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July 2007:

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A new audio interview has been conducted with hip-hop heavyweight, actor and well know rap artist Xzibit. In the interview Xzibit talks on his 2 month world tour, being an independent artist and future music video releases.

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XzibitCentral.com Owner ‘Justin’ and Hip Hop Heavyweight Xzibit

On a cold day made for Scarves in July 2007, Xzibit took time out of his busy tour schedule to answer questions asked directly from the fans, which just shows how devoted Xzibit is to his fans. Here is what rapper Xzibit had to say:

XzibitCentral.com: XzibitCentral.com has interviewed you at a number of stages in your career:

First one you were stuck on Sony Music, Second time you were getting off Sony – So what’s it like flying solo being a completely independent artist?

Xzibit: I mean its a lot more work involved, you know, you don’t have the luxury of promotion budgets that seem to never run out, you know what I’m saying, big budget videos… But what you do have is ownership – and those things in comparison are night and day, you know a – video budget, a radio promotion budget will be gone and you’ll be charged and you don’t see the results but ownership is forever so down the line when these songs are going to be licensed out there’s other avenues for your music to be generated that you have the ownership and you can dictate how that goes and that’s what you have for the rest of your life.

XzibitCentral.com: What’s in the works for your own record label, Open Bar (Entertainment)?

Xzibit: Right now we’re just going to focus on Xzibit, keep this going. I’m really not feeling any signings right now – there’s a lot of work to do here on the home front so were going to work that angle and make sure that we do in the future is for sure and concrete and on the table and ready to go.

XzibitCentral.com: How was the feedback you received from the fans after Full Circle?

Xzibit: It was crazy you know what I’m saying! A lot of people appreciate the music, a lot of people expected some mature music and that’s what they got, real solid hip hop music, straight forward.

XzibitCentral.com: Tell us about the new video clip for Thank You.

Xzibit: Well we just did a video for “Thank You” in London, you know we just filmed the first part of it, while we’ve been out on the road – I’ve been out here for 2 months so i pulled together an all female orchestra and they nailed the song and we filmed it – one night at one of the concerts we just threw some camera’s up and it came out crazy so now we’re just going to put some more edits in it, you know, put some more images that we need to keep the song in context and its going to be crazy.

XzibitCentral.com: Will we see that on Xzibit.com first?

Xzibit: We’ll see it, we’ll see it somewhere first (laughs).

XzibitCentral.com: What recent issues have been the biggest influence in your music?

Xzibit: Umm, well the issues at hand have been real personal – Full Circle is just a real reflective album – it’s self analysing, once again, you know which makes it reflective for me to reach back and appreciate what I fell in hip hop about – what I feel in my heart, my soul, I’m hoping that the audience can relate to it.

XzibitCentral.com: There’s rumours on the internet that you and Crooked I have beef with DMX?

Xzibit: Man, come on, man, no! I haven’t talked to Crooked I in a long time, and I haven’t seen DMX. The last time I saw it was like wassup, you know what I’m saying, wassup man – I don’t got no problems with no rappers, it’s not that serious. I haven’t talked to Crooked I, I haven’t talked to DMX, I don’t even know what the rumour is – what’s the rumour?

XzibitCentral.com: I just saw it on Wikipedia on your page, there’s a feud with DMX upcoming…

Xzibit: Oh now we scheduling beefs? We can schedule beefs!? I didn’t know that! It’s upcoming beef that’s going to go down? Nah man come on. Yo – Crooked I is my dog, DMX is my dog, and you’re hearing it straight from me.

XzibitCentral.com: The Gumball 3000 Rally sounded like a good time, what were some of the highlights from the rally?

Xzibit: Man it was a lot of driving, I got to meet the president of Albania, I drove a Lamborghini through parts of Europe that I otherwise would have never seen in my life and it was a great bunch of people a lot of cats came out, a lot of comradery – it was cool.

XzibitCentral.com: So what was the story in Belgium was it?

Xzibit: Yeah I got speeding ticket, got a fine, I don’t know the difference between Miles and Kilometres you know what I’m saying, it’s all numbers to me. But it was all good man, you know it is what it is; I got a fine and had to pay the fine, so there it is.

