Pimp My Ride – Season 1

Episode 1: Wyatt and his Daihatsu Hi-Jet


Meet Wyatt. This 18-year-old rocker just moved to L.A., and his ride is not feeling the love. Wyatt rolls in a 1988 Daihatsu Hi-Jet and feels that his car is holding him back from landing a job and making a new start for himself in L.A. Less than a minivan, this "micro-van" is held together with hope and duct tape. Side doors consist of little more than sheet metal and rivets. That's all about to change. Xzibit is about to pimp his ride. "Where's the engine?" "Is that a door?" There are no smooth ways to answer these questions. X swoops in to take the car for an unparalleled makeover at West Coast Customs. These super-mechanics are used to tricking out Hummers and Ferraris. Maybe there's a first time for everything as Ryan, Q, and the guys at West Coast plan to turn the Hi-Jet into a "Fly-Jet."

The guys have grand plans for the Daihatsu. While it's not everyday that you see $25,000 worth of parts and labor put into a $300 1988 Daihatsu, Xzibit is about to do just that. A sweet custom paint job, fly 17-inch chrome rims, a dope wrap-around couch and an entertainment system that offers three screens of viewing… and if that's not enough a top of the range guitar amp has been added to this ride – so Wyatt can shred the sound while he drives around town. After a few days it's time for the grand unveiling. Wyatt is beyond psyched. The car now has two MP3 players, a mini-fridge, a guitar amp, six-DVD changer, forward-facing camera, and a new battery system to keep both the car and its gadgets running smoothly. It's time for a joy ride. Wyatt's friends and fam barely recognize the car. Wyatt is ready to take on the world in his new Fly Jet, thanks to all the folks at MTV Pimp My Ride

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Episode 2: Nile's new Cadillac Sedan Deville


Nile's car doesn't really fit her image. Nile described the situation best when she said “I'm a hottie driving a hooptie.” Investing only $700 into her 1978 Cadillac, Nile pretty much got what she paid for: a really busted boat of a car. Currently, this Caddy sports a broken tail-light that's either saggin' or draggin', flowering rust spots, a thick layer of dirt, slashed up seats, and an ex-boyfriend inflicted dent. Even Nile's father says "I wish my own daughter wouldn't park her car in my driveway." Ouch, but Xzibit's here to save this tragic ride.

X is definitely Nile's hero. He surveys the damage on the Caddy and can't quite believe that her key broke off in the ignition. It's actually a good thing the car is so unappealing or anyone could drive off with it. X vows to save the day and jumps in Nile's car, speeding towards West Coast Customs to right this wrong. Hmm…makes you wonder how driving a '78 Cadillac with no taillight compares to driving his tricked out H2 Hummer. The West Coast Custom guys are a little shocked to see Xzibit roll up in this ride but Q declares "you brought it to the doctors and surgery is about to begin.' It's so on.

The guys decide the only piece of the car they can save is hood ornament and hunker down for some late nights fixing this wreck. All their experience with X's Hummer and Benz shines through on Nile's Caddy. First, the body gets new custom color, candy pink pearl (tré chic). On top of replacing Nile's busted taillights, the guys give her a third brake light that flashes hearts in case she needs to stop in the name of love. Other features include: a Rolls Royce grill, 22-inch Asanti rims, CD, DVD, and MP3 Players, accent lights, and two ten-inch TV monitors in the back seat. If Nile ever wants to set a romantic mood in the backseat, she can just pop on some Al Green and turn on her custom made river. Who needs dinner and a movie for romance with this ride? But Xzibit and the guys at West Coast Custom have another surprise for an already floored Nile: a remote control shoe rack in the trunk. Xzibit even throws in some free shoes to compliment her new ride. Once again, X shows us how this pimpin' is done. No more taking the bus for Nile!

