Pimp My Ride – Season 4

Episode 32 – Jessica's AMC Pacer
Jessica's AMC Pacer after pimping


Ride Owner: Jessica, Female.

Owner’s Ride: 1976 AMC Pacer.

The owner of the vehicle was studying to become a nutritionist. The car was fitted with a huge cloth sunroof, a rear wing with a solar panel to power the electronics, and a juicer in the trunk. The entire interior of the car was retrofitted with yellow shag carpeting; when he saw it Xzibit promptly joked, "Who killed Big Bird?". This car was infested with rat droppings; indeed, the mechanics found a live rat inside the car. At the end it says; "no rats were harmed in the pimpin' of this ride". Consequentially, Xzibit's gift to the car's owner was a cat, which Jessica named "Pacer".

Upgrades included: 1000 Watt DC to AC Power Inverter, Modern Headlamps conversion with modern bulbs, 225/35 18" Yokohama Parada Tires with custom 18" rims, Webasto Sliding Power Sun roof/Soft Top, Jensen In-Dash DVD/CD/MP3 with Flip Up Screen, heat and chill drink holders, Custom Eight Track MP3 Player, Jensen 10" Sub woofer, two Directed 7" LCD Monitors, one Audiovox Monitor/DVD Player, 425 Watt Jensen Power AMP, Python Car Alarm (disconnected), Air purifier on the dash and a second battery mounted under the hatch below the panel concealing the spair tire. This Pacer also has a One of a kind Custom Paint job and custom white and yellow interior with Shag carpet. Also there is a spoiler mounted on the roof with a solar panel.

Jessica has officially been pimped.

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Episode 33 – Josh's Toyota Corolla
Josh's Toyota Corolla after pimping


Ride Owner: Josh, Male.
Owner's Ride: 2003 Toyota Corolla

In this episode Xzibit comes to the door of Josh a young guy with a disaster stricken Toyota Corolla… Looking at this car it’s as if he bought it fresh from the Junkyard…how it was legally drivable I will never know. He’s a young guy that has had a hard time in the vehicle from the day he had it. He goes onto explain how an RV crashed into him and really wrecked this automobile. Xzibit comes to the rescue and puts some great entertainment systems in there and a smoking hot cherry red paint on this bad boy plus a chrome trim to really set this off from the rest of the locals.

Josh went crazy when he saw this and couldn’t control himself. It certainly made a difference from the baked bean tin he was once driving around in. Josh has been officially pimped! X and the team at West Coast Customs didn’t fail to make a statement with this car. Josh has officially been pimped.

In a later show, which comes to give the highlights and the best moments, there are some secrets revealed. Mr X to the Z explains that when MTV take the car to get it pimped at West Coast Customs the owner is supplied with a rental car. Josh is known not to be the most careful driver and it only took him 15 minutes to have the rental car wrote off after a crash with someone in an oncoming lane and ended up hitting a tree. He tells Xzibit he’s been driving since he was 9 which X replies “That’s probably why”.

Without further waiting Josh reveals his ride under the big sheet and the horror and shock that follows is crazy! The car looks just like how X found it. It was fully smashed and look like it’s been butchered. But yet Josh once again passes the blame onto someone else and said the driver hit I’m and went speeding off. Okay Josh – we believe you "somebody crashed into me and it wasn't my fault" you gotta be asking questions how you got a legal driving licence when its your 3rd time!

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Episode 34 – Heather's Chevy Pickup
Heather's Chevy Pickup after pimping


Ride Owner: Heather, 20, Female.