XzibitCentral.com: So now you’ve got your own website, Xzibit.com, what have you got planned for it?

Xzibit: Well we’re just going to keep building it, you know the traffic is steadily growing every day, every week, and now we’re just making it interactive. You know this a way and a step into the future that people need to really pay attention to – this is direct connect with my fans, this is how they know they know its me and the way that we communicating is pure – its not filtered through a marketing promotion “well we want to push this” and it’s not to be manipulated. Its straight direct connect with the fans, straight to the artist, and that’s how its supposed to be.

XzibitCentral.com: So Japan is the next stop (on the tour), I understand your son Tremayne will join you in Japan?

Xzibit: Yes, yes – but I’m not gonna give you any information cause if there’s stalkers out there, f*ck you, know what I’m saying! Yeah my little dudes comin’ but that’s it! You know its secret service around this mother f*cker! (hahaha…)
XzibitCentral.com: So you’re doing the [Live Earth concert]?

Xzibit: Oh yeah, Live Earth. Yep, Al Gore called up all the homies and we’re going out to Tokyo to get down, you know what I’m saying, he’s throwing the big gig so we’re gonna go party with Al – He’s trying to save the earth man, you know.

XzibitCentral.com: You’ve been on tour for months now, what’s the first thing you want to do when you get back to the states? Not to make you think about it just before…

Xzibit: I will probably end up doing three things at once (hahaha..), I’ll probably be doing three things at the same time, know what I’m saying. I want to drive my car very fast, I want to drive my Bentley, cause I just miss driving and I’ve been missing it since the Gumball rally, I want to drive my car. Then, i want to feed my dogs… And you know the other things (hahaha..) – I prolly you know, I’ll be hanging out man. I’ll be at my house for a minute, that’s for sure, sleep in my own bed. Wow, you’ve got me thinking about the crib – F*ck you Justin! (hahaha..).

Xzibit: Liz [Member of Xzibit’s management team], what are you going to do when you get home?

Liz: I’ve still got to work

Xzibit: YEAH! (Xzibit laughs hysterically)

Liz: But then I’m going to go home for a week – he [Xzibit] doesn’t know that yet, I’m going home for a week.

Xzibit: Hey man you’re on the internet right now, your stalkers are on you!

Liz: I’m going to Boston

Xzibit: (Xzibit laughs) OH MY GOD! The stalkers are on you man, they are on you, see and when they are at the airport saying “Elizibeth” (hahaha…)


XzibitCentral.com: Now these ones [next questions] are direct from the fans – the fans sent in a few emails. From your collection of work, do you have a favourite track and album?

Xzibit: Of my stuff? Umm favourite track and album, umm I don’t know man its hard – I’ve said it so many times, its like trying to pick one of your kids you like the best, you cant really do that. I think I appreciate all my records differently – I look at my records like this, like its kind of like a recorded time of my life – better than a video tape, better than an audio tape – its kind of like pictures and reflections of where I am mentally and physically at that moment, that I can see because of the way I’m spittin’ and the way I talk so it’s like I can rewind 10 years of my life, which is a spectacular thing to do you know what I’m saying because you can tell from pictures at that moment, but on albums it brings back memories of the times and dates and movements and shit. I can really put myself right there with that shit, so that’s how I look at my records – I cant really separate it and be like – well this song is that because some songs like “At The Speed Of Life” was cracking to us just as hard as it was cracking for Dre when we did “Bitch Please”. Like going out, rocking the shows, how the response was, you know it’s different for me.

XzibitCentral.com: Do you play any video games?

Xzibit: Yeah, yeah I’ve got all the systems – come on I’ve got a little boy – he’s not going to let me get away with not playing no video games. We’ve got all the systems every one lined up in front of the TV with a switch box – (OK play this one!)

XzibitCentral.com: One of the guys wanted to know will you ever have an album chopped and screwed?

Xzibit: I did one already – Paul Wall did it for me – when I first put out Weapons [of Mass Destruction]. Yeah I put out Weapons of Mass Destruction and Paul Wall chopped and screwed it.