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Episode 3: Logans Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

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In the words of Xzibit: “It’s a bad day for Oldsmobile right now.” He said it and he meant it because Logan’s ’86 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme is sporting a smashed headlight, no radio, a broken driver’s side window, twin dents on both sides–which Logan calls ‘dimples’–and enough remnants of fast food in the back to feed a small country. While currently in school aiming for a degree in Business, 20-year-old Logan needs a ride that means business. That suits Xzibit and the guys at West Coast Customs just fine because they’re not here to play around. X hits the scene to check out the damage, and there is plenty. “Looks like this car has been in a fight,” X proclaims. The Cutlass no longer has a color, because all of the paint has worn away after 19 years hard driving, and rolls on 10″ rims. X is traumatized to find everything from old socks to a basketball to toilet paper floating around in the car, and as soon as X touches the glove box, a waterfall of trash comes spilling from it.

This car looks beyond the grave and things aren’t looking very bright, but i’m sure the X and the guys at WCC can bring this cadillac back into life. Which in my opinion could be one of the hardest restorations Xzibit and the crew has had to deal with in a long time. It seems the old bangers can be made into fresh rides which any celebrity or a lister can look good in; let alone a young student and his first car

Nonetheless, Xzibit promises they will put the ‘Supreme’ back into Cutlass. From a new sun roof to a pimpin’ system, the guys at West Coast have big dreams for the Cutlass, but can this fantasy become a reality? 20 G’s and plenty of blood, sweat & motor oil later, the new, pimped-out Cutlass is revealed. Logan is shocked speechless. Before his very eyes is a lime green whip sitting on 18″ chrome rims begging to hit the streets of L.A. Logan couldn’t be happier. The fun really begins inside the car. Not only do the windows work, but just in case Logan feels like being incognito and not rolling them down, the Cutlass comes with an intercom system perfect for those late night drive-through runs. And while Logan eats his fast food, how about a little Play Station 2 on his new 7″ monitors? Meanwhile, he can watch a DVD on a second screen, of course. Let’s not forget about the trunk. Logan had a portable gym locker in there, so the guys at West Coast beefed it up a bit by creating a basketball court as well, complete with a hoop. And that’s not all. Since Logan enjoys serenading the ladies, the guys at West Coast put a Karaoke machine in the trunk, along with a 15″ monitor that displays the words. How’s that for P.I.M.P.?

Now Logan is ready for the streets… once a kid that found driving the car more of a challenge than a hobby. He can now be the guy people stop and stare at when they see this exclusive custom lime green roll into the hood.

Logan has officially been pimped.

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Episode 4: Christines Honda Civic

Christine's Civic before pimpingChristine's Civic after pimping


When Xzibit shows up at Christine’s house, She goes crazy and she realised that X is there to give her a pimped out ride. Christine is used to  driving  her rusty machine thirty minutes back and forth to school and she also has to take her poor Granny in the car to her doctor’s appointments; This car is a key part of her and others lives yet it is not an enjoyable car ride in this bad luck ridden automobile. Xzibit has a fast check up on the exterior, and is suddenly holding his ears because of the constantly sounding alarm. He notices right away the Honda sports only a cassette player, which is quite traumatic for a rapper to witness, and also wonders aloud what the purpose of having a Club for a ride like this is. Well it’s time to take the Honda to the boys at the shop and see if they can turn this clunker into a pimped out ride.

“At least this time it’s a Honda,” is what the boys at West Coast Customs had to say when they saw Christine’s ride. Christine has a ‘92 Honda Civic that looks like it’s been through a war. It has a possessed alarm system that sounds at the touch of a fly, a rusty banged up door that doesn’t close, and best of all, when it rains, it pours inside of Christine’s car. The water leaves a huge, murky puddle that can’t be avoided. It’s no wonder her friends have labeled the Honda “swamp thing.” This is one of the whackest cars MTV have pointed there cameras at but this is all about to change with thanks to xzibit.

At the shop, the guys begin to toss out some ideas to pimp Christine’s ride. With a plan in mind, the guys set out to add new tires and rims, leather massage seats, CD/DVD player, Play Station 2, a sound system, and a whole lot more. Nothing is ever too much for WCC and today is no exception. Mad Mike always pulls through when it comes to tech and gadgets and i'm sure today he will make sure these things are added. The paint they are looking at looks dope and i can't wait to see these ideas made into reality.