Owner's Ride: 1986 Chevy C10 Pickup


Heather's Ride is in a state! Paint is pealing off, big black patches on a white truck, what is it meant to be, a cow! She seriously does not know how to take care of a ride, the brake pad's were…well they were, none existence, bare metal, doesn't that screeching sound make something click up in there!!
This truck was "pimped" so that the entire truck bed could come out at an angle. Also, the driver's seat included a special raise and lower feature, as Heather (a very short female) had difficulty seeing out the back.
The truck had its brakes nearly completely gone (which emits a very loud screeching sound); the show featured the truck hitting an egg (before the brakes were fixed), then rerunning the same stunt with fixed brakes, where the egg was not hit.
The truck also had, for proper weight, cow manure, and hoes (Xzibit frequently told the audience during this episode that the "hoes" were of the gardening kind, not the other kind) in the truck bed before being "pimped".
The electronics in the back of her truck cost more than US$30,000.
Heather has officially been pimped

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Episode 35 – Tin's Dodge Caravan
Tin's Dodge Caravan before pimping

Ride Owner: Tin, Male

Owner’s Ride: 1988 Dodge Caravan

Now we have seen it all, a college student called Tin, driving a soccer mom’s car! a Mini van, just ready to pick up the kids from school!!

Tin describes the state of the mini van as a “Dump”, maybe that’s where it should be! The mini van has chunks of paint missing, parts of the car all over the floor inside the car and even an old Burger that’s started decomposing!

This ride needs some serious pimping to say the least, and it’s in the right hands for exactly that.
Tin has officially been pimped

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Episode 36 – Alex's Chevy Chevelle
Alex's Chevy Chevelle


Ride Owner: Alex, Male
Owner’s Ride: 1968 Chevy Chevelle

Alex is a special education teacher and a magician who loves working with kids.

His ride has been though it all, the horn don’t work, so he uses a Air Horn, and he’s even got a backup!

His sound system consisted of a portable stereo, his convertible top wouldn’t come down so he decided to tear off the fabric and just leave an open top with a frame around it, and he don’t not even have a back seat!
Alex has officially been pimped.

Alex revealed on the "Where are They Now?" episode that he wrecked the car the first day he got it back.

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Episode 37 – Rashae's Ford Taurus
Rashae's Ford Taurus before pimpingRashae's Ford Taurus after pimping


Ride Owner: Rashae, 21 year old Female.

Owner's Ride: 1989 Ford Taurus.

This car was fitted with memory foam seats for the comfort of the driver, and since the owner had aspirations to be a Hollywood stuntwoman, the trunk was fitted with a professional stunt cushion.
The Taurus's front door hinges were altered to swing upward, Lamborghini-style, and the rear doors opened horizontally without hinges.

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Episode 38 – Jake's Buick Century
Jake's Buick Century after pimping


Ride Owner: Jake, Male. Owner's Ride: 1986 Buick Century.

The WCC crew removed the backseats and replaced it with the MTX Audio JackHammer, a 22-inch subwoofer weighing 369 pounds. A decibel meter was installed in the dash to alert Jake to keep it down. Uniquely, due to wanting a retro 1950s nature for the car, this would perhaps be the only car in Pimp My Ride's history to have flat black paint, and alloys replaced with regular steel wheels, whitewalls, and hubcaps.
The car was once Jake's grandmother's, whom was a chain smoker. So many cigarette butts were found in the car, Xzibit quipped, "Grandma's lungs must be as black as I am." During the filming of this episode, Big Dane told Jake to "Be more excited, or I will stomp you."

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Episode 39 – Cristi's Chevy Truck
Cristi's Chevy Truck after pimping


Ride Owner: Cristi, Female.

Owner's Ride: 1957 Chevy Panel Truck.

The owner was of Italian descent. The WCC crew installed a copy of Michelangelo's famous mural painting The Creation of Adam on the ceiling of the truck. Prior to "pimping", the van had a large bullet hole through the passenger's side windshield.

This is the last ride to be pimped by West Coast Customs. After this episode, WCC opened a 2nd shop and Ryan, the owner, felt that he wouldn't be able to devote any time to the show. All future rides will be pimped by Galpin Auto Sports (or GAS for short).

Mad Mike
: Wasn't the Da Vinci Code a book of rules on how to steal stuff from people? Xzibit: Uh….no. Ish: I love go-o-l-l-l-l-ld!

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  1. Hi my name is yolanda .Me and my boyfriend have a 1995 pathfinder 4wd suv. The transmission is going out .So want konw will xzibit pimp my ride. Also we are both gators fan .how will u charge to pimp my ride.

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