XzibitCentral.com: Who was your biggest inspiration to make you start, or what was the biggest inspiration?

Xzibit: Just my love for the music. I was always in to writing, my mother was a writer, my father was an educator, so they always had me in a book. Comprehension was strong so when you just have that much just sitting there idle and then you find something that actually funnelled and used it, you know that’s what Hip Hop was to me – I had all this shit sitting up there, but then this was a way for me to be creative with it, so it wasn’t boring – cause its one thing that somebody says ok now sit down and write me a paper, sit down and write me an essay, sit down and put this together, put that together, but then when you find something that you have interest in, it was cool to me, like listening to “Big Daddy Kane” and “Eric B” and “Rakim”, you know all the things that attracted me and made me fall in love with hip hop was started because I could write and I could do it myself and that’s where it started from.

XzibitCentral.com: Were you ever told that you couldn’t do it and that you would fail, and how did you over come that?

Xzibit: Ahh man, people always tell you that, they tell you that right now! (hysterical laughter) You know what I’m saying, but you’ve got to look at them and be like, If your not doing it yourself then you really don’t have room to speak on anybody else – I personally can give a f*ck less about what someone says I cant do – I say I’m the shit until somebody proves me wrong. Nah if you’ve got something to say to prove me wrong, so be it, but until then, that mother f*cker aint showed up yet so until then I guess you can keep on saying what you’ve got to say because I’m not really going to sit there and waste breath and energy to try to argue with a mother f*cker when I’ve got other shit I could be doing.

XzibitCentral.com: How do you stay level headed and focused on the fans and your career when there are so many distractions that draw you away from it?

Xzibit: I don’t know man, I do get distracted some times but I do have a good team behind me – its by no means done by myself so I cant take the credit for doing that – I have a large group of people that support me and a small group of people that work with me to help me make the things happen around me that happen. We’ve got to take the good with the bad, we appreciate our wins as much as our losses and shit its a growing process, no bodies got the answer, no body can say I’ve got the definitive way to win because some times that shit works and then it stops working, you know what I’m saying, but if you persevere and stay consistent that’s how you get longevity and that’s where I’m at with it.

XzibitCentral.com: I got this email from a crazy Buddhist, they said they swear that the set of the Concentrate video looks just like their house and she’s like “we must have communicated telepathically”

Xzibit: Hahaha Oh shit see, see, communicating telepathically with the fans! See!

XzibitCentral.com: But for real, where did you get the inspiration for the video?

Xzibit: Umm you know the inspiration came from RT and Little Lex, myself coming together wanting to fit the vibe and the context of the song with the visual so that’s where it went, it naturally went there, you know it was just about what we were going to do with it so it didn’t seem repetitive – We’ve seen those kinds of images before but we wanted to do something different so that’s where the martial art theme came in and the long shots, levitation, you know it came together nice all the elements.

XzibitCentral.com: A lot of the fans want to know if they can land a deal on Open Bar Entertainment or what they can do to get someone to listen to what they’ve got?

Xzibit: Well I guess lets make submissions to the website – If you’ve got a video clip or you’ve got some kind of record that you want to post you can post it there but don’t post no spam because we’re going to wipe that shit out, but become a member and post your best shit up on the net and lets see what’s happening!

XzibitCentral.com: Apparently you’ve got a lot of fans in France, do you think you will ever visit France maybe on your next world tour?

Xzibit: I just came from France; I did a show at the Paradis mo mon (sic) right? Paradis mo mon (sic), Paradis mo mon (sic)… (Background laughter) Don’t laugh at my French!

XzibitCentral.com: Have you ever been on stage and totally forgot the next line?

Xzibit: Yes! Yes I have.

XzibitCentral.com: What did you do to regroup?

Xzibit: Nothin’! You just keep going, and you pick up the next word, and look real crazy!

XzibitCentral.com: Do you still jump of the stage into the crowd?

Xzibit: No, nah I haven’t done that.

XzibitCentral.com: How did it feel when you used to do it?

Xzibit: It was great, it was great?