The outside of Christine’s car needs a little… no, a lot of work. The guys have to bang out some dents, and do some reshaping to even out the car. They plan on painting the Honda a Lavender color, complete with a racing stripe down the center. It will also come with a grill and a new sunroof, but the coolest feature has to be the Lamborghini doors. Christine is going to look totally hot and pimped to the max with doors worth six Gs on her ride.

When Christine and her Grandma see the old Honda transformed, they are thrilled. Christine was so surprised at what she saw that she had to ask if it was, indeed, really her car. Xzibit and the boys at West Coast definitely achieved their goal in pimping out Christine’s Honda, and bringing her into the 21st century in style.

There was one thing that really dampens the mood in a future episode when they come back to see how the vehicle is doing and if there has been any crashes and we find out that shortly after the car was brought back from WCC; Her Granny sadly passed away. Christine seems to be still in love with this car and is currently scared to take it out in case she crashes it. Heads turn when people on the block check this ride out. 

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Episode 5: Antwons Mitsubishi Mirage

Antwon's Mirage before pimpingAntwon's Mirage after pimping


What could Xzibit & the guys from West Coast possibly do now to impress us? Well check out how they pimp out a very tired Mitsubishi Mirage. Antwon, a nineteen-year-old starving art student, and his ride are in desperate need of a makeover. His car lacks a window, but thankfully has a garbage bag covering it, the upholstery is ripped to shreds, the inside panel to the door is no more, the interior light is hanging on by a wire, and worst of all, this ride does not even have a radio. Antwon puts a boom box inside his car when he wants to groove.

Xzibit arrives to assess the damage and is stunned at the hideous sight of Antwon’s Mirage. Antwon is thrilled to find out that his “G” ride as he calls it, will be pimped by infamous West Coast Customs. Xzibit had to bust on Antwon for the imaginary window, and the seats that look like they’re “undressing.” It’s time to get this ride the help it desperately needs.

Xzibit arrives at West Coast Customs and the boys look shocked; they’re really going to have to put their heads together for this one. After a while, the guys come up with a plan that includes this ride sporting a system, some 18 inch rims, limo tint, and of course, a DVD/MP3/CD changer. The funkiest feature they want to add to the Mirage would have to be the goldfish tank in the backseat. Yes, two fish named Ike & Tina, will live in the back of the Mirage, with a timed feeder in his tank that will drop a pebble of food every hour. The West Coasters only have three days to pull off this miraculous feat.

Voila! They guys at West Coast have completed the job. They also added four racing seats, a 10 inch monitor for the CD/DVD player, a neon kit, an eight track just for effect, and a PS2. They definitely manage to pimp out Antwon’s supposed “G” mobile.

Antwon finally gets to see his ride after much anticipation, and he is stunned. He loves everything about the new Mirage and is astonished to see a fish tank with live fish in his backseat. Xzibit throws in a sketchbook as a personal gift for Antwon, since he can relate to being an aspiring artist. In the words of X: “This ride is officially pimped!”

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Episode 6: Mary's Ford Mustang

Mary's Mustang before pimpingMary's Mustang after pimping


Mary and her 1967 Mustang or “Matty Mustang” as she likes to call it, have been through a lot together. In fact, Mary’s entire family has been through a lot with Matty. The Mustang belonged to Mary’s sister and her mother before it was passed onto her. Unfortunately, after 15 years with the fam, Matty needs some…no, tons of work. Thankfully Xzibit is on the scene to help revive this family heirloom.

“It looks like Customs got a hold of this when you were crossing the border!” X proclaims when he sees the ride–and he isn’t talking about West Coast Customs. The Mustang is three different colors, four if you count rust, the windows are broken, there is stuffing from the seats everywhere, and although the seat belts work, the seats aren’t even bolted to the car, and there is no floor beneath the driver’s chair. Mary is taking her life into her hands with this ride, but, after all of these years, Matty is family.

Mary even took an auto shop class to try to fix up her Mustang, but soon found out shop wasn’t her thing when she tried to super glue the car back together. Better let the pros at West Coast take a stab at rehabilitating ol’ Matty. Mary demonstrates the Dukes of Hazard way to get into the car by sliding through the window when X can’t seem to get the door open, but he opts to use the passenger door.

