Pimp My Ride – Season 2

Episode 16 – Big Ron's Cadillac
Big Ron's Cadillac before pimpingBig Ron's Cadillac after pimping


Ride Owner: “Big” Ron. Male.
Owner’s Ride: 1984 Cadillac Eldorado.

Big Ron’s 1984 Cadillac El Dorado is a far cry from the literal translation meaning “the gilded one.” After losing the vinyl top on the freeway and the front grill decided to take a left turn while the car went right, it is clear this baby is in desperate need of some West Coast Customs lovin’. Xzibit is about to pimp his ride.

Additions & Improvements:
-Paint, Sunset Pearl (Orange) with retro raspberry and white graphics
-New gold grill
-24 karat gold rims
-Curb feelers
-Big truck air horn
-Plexiglas autograph board on ceiling (Autographed by Ish & Xzibit)
-White Leather Seats
-Initials B.R. stitched into the seats and the steering wheel
-Boomerang antenna on top of the trunk to watch live tv
-2 15″ monitors in the trunk
-Xbox in the trunk with dance dance revolution game
-Gift from X, Yamaha digital drum set that pops out of the trunk

“Big” Ron has officially been pimped.

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Episode 17 – Kiearah's Ford Escort
Kiearah's Ford Escort before pimpingKiearah's Ford Escort after pimping


Ride Owner: Kiearah. 22 Year Old Female.
Owner’s Ride: 1991 Ford Escort.

Kiearah’s 1991 Ford Escort looks more like an art project than a reliable mode of transportation. After all, her boyfriend had a little too much fun spray painting her non-existent hub caps and tires after taking out most of the dashboard. In addition, the body of the car is all beat up after a stray shopping cart decided to tango with her car. X can’t help but laugh at Kiearah’s makeshift AC, which is a house fan plugged into a power converter mounted on the dashboard. It is clear the Escort needs an escort to West Coast Customs. Kiearah teaches students to dance hip hop and she wants to become a lead singer in a band. She deserves a better car. Xzibit is about to pimp her ride.

Additions & Improvements:
-Paint, Euro Red
-Style, European luxury vehicle
-18″ chrome rims
-New BMW M3 headlights, bumpers, sideskirts, grill and fin
-PMR hood
-Rain sensor sun roof
-Shark fin radio reception antenna
-Mercedez CLK tail lights
-Wood grain door panels and steering wheel
-BMW electronic powered peanut butter colored leather seats
-Air conditioning system
-Visors with two 5″ monitors
-Two 7″ monitors in the head rest
-Replaced the back seats with 15″ woofers and a leather/wood encased amp rack
-Power windows, door locks and sun roof
-Pocket studio 5 mounted on her car audio interface with microphone in the head rest

Kiearah has officially been pimped.

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Episode 18 – Ryan's Volkswagen Bus
Ryan's Volkswagen Bus Before PimpingRyan's Volkswagen Bus After Pimping


Ride Owner: Ryan. Male.
Owner’s Ride: 1958 Volkswagen Bus.

X and the boys at West Coast Customs are more than ready to pimp yet another ride. A fanatic surfer, high-school student Ryan says he’s spent a goldmine on his 1956 Volkswagen van, and although the epoch vehicle is windowless, covered with rust, and must be hotwired in order for the engine to start, Ryan claims that it is the car of his dreams. Xzibit is about to pimp his ride.

Additions & Improvements:
-Paint, top half white and bottom half lime green with chrome trim
-New keys with a brand new ignition
-Safari windows
-40″ lcd tv
-Smoothie machine
-Clothes dryer
-School bus sign on the side that pops out that says “CHILL”
-Wood floor
-Couch in the back with green vinyl and gray tweed
-Automated surfboard rack on top of the bus
-New surfboard on the rack
-2 way marine radio
-Playstation 2
-Clarion dvd changer
-Automatic hanger on the back door
-Gift from X, new wet suit

Ryan has officially been pimped.

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Episode 19 – Alice's Chevy Suburban
Alice's Chevy Suburban before pimpingAlice's Chevy Suburban after pimping


Ride Owner: Alice. 20 Year Old Female.
Owner’s Ride: 1985 Chevy Suburban.

Alice’s Chevy Suburban could be easily mistaken for a mobile junk yard. While most Suburbans sport roomy passenger seating, Alice’s ride is filled with tires suited for monster trucks. No wonder Alice and her friends are embarrassed to cruise in this ride. Xzibit is about to pimp her ride.

Additions & Improvements:
-Custom Paint, Burple, a mix of Blue and Purple
-37″ tires with 22″ chrome giovanna rims
-Custom automatic door steps
-Brush gaurd on the front of the car
-6 6″ monitors on the floor under plexiglas
-Headboard filled with 8 10″ Xtreme woofers above love seat
-Safari chrome roof racks
-Sink in the center console
-Make up kit in center console
-Surveillance camera in the head liner wired to a 15″ flip down monitor
-Additional 15″ flip down monitor next to the other one
-23″ light speed mobile monitor in the back
-Xbox in the back
-Gift from X, Motorbike helmet

Alice has officially been pimped.