XzibitCentral.com: This question came before the whole rove shit happened, but what do you think of the comments left on Myspace and websites like XzibitCentral.com?

Xzibit: I mean come on its comments, they’re opinions, its not fact, its not scripture, its not life altering, you know they are opinions.

XzibitCentral.com: What do you think about the good posts and comments?

Xzibit: I think, yeah that’s what I’m talking about, they are great, I appreciate that the fans be able to come through and actually have direct contact and direct communication with me and you know that’s a good thing – you cant please everybody all the time, so I don’t see the point – If I hate a motherf*cker I wont go to his website and type to him, I will type some hateful shit on my website or somebody who wants to hear that shit, know what im saying, but it just lets me know how lame and pathetic these people [the haters] lives really are, that they really want to, know what I’m saying damn, you guys need to drink a sprite or something, you know, go for a walk, get some air, have some sex if somebody will touch you in that manner, that’s probably what the problem is! Like come on, it’s all gravy though, you’ve got to take the good with the bad, you can’t please everybody all the time.

XzibitCentral.com: What’s a normal day in the life of Xzibit when you’re on tour?

Xzibit: There is no normal day on tour, its all kinds of ups and downs and twists and turns, its goes like that man.

XzibitCentral.com: What’s your favourite overall car?

Xzibit: My favourite car is the Phantom.

XzibitCentral.com: What does the 38 tattoo on your arm represent?

Xzibit: That’s for my little dude, his name is Trey, he was born on the 8th so its a little more creative than getting Tremayne written on me when he was born, you know everybody does that.

XzibitCentral.com: In Dublin this girl Claire made a baseball cap for you and was wondering if it actually got through to you

Xzibit: No – But I did get the paper mache Xzibit that was made in France that was given to me in a shoe box… it looked like a voodoo doll but we kept it and it was very nice, thank you.

XzibitCentral.com: To get the facts straight, on Wikipedia it says your name “Alvin Nathaniel Joiner IV” [the forth]

Xzibit: No! I’m not a forth – there’s no 3 other Alvin’s! There’s no 3 other Alvin Nathaniel’s man! Unless you guys know something that I don’t! Somebody added that shit, no dude, I’m named after my grandfather and my father; there’s only 1 you know!


Thanks for the support, thanks for the love, keep in contact and let me finish up this tour and cook up something next for you!


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July 2006:

XzibitCentral.com got in touch with Xzibit to discuss Full Circle – the new album, Pimp My Ride, life off Sony Records and many other topics.

interview Xzibit InterviewsXzibitCentral.com: What’s going to make “Full Circle” (the new album) different from all the other albums out there?

Xzibit: Just the fact that it’s clean you know what I’m saying, like, it’s the strongest record that I’ve put out for a long time man – as far as I’m concerned. Just where the material came from, how strong the material sounds; you know what I’m saying – and the way it came together, you know.

XzibitCentral.com: What’s been happening Xzibit?

Xzibit: I’ve got several movies that have just been released – going from “Hoodwinked” to “Derailed” to “XXX2”… I’ve got a new movie coming out September 15th, … It’s called “Gridiron Gang”.


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To listen to parts of the interview, click Listen next to the topic.

1. XzibitCentral.com: What’s been happening in the life of Xzibit?

Xzibit: Ahh everything you know my son is 11 now, I’ve got several movies that have just been released – going from “Hoodwinked” to “Derailed” to “XXX2” and now I’ve got a new movie coming out September 15th, my first co-star role opposite The Rock.  It’s called “Gridiron Gang” and it’s based on a true story, you know I play a probation officer and a football coach in the movie so there’s no hip hop element [laughs] – I actually play somebody other then hip hop so it’s pretty good.

2. XzibitCentral.com: Which label will full circle be released on?

Xzibit: Full Circle is the independent release.  I made a North American deal with Koch and I own the rights and the masters to this record so I’m really excited about it.  I get to distribute it the way I want, to who I want, throughout the world.

XzibitCentral.com: So we’ll see a better advertising job then last time?

Xzibit: Yes! Yes! You’ll see all of that and then some!

