08. On Bail feat. The Game, Daz & Kurupt

Artist: Xzibit
Album: Full Circle
Song: On Bail feat. The Game, Daz & Kurupt
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Chorus ~ T-Pain

I’m on bail, got that weight for sale
Strawberries and blueberries, all on a ni*ga tail
I’m on bail, bet not nan ni*ga tell
Bet not nan ni*ga tell, Yeah

Verse 1 – Daz

I’m on 2 million dollar bail
Caught with them products that them young ni*gas sell
I’m fresh outta sale, 12 hours later my cliental hit my pager
The situation getting thick, that ni*ga Daz is major
I live the life of a gangsta, I rob banks
10 years up on the table, I deny that favor
See I fight it to the fullest, if I lose I catch a bullet
Can’t tell a ni*ga nuthin’, when he starvin and lose it
Now I’m back up on the street, completely correct
You disrespect me, that’s the same it’s gonna be
Automatics get tragic when you let ni*gas have it
Then I’m caught back up like before, I gotta stack my cabbage
Monday morning 830 right back in court
Couple of homeboys, my momma give me full support
Raised up filthy but the Lord be with me,
Llike an ambulance, the verdict in the jury not guilty


Verse 2 – Xzibit

They used to have me on that paperwork
Because I used to make my paperwork
Lifestyle covered with dirt
See it was first on my block
With a .40 caliber Glock
Similarities to my uncut
They ready to rock
See everybody wants to ball
But nobody wanna get caught
Only the pros and cons get to stack these knots
Muthaf**kas want that Benz
With them millions by the carats
When they facin all day
They start talking like a parrot
Information they share it
So be cautious were you walk
Never pillow talk behind closes doors in the dark
It might creep up and bite you
Indite you
Convict you
To a 5 by 9 for a very long time
F**k dropping dimes
Ni*gas uis dropping whole hundreds
So the hoods getting skinny
And the one times love it
If I don’t go get it
The next ni*ga will
So I kill at will
With my gage in them killing fields


Verse 3 – The Game

Yo X
Tell my momma to put the house up
The house cost too much
Tell her to go get a hundred grand out of the Porsche trunk
It’s just like a house
Cuz I take a bth in it
Get ass in it
And I got stash in it
Smoke hash in it
Blueberrry chocolate Thai
Smoking chronic make me see sh*t
Like Tupac alive
Bandana knotted in the front
Walking out of the court house
Spitting on the camera guy
I bang thug life but this ain’t death row
This some gangsta sh*t
For my ni*gas down on death row
Exhibit A
Watch how I let the tech go
And Xzibit be burnin rubber on the west coast

Chorus – 4x’s

Outro – Xzibit

does ghetto bird call, laughs and says “ya’ll know ya’ll missed that sh*t”

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