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Episode 20 – Erin's Chevy Blazer
Erin's Chevy Blazer before pimpingErin's Chevy Blazer after pimping


Ride Owner: Erin. 22 Year Old Female.
Owner's Ride: 1987 Chevy Blazer.

Erin's 1987 Chevy Blazer is far from blazin' these days. The monster of a ride looks like a monster with dents galore, chipping paint and Erin even has to use a screwdriver to open the doors! Erin wants a ride that represents her hardworking and determined personality, not a hunk of junk. After all, she bought this ride with her own money when she was only 16 years-old, and since then, has sunk about 10G's into the Blazer. This ride is in need of some serious help, and fast. Xzibit is about to pimp her ride.

This episode is no different and Erin Chevy gets the love it needs! Starting with a crazy paint job and some spicy graphics on the side to really give this ride a hit. The body kit has been fully revamped with some dope 20" rims, she won't be slipping again with her ultimate pirelli tires. This chevy has been hit with a sick sun roof with panoramic views… great for watching the onlookers stare crazy at this pimped out set of wheels. This car doesn't fail to make you feel crap about you're own car… HD Monitors added to the headrests, bass killer subwoofers and an electric fireplace to keep the chill out and the pimp in. The awesome fact that whenever she reverses Xzibit's voice is there warning pedestrians of what is about to happen – due to the state of what the car looked like when X got it, this could prove to be costly. All jokes aside Erin couldn't ask for a better job.

She has been officially pimped, and thats not all Xzibit threw in an added bonus with the ultimate in 2 wheeled swag. A custom beach cruiser bicycle to turn heads of the locals whenever Erin comes to town!

Additions & Improvements:
-Paint, porsche yellow with flame graphics
-20" giovanna rims with pirelli pzero tires
-Custom body kit
-Blazer dropped closer to the ground
-Panoramic sun roof
-Backup sensor with xzibit's voice notifying others that it's backing up
-Whale tail
-Viper with remote start
-M.I.S. video jukebox
-7" touch screen monitor on the back of the center console
-Electric Fireplace in the back
-2 titanium 12" woofers
-2 7" Directed monitors
-PS2 with 2 wireless controllers
-ESPN NHL, NFL, and NBA 2k5 video games
-Gift from X, Custom beach cruiser bicycle

Erin has officially been pimped.

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Episode 21 – Josh's Acura Legend
Josh's Acura Legend before pimpingJosh's Acura Legend after pimping


Ride Owner: Josh. Male.
Owner’s Ride: 1988 Acura Legend.

Josh’s 1988 Acura Legend is far from legendary–it barely qualifies as a vehicle when we first meet him. A chain and padlock hold down the hood and the electrical wiring is so confused, the windshield wipers go off every time Josh honks his horn. Josh teaches inner-city kids, so he needs a ride that they can respect and one that shows the kids that decent, hardworking people are paid back in life. Xzibit is about to pimp his ride.

Additions & Improvements:
-Paint, Oriental Blue with metallic flakes
-18″ chrome rims
-New body kit
-XM satellite radio system
-iRiver PMP-120 Portable MP4 Media Player
-Blue leather interior with alligator skin
-Alligator skin seats, gray in the center blue on the sides
-2 10″ monitors behind the seats
-Playstation 2
-7-inch DVD player on the arm rest
-2 Dome Lightning lamps
-Bowling Ball Polisher in the trunk
-Rolling rack in the trunk
-Bowling shoes in hidden compartment in the trunk
-Personal West Coast Customs bowling shirt
-Gift from X, Custom made bowling ball signed by the West Coast Customs crew

Josh has officially been pimped.

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Episode 22 – Quoc-viet's Nissan 240 SX
Quoc-viet's Nissan 240 SX before pimpingQuoc-viet's Nissan 240 SX after pimping


Ride Owner: Quoc-viet. Male.
Owner’s Ride: 1989 Nissan 240 SX

Quoc-Viet had good intentions when he tried to customize his 1989 Nissan 240SX. While buying an assortment of custom body parts for his ride had seemed like a good idea, actually installing the parts was another problem. The double-sided tape holding together the body kit has begun to lose its grip. In place of the passenger’s seat, there’s a radiator fan, headlights, gaming controllers, and more random stuff that has no business being there. Despite the fact that Quoc-Viet’s rearview mirror is adorned with lucky charms, the car is a disappointment to his girlfriend and family. Luckily, the crew is ready to transform this junk pile into the car of his gaming dreams. Xzibit is about to pimp his ride.