3. XzibitCentral.com: Tell us a bit about the new album, who will be making appearances and who’s producing some of the tracks?

Xzibit: Well, I mean on this album, it’s called “Full Circle” for a reason.  Its executive produced by Myself, Jelly Roll and Keith Shockley – Keith Shockley was part of the bomb squad who produced a lot of the public enemy albums, I mean all of the public enemy albums and he also produced Ice Cubes first album.  I’ve got Daz, Kurupt, The Game, King T, DJ Quik and T-Pain on the record.

4. XzibitCentral.com: What role will Open Bar Entertainment be having in the new album?

Xzibit: Well I mean it’s my label, this is what I’m putting the record through, you know Open Bar/Koch and we’re gonna see a stronger push from myself because it’s my record and I get to put it out the way I want it to.  You know, no corporate bullsh*t.

5. XzibitCentral.com: We just saw Rollin’ Dirty released to the internet, will this track be featured on “Full Circle”?

Xzibit: Yep, Jelly Roll produced it, Jelly Roll’s the singing on it also, it’s not B-Real [laughs] – Yeah that’s Jelly Roll singing on there not B-Real.

XzibitCentral.com: So we won’t see any version with B-Real in it?

Xzibit: No, nah that’s just somebody who released it to the internet put the wrong dude on there.  I dunno what the f**k that’s all about – Jelly Roll if you can clean up the misconception for me.

6. XzibitCentral.com: What’s going to make [“Full Circle”] different from all the other albums out there?

Xzibit: Just the fact that it’s clean you know what I’m saying, like, it’s the strongest record that I’ve put out for a long time man – as far as I’m concerned.  Just where the material came from, how strong the material sounds; you know what I’m saying – and the way it came together, you know.

7. XzibitCentral.com: Will you be touring after the release of “Full Circle”?

Xzibit: You bet your ass [I will]!  I can’t wait to get back out there to Australia, New Zealand, Japan, the UK, Germany, you know what I’m saying, [then] come back to the States and kill it!

8. XzibitCentral.com: Is strong arm steady making a big appearance on the album?

Xzibit: Ahh they made, well Krondon made a couple of hooks but this album is more focused on Xzibit.

XzibitCentral.com: When is the strong arm steady album coming out?

Xzibit: Umm I’m not sure when that album is coming out, probably next year sometime.

9. XzibitCentral.com: How’s life off Sony records?

Xzibit: Wonderful, it’s like being off the motherf**kin plantation! [laughs].  F**k naw I wasn’t happy look how they released the sh*t!  How the f**k am I gonna release a record on Loud, which is 10 times smaller then Sony and sell 2 million records; but on the juggernaut label we cant sell past 500 thousand!  Both my records went gold, but still; it’s a far cry from the push that we had on a smaller label, so that just tells you how the organization was up there at Sony.

10. XzibitCentral.com: Are you still recording episodes of “Pimp My Ride”?

Xzibit: Nah actually we’re done recording seasons for “Pimp My Ride” right now. I got two more seasons in the new garage that we just started showing, debuting here in the states, and since you guys are behind on seasons it’ll probably be the season after next before you start getting the new episodes.

XzibitCentral.com: Will we be seeing you in any Movies or TV shows?

Xzibit: Yep, September 15th, Gridiron Gang – That’s Gridiron Gang, G–R–I–D–I–R–O-N  G-A-N-G, Gridiron Gang.

11. XzibitCentral.com: What will the future bring for Xzibit?

Xzibit: Whatever the future brings I’m ready to handle it, ill tell you that much!  If you want to reach me on my website I am on My Space, you can reach me at www.myspace.com/xzibit.  I have a yellow background [on my display picture] and over 70,000 friends so that’s the way, that’s the right one – there’s a lot of perpetrators out there but I got a yellow background [on my display picture] and I got over 70,000 friends – so when you’re on that site you will see a Gridiron Gang in my top 8 as a movie poster, and that’s how you’ll know your on the right site if you want to send me a message or get on my site.

