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Xzibit Album Napalm Released In Europe To Good Reviews From Fans

As often the case with global releases an artists CD will hit stores in one part of the world ahead of the rest. Xzibit's album Napalm hit stores in many parts of Europe on October 5th and has received good reviews from fans that have their hands on a copy. One Xzibit fan '@Heymsy' tweeted out the picture of his copy of Napalm:

Xzibit Napalm Album Released in Europe October 5

Twitter has blown up with fans talking about Napalm, here is a sample of what fans had to say:

‏@Heymsy: Im listening in my car this song from Napalm Album for @xzibit : Louis XIII it's my favorite song

@shawty187: just heard #NAPALM and for me its the best hip hop Album since #rollingpapers from @RealWizKhalifa Great Album!!! X to the Z is back

Napalm hits the stores in the US on October 9. Pre-Order Napalm at the iTunes Napalm (Deluxe Edition) page.

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New Xzibit Picture: Xzibit on set shooting Halo 4 promo video

Xzibit is back on set today shooting the promotional video for the next installment of the highly popular video game series, Halo 4:

Xzibit on the set of Halo 4 promo video for xbox

Xzibit recently released the highly anticipated music video for Napalm on Xbox Live. The video is expected to be released online in the next few days so keep it locked to XzibitCentral.com and we will bring you the video for Napalm when it hits the internet!

Xzibit Releases Official ‘Napalm’ Album Artwork

The wait is soon over! Xzibit recently released the official album artwork of his much anticipated new album  'Napalm', which is being distributed through Open Bar, EMI, Universal Worldwide.

The official artwork for Napalm can be viewed below:

Xzibit Napalm Album Cover

Xzibit Napalm Album Cover Inside CD Tracklist

Incase you missed it, Napalm is set to be released in September 2012. The official release date is coming soon, alongside with the video of the track "Napalm", and the single "Up Out The Way" featuring e-40.

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