Additions & Improvements:
-Paint, Green with graphics
-18″ rims
-New body kit
-Engine dress up kit
-Green neon lights on the inside
-Orange neon lights on the bottom
-2 Custom racing seats
-Indiglo Gauges
-Auto meter gauge pod, a clock and a volt meter
-Racing steering wheel with quick release
-3 7″ monitors in the trunk
-3 10″ monitors in the trunk
-12″ Fusion woofers with neon rings in the trunk
-4 Fusion amps in the trunk
-3 xbox’s hooked up together with wireless adapters and wireless controllers, able to have up to 12 players
-Gift from X, 13 EA games which include Need For Speed Underground 2, Fight Night 2004, Freedom Fighters, MVP baseball 2004, Burnout 3 takedown, NCAA Football 2005, Nascar 2005 Chase for the Cup, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005, Madden 2005 and more

Quoc-viet has officially been pimped.

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Episode 23 – West's Ford Fairlane
West's Ford Fairlane before pimpingWest's Ford Fairlane after pimping


Ride Owner: West. 19 Year Old Male.
Owner’s Ride: 1963 Ford Fairlane.
Owner’s New Ride: 2005 Toyota 4runner.

West’s 41-year-old ride is over twice his age, but no one is sure how much longer this Ford Fairlane is going to ride on. With nothing but tape holding it together in places, West may have to begin to look for a new whip, unless the guys at West Coast Customs get on the job, and quick.

When Xzibit rolls on into the garage with the Fairlane, the boys can’t believe their eyes. This ride is definitely a classic, but not exactly practical for a 19-year-old guy about to start college. Seeing that West wants to go to college to become a mechanic, the WCC guys decide to leave the Fairlane just as it is for him to one day fix up himself with his future mechanic skills.

West still needs a ride though, and no one leaves West Coast Customs without a smile on their face, and an ultra-hot ride. X gets on the horn, and before we can say “pimped out ride,” a brand new, 2005 Toyota 4Runner pulls into the garage. Now the WCC boys have something they can work with. Xzibit is about to pimp his new ride.

Additions & Improvements:
-Paint, 2 Tone, silver on the bottom, factory black on top with green flame graphics done by Steve Van Demon
-22″ chrome rims
-Drivesoft 2.0 includes GPS, video player, mp3 player, in car camera, internet, and 13,000 preset stations from all over the country
-KVH TracVision A5 mobile satellite system with DIRECTV
-2 15″ Directed flip down monitors
-Black leather with green inserts with flames
-Flames on the headliner
-10″ monitor under the car facing down for viewing how to videos
-Anti theft system, security camera takes a picture every 10 seconds when someone trys to steal the truck
-Auto motive diagnostic tool
-Precision power woofers and 10″ monitor in clear plexiglas box in the back
-Complete set of mac tools in tool draw that slides right out the back of the vehicle
-Gift from X, brand new sony vaio laptop

West has officially been pimped.

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  1. I watch just about all your shows but I’ve never seen any of your custom car builders rebuild 1992 Mercedes 500SL I love the body style but I would like to put any nice bet motor naked not so expensive I love the body but I would love to make and up-to-date muscle car out of it how come you guys never have done a Mercedes before is it even possible do something

  2. Hey Xibit,and all the Pimp My Ride crew..my name is Glen..n im in Virginia..always love ur show..n ur awesome car work..i know u basically do rides for the 19-24 age range,but was just wondering,have u guys ever made an exception to the rule?!..lol..i hve a 91’Acura Legend,love it,n wud lov to get it redone a little,as its bsically all i have to n from work,for me,but jus not enough cashflow to do it..id like to keep it white,but want to hook it up a bit..wth maybe even some lambo doors,lol,but mainly i want to keep her much longer n ride in style!? Im in my 40’s,yes,but stil love my ride,n wud lov if u guys could do mine for me!?..my E.mail is;Gnickman@hotmail.com,n wud lov to hear from u either way n if u cud do it!?..Thanks agn..ur fan,G!!

  3. My nephew Christopher got a nice car for my brother runs good has dents in it need some body work done the exhaust and the motor is really loud needs a lot of love tender and care I’m hoping you guys will be able to help him he needs it to get back and forth to work are dresses 1673 Ridgeway Ave Rochester New York 14615 Christopher is my nephew

  4. I want a v8 in my Monte Carlo with a super charges on it and a paint jod

  5. Wish I had the funds to Pimp my ride which is a plain jane 1996 Jeep Cherokee 4.0L/2Dr/4×4.
    Unfortunately been basically voted out of the Job Market and currently can only afford to rebuild my Retro Beach Cruiser Bicycle.

  6. I’m 18 years old I just bought a 1998 Pontiac grand prix for 450 n it needs a lot of work I bought so my dad n I could work on it as a project but he didn’t want to so I’m tryin to make my ride look Cold can you guys help me

  7. I have a 2002 blazer. It need a lot of tlc. I spent a lot over the years on her. she needs some help. I detail for a living. like to have a pimp out ride. then you show what out their. great job guys. on what you all do.

  8. el nombre de las canciones utilizadas en el episodio 22 del auto nissan 240

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