker. These videos were first debuted on and were then featured with the MP3 verson of the tracks on iTunes.

Xzibit is set to release his next album, MMX, towards the end of 2010.


  1. I always admired your music. Your music is a teaching progressive program to those caught under some kind of destruction to their lives. If they listen carefully to the words there are always good messages to learn from. SO KEEP IT UP, GOOD FRIEND. Thanks.

    • THANKS for answering me, appreciate a lot. Besides that I admire your music, I even follow Pimp My Ride on television, they are very interesting features. YOU do miracles to cars. While YOU make people happy. I own an old bug, but never found anyone to help me. Wish that I could. Thanks for everything. Regards, John. KEEP IT UP.

  2. I love your music..big fan..luv ya….keep making great hip hop musik..

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