When X and the Mustang pull into the West Coast garage, Q exclaims that “this is the worst ride yet!” Not a good sign, but the guys soon devise a plan and put it into action. After the interior is ripped out and the exterior is painted, the guys decide that Matty needs something a little extra special…fire. What would be hotter than when Mary steps on the gas, flames shoot from the Mustang’s tail pipes? Soon, Matty is transformed into a live fire starter, and the boys even get to roast some marshmallows before they’re told they have to dismantle the flame shooters because they’re not street legal.

Soon it is time for Mary to see the new, pimped-out Matty Mustang. When the ride is revealed, she is stunned. Matty is now dressed in turquoise color, sports 17-inch custom wheels with chrome rims that you need sunglasses to look at, and an entirely new interior that includes reclining seats (bolted down even!), in which X shows Mary how to do the “gangsta lean.” There’s also a DVD player in the dashboard with a monitor mounted on the ceiling, so Mary can lay back, kick it and watch some flicks, plus a radio with six surround sound speakers. Xzibit even surprises Mary with something for her other love, surfing. X gives her a brand new surfboard that she can attach to the roof of her new ride.

Mary’s family is overjoyed at the sight of the new Matty Mustang, and Mary can’t wait to hit the beach in her new ride, and with her new board. Now thanks to the guys at West Coast, Matty can last another 15 years and be the ride for future generations!

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Episode 7: Jared's Ford Ranger

Jared's Ranger before pimpingJared's Ranger after pimping


Jared’s 1985 Ford Ranger is in rough shape, and it’s too bad because Jared’s job is in the auto field–delivering car parts. Since the Ranger is less than reliable, Jared misses out on jobs that he needs to make some green for school.

“Deliver auto parts? Looks like this ride should be sold for its parts,” is Xzibit’s opinion when he checks out the Ford. With rotting paint, ripped-up seats, a zig-zag antenna and “bobble head” mirrors, Jared thinks that his other mode of transportation, skateboarding, would be safer than trusting in the Ranger. But Jared need not fret, because in the words of X: “We’re going to take this pick up and really pick it up!”

Although the guys at West Coast aren’t exactly thrilled at the first sight of the Ranger, ideas of 23-inch monitors, ping-pong tables and tribal paint jobs begin to dance in their heads and they soon hit the garage. The color “tangelo” is chosen for the Ranger, and to say this color is bright is a serious understatement. The West Coast guys create custom seats imprinted with flames for the ride, to match the tribal flames on the exterior. To solve the problem of missing door handles, Jared’s new alarm system includes an automatic door opener. Not too shabby.

Since Jared does enjoy a good game of ping-pong, the West Coasters set up a table in the bed of the truck that can be pulled out and set up anywhere. So when Jared feels that burning urge to wack a ball, anytime is a good time. And underneath the table is Jared’s personal arcade. With a fold out couch, 23-inch monitor, PS2 and 3,000 watt system, Jared’s ride is officially pimped. When he sees his new Ranger for the first time, he can’t believe it. In all of its “tangelo” glory, Jared finally has a ride worthy of delivering the most pimped of auto parts.

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Episode 8: Danelles Pontiac Trans-am

Danelle's Trans Am before pimpingDanelle's Trans Am after pimping


Danelle loves her 1981 Pontiac Trans Am because it’s a classic American muscle car but it’s lacking some necessities, like mirrors. So, she seeks Xzibit to solve her car concerns. X vows to take her Trans Am “from ’81 to 2000 some,” but that’s before he actually sees the car. The damages on the Trans include a duct-taped side mirror, extremely threadbare seats, leaks, five different shades of paint, and unknown missing objects that Danelle is pretty sure are important.

Xzibit arrives to save the day…or at least the Trans Am. X marvels that the car is like a time machine taking him all the way back to 1981. While Xzibit enjoys reliving some of his favorite 1980s film moments in the car, Danelle doesn’t appreciate the novelty and could not be more excited that X chose to pimp her ride.