I think My Space is the future for websites, because it’s a direct connect with the artist, and I really check my site and I answer back questions if you don’t write nothing f**kin’ stupid you know what I’m saying [laughs].  But other then that, that’s a direct way for me to connect with my fans, and you get the hear music, and we’re gonna revamp it next month and put some new music up as we release the singles, so you guys can get it here first!

Whats going on in Xzibit’s life?
The new album – Full Circle
Full Circle Continued
Open Bar Records
New release: Rollin’ Dirty
Full Circle: A fresh producion?
Touring After Full Circle drops
Strong Arm Steady
Life off Sony Records
Pimp My Ride/Gridiron Gang
The Future for Xzibit

March 2005:

XzibitCentral.com caught up with Xzibit while he was over here in Australia on tour! We got to spend some time backstage after the show to find out what the future holds for Mr X to the Z!

Hear the shoutout to XzibitCentral.Com, Click Here

First I wanna tell you that I log on to my website every day and I see all the people that talk like the “Weapon-X” and “Lega-C” and the rest of the people, you know “X’s wife” and all that. Like 90% of the sh*t they’ve got on the website [forum] is wrong, its me, William Wallace is my log in/sign on name on the website and I only did it for a couple of months coz I got real busy and I haven’t logged on yet coz there’s so much sh*t I’ve gotta respond to, I’d rather knock it out in one whop and then start going back and you know releasing it like that.

XzibitCentral.com: What were your expectations and reactions to the sales of “Weapons of Mass Destruction”?

Well i never judge what my success or failures are by the amount a record sells. I think once you hand the record over to the record company, it’s out of your hands so it’s really not up to me. I think Loud records was a grass roots label that got the idea of my association with Dr. Dre and put their money where their mouth was, and put it where it was, instead of trying to take advantage of my association with the show [pimp my ride], you know they didn’t promote my record because they thought they could lean on and save money by pimp my ride and sh*t like that but they were wrong and hip hop music is something that has to be driven from the street level up and they didn’t do that, they tried to promote me like Jessica f**kin’ Simpson and that’s not gonna f**kin’ work.

XzibitCentral.com: Will we be seeing any more videos shot from the new album?

Yes, I just filmed my own video, its called “Criminal Set” and we did it in the streets of LA with the gentleman from Joker and it’s coming out right now actually.

XzibitCentral.com: Will you be staying with Sony in the future or are you looking elsewhere?

Im not at liberty to say right now.

XzibitCentral.com: Will we see any more Rhyme Nights?

Yes, Rhyme Night is still going to go on. Rass Kass is home, he’s actually with us right now and we’re gonna keep it going. Everything I try to do that is positive I will always keep going, I will always keep pushing it. I don’t think no body else is doing anything around the place, its like so just “me me me” so its hard but eventually we’re gonna come out on top.

XzibitCentral.com: What is your opinion on “Games” comments?

I think that the Game is a young dude that is definitely coming into a serious game and its hard to say man, I don’t think the dude really understands the ramifications of really talking out of turn you know? I mean I don’t come from speaking on other things, I come from just actions and I don’t know I mean if he has a problem with me im not hard to find. I think that hip hop is going to the degree of the “WWE” and when people feel as though they need to feel personified by their image and what not, but im a real dude, im a father first and I don’t think he understands that when you are dealing from a level of realness that all that sh*t don’t matter, its like everybody’s shooting and everybody can be touched. I just hope that where he’s coming from is from a genuine place and if he really has those genuine feelings towards me, he needs to come speak and address that cause im not hard to find.

XzibitCentral.com: Did you enjoy your role in XXX2?

I loved it! It was my first action movie, it was a good experience working with Ice Cube, Samuel L Jackson, Willem Dafoe and the rest of the people, it was a beautiful thing man, its the beginning of a new transition for Xzibit and you know I feel good about it.

XzibitCentral.com: In Australia we recently saw you in CSI: Miami, what was it like working on the set?

It was good, it was good, it was fun because actually the production staff and actors were getting into fights while we were there so it was crazy seeing them get into it and then try to make us feel comfortable. But its television, television is way different than hip hop, like you only get one chance to do it right where-as hip hop you can do it ’till you get it right, TV is kind of like you only get one chance to actually get it off.

