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Xzibit Interview with NFL Pro Player Insiders: Talks Napalm Album, NFL Teams and the Throwback NFL Jersey’s Xzibit Owns

Xzibit sat down with ProPlayerInsiders.com where Xzibit talks about the new album Napalm, his favorite NFL team and the Throwback NFL Jersey's he has:

Pro Player Insiders: On the title track, “Napalm,” you allude to US troops and filmed some of the music video clips in Iraq. What inspired you to use your song to reflect on the American troops?

XZIBIT: I was raised with some of those values. I always say my dad loved me the only way he knew how and that was through the marine corps. There were a lot of positive things that came from that too but I wouldn’t say it inspired the album; it was just more or less respect for the principle and respect for the values.

PPI: Now let’s talk football. What team are you rooting for this year?

XZIBIT: My favorite team is the Raiders (chuckles).

PPI: Whose jerseys do you rep?

XZIBIT: I got a Montana, Namath, Jerry Rice, Barry Sanders, and Walter Payton. I got tons of jerseys but I was rocking them back in the day.

To read or listen to the rest of the interview go to: http://proplayerinsiders.com/xzibit-hip-hop-super-star/