Once X pulls the Trans Am into West Coast Customs, the crew marvels that they “haven’t seen one of these since high school!” After this trip down memory lane, the boys at West Coast Customs get serious and start thinking of ways to give the Trans a professional appearance to match Danelle’s all-business style. They have some big plans for this ride including an espresso machine, brown saddle leather interior, charcoal pearl body paint, resurrecting the phoenix decal on the hood, 20-inch chrome wheels, and a chandelier hanging from the dome light. As Big Dane points out, “nothing says classy like a chandelier in a car.”

Let the pimpin’ commence. With the successful installation of the espresso machine, the boys celebrate the first coffee maker in a car by throwing back some of the Trans Am espresso blend. The chandelier installation is moving along as Mike experiments by putting the crystals into his facial piercings before drilling the chandelier into the car. Good plan, Mike notes that the crystals look better in the car than on his face. After scraping the original bird decal because “the car needs to look more predator than prey,” the crew settles on the second fiercer bird design. When the boys finish putting a dressing room in Danelle’s trunk, they’re ready to present Danelle with her new and improved ride.

All in all, West Coast Custom put about $30,000 into the Trans Am, which was originally worth about $81. A thrilled Danelle screams and babbles when she sees her car. Danelle is especially excited that her new interior leather matches her hair and invents a new word in the process of describing her car, “pimperish.” Hmm…“pimperish” really says it all and even X is at a loss for a more accurate description. Danelle cannot wait to step out into the professional world with her new Trans Am.

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Episode 9: Neil's Chevy 'luv' truck

Neil's Chevy 'luv' truck before pimpingNeil's Chevy 'luv' truck after pimping


Neil’s 1974 Chevy “luv” truck has looks that not even a mother could love. With a hunk-of-junk camper on its back and mismatched wheels, this Chevy is getting Neil anything but love. So Neil is floored when X arrives on his doorstep ready to pimp his ride.

“Pimpin’ is about love,” X preaches to Neil, “so we’ve got to show this ride some love.“ X isn’t so positive once he feasts his eyes on the Chevy, and is absolutely mortified when he sees the ride’s “system,” which is actually a boom box circa 1985. Will the automotive pimps at West Coast Customs be able to put the love back into Neil’s “luv machine?”

When the Chevy arrives at West Coast, the guys get right to work (after they have a good laugh and take a few good kicks and swings at the ride, of course). First they strip off the “super chicken yellow” paint, and get rid of the old camper. Next they work on turning the truck bed into a “party palace,” complete with neon lights, an Xbox, and 7,000 watts of sound. The most impressive part of the new party palace, a.k.a. the truck bed, is that with the push of a button, the walls of the truck bed rise up to create a camper where Neil can really get his party on.

On the exterior, the new Chevy is decked out in a true blue pearl shade that looks extra-hot after the West Coast guys add flames to the hood. In addition, not only does the Chevy have matching wheels now, but pimpin’ chrome rims as well.

Neil is overjoyed when he sees the new Chevy. His ride will finally get checked out for all of the right reasons. X also surprises Neil with some new camping gear, so he’ll be the most pimped out guy on the mountain. This “luv machine” is definitely back in business.

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Episode 10: Shondas Mustang Convertible

Shanda's '89 Mustang before pimpingShanda's '89 Mustang after pimping


Shanda’s 1989 Mustang convertible gives new meaning to the term “rag top.” This ride is so busted, there’s a gaping hole in the ceiling. This, among other things, causes some trouble when nature takes its course. It’s not raining men, it’s raining—literally—on Shanda. There’s also trouble for backseat passengers, one window is missing and the other won’t roll down. And forget about listening to the radio, turning on the heat, or the air conditioning, ‘cause none of this stuff works. It’s pretty obvious this Mustang is in need of Xzibit’s golden touch.