XzibitCentral.com: Do you plan to do any more acting?

Well i’ve got 2 movies coming out this year. We’ve got “XXX2” then i’ve got “Derailed” – it’s a movie with Jennifer Anniston. In the movie I get to beat up Jennifer Anniston, its crazy! Wait till you see this sh*t you know what im saying, BUT [laughing], I don’t get off on this sh*t because I had to get into character im acting haha you understand? I had to beat up Brad Pitt’s wife [laughing] and NO im not the cause of their divorce; I was in London doing a movie when they were doing their thing!

XzibitCentral.com: What’s coming up for Strong Arm Steady?

Well, when ni*gas get their sh*t together and get their passports straight we’re on, but Krondon is here, Jelly Roll is here, we’re just doing what we do. We’re going to release an album this fall, its called “Arms and Hammers” and Strong Arm Steady is gonna keep moving!

XzibitCentral.com: Fans loved your collaboration with Busta Rhymes on the track “tough guy”; will we see more from you and busta?

We’ll see man, we’ll see about that.

XzibitCentral.com: Will you be going to Europe to tour soon?

No, I’ll be going back to the states. I’ve got a movie to film from May till July and I wont be moving out of the states ’till then.

XzibitCentral.com: All the female fans want to know what’s going on, is there a woman in your life?

Oh my god it’s so wrong! Yo first of all let me give a shout out to “Lega-C” and “Exes Girl” and the rest of the peoples out there that tune in to the “Xzibit’s Daily Soap Opera” – I’m not engaged, im not married, I’m single okay! Im single! There is no miss X! But first of all there’s an Internet rumor that said I have cirrhosis of the liver, which is NOT f**kin’ true [laughs]! I’m not 80 f**kin’ years old alright! Actually the title says: “pray for xzibit” and it says I have cirrhosis of the liver, which is f**king wrong okay, wrong! Jesus Christ – come up with something better! Why cant it be something else, why do I have to be that miserable while I drink myself to death hahahaha – I’m chillin’ in Australia!! And second of all, I think its dope that people just assume that they know that much about me that they can just put it up on the internet and think its the truth and fact – people arguing about the sh*t. Let me reiterate, William Wallace if my screen name, when I signed on there stop asking me if that’s really how I answer sh*t or not, that’s how I answer sh*t and that’s it!

XzibitCentral.com: What are your plans for the future?

I’m gonna do these films, get the Strong Arm Steady record down, i’ve got a few more records in me… I don’t know how many but I love what I do and I love people that support me. Im gonna keep going as long as it feels right and its a matter of position that I choose to speak from. Thank you for the people who have supported me this far and thanks for the ni*gas that didn’t want to see me get this far because these ni*gas tried to stop me getting to where im going, I love nothing more that to turn around and give a ni*ga the bird.

XzibitCentral.com: Do you have any plans for your label, Open Bar?

Open Bar Entertainment is still alive and kicking, we’ve got these albums that we need to put out, but we’ve gotta deal with the obstacles and road blocks as we get to them and then once we get to the point where people understand what’s going on to some people its going to feel like we just blew up overnight, but to some people its gonna feel like we finally got there, but regardless of which way you are its gonna happen.

XzibitCentral.com: How is your son, Tremayne?

He’s good, 9 years old, about as tall as I am already! There’s something in the food over there [in America], f**k I don’t know! He is definitely aware of who he is and he’s a good dude, he’s a good kid.

XzibitCentral.com: Do you have some words to the fans?

Of course man, I log on to my site every day and I want to thank everybody that supports my website and everybody that comes on and says peace to X to tha Z. I think its funny a lot of sh*t that people log on and say as far as rumors, I get a kick out of the sh*t personally! You know I cant respond to all of it because my time is very restricted but I believe the fans that are here I will not disappoint you, I have a lot of sh*t to get off my chest but patience is a virtue and im a patient man, im a real man and I believe that a lot of sh*t that people perceive as man-hood is not really whats crackin’ in 2005, so you’ve gotta watch my moves and see how we become with the Strong Arm Steady gang and thank you for the support! To each and everyone of you, i’ve got love to each and everyone of you that signs on and gives much love – to all my German fans, Swedish fans, Australian fans, everybody around the world and all my domestic fans Im gonna be here, we’re gonna make it bigger and bigger, strong and stronger!
Interviewer: Justin Russo, XzibitCentral.com owner.

