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  1. Hey exhibit my name is Bernice I want to know if you can come all the way Henderson Nevada Las Vegas and Pimp My Ride I have a GMC 1996 doesn’t really want to run that much and we had to jump start the car from other people or start it up with our hands and then it will start we have no back window we need a new radiator you don’t have a heater or air conditioner we don’t have a time on her car and we need a new thermostat in her car because my car was just sitting there a year my new boyfriend is helping me putting it together slowly but he has two jobs and his paychecks are used in short so he’s doing the best he can I’m working on the car but I was wondering if you can Pimp My Ride I need new tires side mirrors a new motor this basically knew everything

  2. I was approve to get my 1969 Catalina pimp just want to know what next. Do you need my address phone. Please get back with me I love the way you pimp rides.

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