When X arrives on Shanda’s doorstep, she is all smiles. Finally the Mustang will be turned back into the stallion it was meant to be. After all, this was the type of ride featured in Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby” video. The Mustang is destined for great things, though when X first takes a look at it, he is repulsed. “Are those finger nails and raisins in the ashtray?” It’s true the interior of this ride leaves something to be desired, especially because Shanda seatbelts herself into the car by wrapping the broken belt around the back of the seat, and then tying it in front of her. Not sure if this complies with highway safety, but Shanda will soon have seatbelts and a whole lot more once the guys at West Coast Customs take on the job.

The boys at West Coast get right to work as soon as the Mustang arrives at the garage. Say goodbye to the dirty off-white color, and hello to raspberry red. And that’s not all… the guys mix a gold shimmer paint that matches the new gold rims. The inside isn’t too shabby either. Along with a touch-screen DVD player, the Mustang comes with a photo-booth in the front seat (one of Shanda’s favorite hobbies is photography). And don’t worry about getting those pictures developed, the car has a built in printer.

If you happen to be behind Shanda’s Mustang on the road, you’ll know it, because to match Shanda’s bubbly personality, the guys at West Coast had a good old time installing a bubble machine into the ride so bubbles shoot out of the back of the car. Shanda is ecstatic to see her new Mustang. She gives it a great, big hug and then it’s hugs for all of the boys at West Coast before this lucky lady takes off to pick up her girlfriends for a night on the town. Shanda has officially been pimped.

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Episode 11: Ezras Nissan Maxima Station Wagon

Ezra's Nissan Maxima before pimpingEzra's Nissan Maxima after pimping


He’s 21, he’s a D.J. and he rolls in the ride of a soccer mom. That’s right, Ezra drives a station wagon. Although his ’84 Nissan Maxima carries his records, it doesn’t carry his cool, and to a future hip-hop D.J., his cool has got to carry him far.

The Nissan’s deprived shape isn’t entirely due to the sands of time, or Ezra’s lack of upkeep, but partygoers who thought that it would be a good idea to use the roof of the ride as a dance floor. They even drew a giant question mark on it: dance floor or car roof?

Finally, Xzibit arrives to do what he does best, pimp this ride. After checking out the broken headlights, ripped up seats and bungee-rope fastened bumper, X is a little fazed, but ready to get this whip to the guys at West Coast. After all, X loves a challenge.

The guys at West Coast are a little confused when the Nissan pulls into the garage. “This is the whip of a 21-year-old? Or is this his mom’s car?” they wonder. Nevertheless, the guys get to work strippin’ the car down, and polishing it up. The new ride will roll with 18-inch chrome rims, yellow paint with black flames, a velvet interior, duel-tip exhaust, neon interior lights and a full D.J. set in the back, complete with twin turntables, a mixer, amps, mics, and a Real Time CD player so that Ezra can record his beats.

When Ezra sees his new, pimped-out Nissan for the first time, he is speechless. But this soon changes when X tosses him the mic so he can test out the new equipment. Soon Ezra has all the guys at West Coast tearing it up, 8 Mile style. Ezra likes to spin records, now with this ride, he’s gonna spin heads. Another ride has been officially pimped.

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Episode 12: Krissys Volkswagen Baja Bug

Krissy's VW Bug before pimpingKrissy's VW Bug after pimping


Krissy’s 1969 VW Baha Bug was designed to be steady and durable. Yet with its crooked tailpipe, old school tape deck and broken doors, this Bug can be described as anything but. Its collapse began after Krissy flipped the car in an off-road accident, and the car’s condition has declined at a steady pace ever since. Wintergreen chewing gum barely keeps the door’s lining from falling down, and an absence of windshield wipers makes it impossible for Krissy to drive in the rain. It’s no surprise that Krissy’s friends always steer clear of the car, which they describe as “busted and rusted.” They all agree that 23-year old Krissy deserves a new pimped-out ride.

According to Krissy, the only bad thing in her life is her busted Bug. She battled drug addiction during her teenage years, and has since turned her whole life around. Currently she is going to school, and working for a PhD in psychology. Krissy thinks that her car deserves a repair to match her personal life, and that’s where Xzibit comes in. After teasing Krissy about cassette music and the car’s more-than-rugged exterior, Xzibit takes the bug for one final spin. Once he’s rounded some corners and made a few quick turns, X takes the bug to West Coast Customs for an off the hook makeover!