Febuary 2004:

XzibitCentral.com brings you this exclusive audio interview with Xzibit. If you dont want to listen to the interview, you can read it by clicking the text version option below.

Acting Experience:

Its cool man, workin’ with heaps of people and working with Kurtis Hanson and the rest of the fella’s, you know, it was a good experience for me.

Do you plan on doing anymore acting?

Yea, I just did a movie called Blood Money, just a little film with Busta Rhymes and ah, you know i play a bad guy in it, so i don’t know. I defiantly did it because of my people, im just not up and jumping and taking an role that is given to me, i just wanna take my time with it. Hopefully something good will come of it.

Acting Roles:

Ah, i would like to play opposite Al Pacino you know, (hahaha)

Visit to Australia:

Yea, were defiantly gonna come back, right now we gotta go to Europe so i dunno, in the summer time next year they thinking of bringing me back out there but i haven’t decided yet. I loved the Gold Coast man i had a great time out there.


Um Krondon is defiantly coming, he got a series of mix tapes that’s out right now called “The Strong Arm Steady” and um they defiantly moving forward its just the young guys that are commin’ out of LA , you know, the renegade, you know what im saying, these are the cats that seen us work and get down since ’96 you know, until there buried, and krondons defiantly a for-front man, he defiantly a LA ridah.

The New Album:

Yea, we working on the next one right now and ah im just on tour, you know im about to go on for ah, Anger Management Europe, with 50 cent and Eminem, im just staying’ on the road right now, and then ah, going out with the Dr.Dre album so..

Monthly Rhyme Night:

Well ah, Rhyme Night is just a um, its more of a showcase and its a vibe that were trying to bring back to the LA scene, were gonna bring some new talent to the table. Its just a creation i had, just a brainstorm you know, from the ground up, im seen to do alot of work but the essence behind it comes from you know, just alot of music and were trying to go with it. They say when the people moved all over the place for now but the first ones are gonna be going to clubs, sixteen-fifty’s, Hollywood. On May 28th.

Open Bar Records:

Um well i mean, its not necessarily a training camp you know what im saying, or whatever, its defiantly just a way to get everybody out you know know what im saying. Open Bar label is cool you know what im saying, you know, we’ve got enough projects but i wanna get some heat, and something out with the other people get off an you know what im saying, its lacking in LA. We need to get rid of millions of these (???) out of here that have no platform to launch off of so we try to build it.

Rap Beefs:

Yo, F**k rap beefs cause ni*gas aint, ni*gas aint dying over that sh*t man. You know they taken alot to some WWF sh*t really, you know and I’ve personally never been that, know what im saying, i don’t like to woof and not be able to bite you know what i mean, its neither here nor there, i think alotta people would see how big other cats, maybe 1 or 2 particular battles got, and then they you know, they decided that’s a cool marketing tool let me start beef with this dude and make a rap song and everybody gonna be ooww, no i don’t know, i don’t thinks its sort of skilled like an art like they use to do in the day, you know what im saying like (???) and LL you know what im saying, type battle on Terrorist 1 you know what im saying, it aint like that, its like on some yo, this sh*t is gonna give people the “diss this dude, and its gonna get me some money”, f**k that sh*t.

Working With Various Artists:

I enjoy working with anybody who’s gonna work with me dogg, its love man, i really love what i do, so you know if i happen to be in a cool situation with any kinda artist man i can get down

His Son, Trey:

Yo man, he’s a yellow belt in karate, he’s gonna kick your ass! He started like a few months ago.


Acting Experiance
Acting Roles
Visit to Australia
The New Album
Monthly Rhyme Night
Open Bar Records
Rap Beefs
Working With Various Artists
His Son, Trey

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