In keeping up with the bug’s appeal as an off-road vehicle, the guys at West Coast think of a plan that will bring the car back to its original splendor. Big bad tires are part of the design, as is a road cage that will protect Krissy in the case that her car flips again. Remote control-operated doors will replace the old ones, with 7-inch monitors on the doors’ lining to provide viewing pleasure both inside and outside the car. The ancient tape deck will be replaced with a touch-screen stereo system, and two 10-inch subwoofers. The guys want to make this bug a super beetle, and they decide on a bright lime green color with purple and white accents. The interior will be in matching hues, with tweed, vinyl and embossed flowers on the seats. Lava lamps will complete the inside of the car, creating a vibe that imitates Krissy’s upbeat personality.

The West Coast guys work through the night on the car, having the most difficulty attaching the new hood and doors. By daybreak they are successful, and the rest of their team can finish the operation. Krissy can’t believe that her old, busted bug is the new, beautiful beetle in front of her. She loves the shiny chrome of the 18-inch wheels, and the new sound system which exceeds her old tape deck by leaps and bounds. And Xzibit has one last surprise for Krissy: a GPS navigation system. With this in tow, she can travel as far off road as she wants without ever getting lost. As Krissy drives away in her shining, smiling new bug, it is clear that her ride has officially been pimped!

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Episode 13: Brian's Honda CRX

Brian's Honda CRX before pimpingBrian's Honda CRX after pimping


Brian’s Honda CRX is hailing from automobile hell, serving more of a purpose as scrap metal than an actual moving vehicle. Suffering from scratches along its entire body from numerous crashes, this little hunk of junk is being held together by screws that Brian installed himself – this car is literally screwed! The engine is held together by bungee cords and the only music to be enjoyed, since the radio is shot, is the symphony of constant creaks and groans the ride cries out before its usual breakdown.

Brian’s friends openly say that the car is “garbage,” and believe he deserves a new ride to “start over with him,” since Brian recently received a successful kidney transplant. This explains why Brian’s car is full of empty water bottles—he must constantly keep himself hydrated because of his sensitive condition.

Xzibit hears this desperate cry for help and cruises to the rescue, claiming that he’s going to transform this useless piece of trash so it might truly live up to its name—“Pocket Rocket.” While driving the ailing car to West Coast Customs, the troublemaker doesn’t break down ONCE, but TWICE before Xzibit even arrives at the garage. Not to worry though, with a “1. . .2. . . West Coast!” the notorious team of roadster geniuses get to work, breaking down what needs to be done to doctor up Brian’s baby.

During the meeting of motor minds, the West Coast team keeps to a high-tech theme, as Brian is a techie and very into video games. The guys pimps the car out with a brand new engine, giving it the heart it needs to pump fuel and gain speed. They light up the back end with a 23-inch monitor, as well as a Play Station 2. The team also takes the liberty of installing a tube connected to a 2-liter water bag on the back of the driver’s seat, so Brian will never be without H2O.

The task seemed impossible, but the team triumphed once again. Brian can barely stand when he sees his pimped out ride. He loves the new outfit, a shiny, rustic red – cinnamon pearl to be exact—which makes the car like a “new shiny penny.” Not only does the car’s exterior have its own custom color, but graphics of high-tech gadgets along the ride give it that extra edge.

As an added surprise, X even hooks Brian up with the entire line-up of ’04 Playstation Games. Brian’s friends can barely believe it, and now instead of making fun of his ride, they’re begging him to take them for a spin.

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Episode 14: Gabys Toyota Land Cruiser

Gaby's Land Cruiser before pimpingGaby's Land Cruiser after pimping


What happens when peace and love meet monster truck wheels? Gaby’s 1972 Toyota Land Cruiser. When Xzibit first arrived on her doorstep, Gaby was a newly-dumped yoga instructor with nothing in the world but her yoga mat and her ride. Unfortunately, the ride was more of a burden than a blessing, much like her ex-boyfriend who was kind enough to sell her the Land Cruiser for $200. This might sound like a deal, but considering the ride lacked everything from doors to dignity, her ex should have paid Gaby to take this ride off his hands.

Luckily, Gaby is a survivor, who with a little help from Xzibit and the guys at West Coast, will make the Land Cruiser cruise once again. When Xzibit first checks out the car, he’s a bit nervous, but who wouldn’t be when the ride sports a bumper sticker that says “I love explosives?” (Another remnant of Gaby’s ex-boyfriend) Cautiously, X scans the ride and becomes even more uneasy when he finds a shovel and an axe attached to the car. These have become permanent fixtures to the Land Cruiser as Gaby doesn’t have the keys to unlock them. This isn’t the ride of a zen yogi, it’s the missing ride from Deliverance.

Thankfully, Gaby is no longer dealing with her ex-boyfriend–she’s dealing with X to the Z and the boys at West Coast Customs, who are floored to pimp out this retro gem. First the guys get to work on the exterior, painting it a Ferrari yellow shade and install a neon light behind the grill. Then the boys rip off the top, and just like that, the Land Cruiser becomes a convertible. And to make sure this is the ultimate off-roading vehicle, the West Coasters even install a snorkel so this ride can cruise land and sea.

21 Gs later, it’s finally time for Gabby to feast her eyes on her new Land Cruiser. She can’t believe this was once her ride. Not only is the exterior entirely new, but the guys converted the back of the ride into a personal yoga studio, complete with a 15-inch monitor to watch, what else, yoga videos. So now that Gaby’s spent some time in a car garage, will Xzibit be spending time in a yoga class? Astral signs point to: not so likely.

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Episode 15: Kerrys Ford Escort – Scion XB

Kerry's Scion XB before pimpingKerry's Scion XB after pimping


Kerry, 19, moved from Fargo, North Dakota to Sunny California with his family and his car: Frankenstein. The car is some sort of beast made out of two ’89 Ford Escorts welded and glued together.

So it’s up to none other then Xzibit to try to salvage this ride. “I’ve seen duck tape…I’ve seen all kinds of #@$%, but this is the first time I’ve seen roof tar holding a windshield…It’s gangsta!” says the befuddled Xzibit.

Spying the car seat in the back of this ride, Kerry explains it’s for one of his little sisters whom he baby-sits and drives around in the car. “She’ll be real safe in this bucket,” X jokes, saying that he’s “a professional bucket driver” but that this car is by far the worst he’s seen.

X to the Z knows the job must be done. Kerry and his family have no other car, and Kerry’s crazy excited when he sees that Xzibit’s gonna pimp his ride, so X takes his chances and wheels this monster off to West Coast Customs for a little TLC and a whole lot more than a face lift.

The boys take one look at this wreck of a car, and know that their chances are slim to none, so Xzibit pulls a few strings, and in no time at all rolls in with a brand spankin’ new 2004 Scion XB. The boys are more than happy to pimp out this ride, so they put in the “rag-top to end all rag-top electric sunroofs,” a tail wing, wrap it up in a high grade flame sticker, put in custom leather seats, install a floating amplifier, headrest monitors, three piece rims, and to top it off, mount in “Drivesoft,” the ultimate interactive computer.

“Wow Dude!” is all Kerry can say when he walks in to find his new ride, “is this the same car?” Kerry is even more excited to learn he has a whole new ride, and he just can’t get enough of his pimped out Scion. “I’m happy to have a safe vehicle to get us around in,” he says. Once again, X and his boys have worked miracles, and have attacked the unpimpable in a whole new way.

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    Hello pimp my ride and Mr Xzibit. I love watching the transformation of all the lowrider cars and the amazing look on the owners faces.
    My name is Juanita and I own a 1977 Cadillac coupe deville. My brother Victor owned a 1980 Cadillac Coupe deville in 1993 and thought me how to drive in it. I would love for Pimp my Ride to help me in the project of this beautiful amazing car, it need lots a work and I don’t have the money for it at this time. I love to be in your show and watch my own face be amazed with the transformation. Pimp my Ride and Mr Xzibit I would love to dedicate this car to my brother Victor. God bless you and thank you so much.

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