Pimp My Ride – Season 5

Special – Pimpin with Guillermo

Guillermo gets his brand new 2006 Pontiac Torrent pimped out by Xzibit.

Originally aired: Tuesday June 13, 2006 on ABC
Show Stars: Jimmy Kimmel (Host), Guillermo Díaz (Parking Lot Security Guard)
Guest Stars: Mad Mike (Himself) , The Streets (Musical Guests) , Xzibit (Himself) , Jaime Pressly (Herself)

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Episode 40 – Calvin's Chevy Malibu
Calvin's Chevy Malibu before pimpingCalvin's Chevy Malibu after pimping


Ride Owner: Calvin, 18 year old male.
Owner’s Ride: 1977 Chevy Malibu.

Xzibit and the guys at GAS shoot for the stars on Calvin’s 77′ Chevy Malibu. Sun beaten and rusted out, the guys decide to go where no man has gone before and turn this UFO believers car into a UDO, Unidentified Driving Object.

The show now takes place at GAS Garage instead of West Coast Customs with all new mechanics, although Mad Mike still stays on the show. Additions & Improvements:
-Silver base paint with green crop circle graphics that glow in the dark.
-20″ Giovanna rims with Fuzion ZRi tires.
-Automatic doors that open with a push of a button.
-Seats have chrome leather on the edges and purple suede on the inserts with neon green lighting in the shape of crop circles.
-Motion sensors turn the engine on.
-Command center complete with clarion gps and a traffic gauge.
-Holo display monitor and projector.
-Mobile football stadium in the trunk includes two 17″ monitors on the trunk lid with a camera in the middle, speakers and amps, and a robotic quarterback that launches a football.
-Gift from Xzibit: PC-BOT Model 914 which features facial recognition, a gps and more.

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Episode 41 – Erins Volkswagen Thing
Erins Volkswagen Thing before pimpingErins Volkswagen Thing after pimping


Ride Owner: Erin, 21 year old female.
Owner’s Ride: 1973 Volkswagen Thing.
In reruns, several outtakes are shown during the credits. One of which is of Erin thanking Xzibit and “the crew at West…” she stops herself before saying “Coast Customs.” Xzibit and the GAS crew respond by laughing hysterically.

Additions & Improvements:
-Atomic green paint with snakeskin tear graphics.
-15″ Weld Racing rims with off road tires.
-New turbo charged engine that pumps over 200 horses.
-4 Tablet PC’s for each door of the car.
-Kenwood CD player and MTX mids and highs.
-Seats have snakeskin in the center and crocodile skin on the edges.
-Snake terrarium with a 2″ tv embedded in a rock in the back of the car.
-Brush guard in front of the car that holds a couch that comes from the back seats.
-Safari Lounge includes a 30″ Audiovox plasma tv on a diamond plated background under the hood and a playstation 2 with 2 wireless controllers.
-Gift from Xzibit: a tent.
Erin claims the car was designed by Adolf Hitler.

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Episode 42 – Monique's Galant
Monique's Galant before pimpingMonique's Galant after pimping


Ride Owner: Monique, 22 year old female. 
Owner's Ride: 1994 Mitsubishi Galant. Monique's 94' Mitsubishi Galant can use some help. She calls her car "Sugar Honey Iced Tea" and if you put the capital letters together, you can guess why she named it that.
She works for a financial planning company and she's passionate about her poetry. She takes care of her two sisters and if she gets her car pimped, there's no doubt she will take care of it too. Xzibit and the guys at GAS need to work up another miracle.
Additions & Improvements:
-Baby blue paint and white sun graphics with orange pinstripes.
-18" Axis Mod wheels and Fuzion Zri tires.
-2½" monitor in each headlight.
-4 super sensitive microphones in each corner of the body kit, able to listen up to 50 feet away.
-Sun roof -Scrolling LED where the sun visors were.
-Automated suicide back door that leads into the lounge in the back of the car.
-Lounge in the back in white fur, complete with 6 2½" monitors and a hidden compartment that holds a laptop and a talking Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, 11th Edition.
-8 Image Dynamic woofers and 8 X10 amplifiers in the trunk.
-Flip-flop trunk. -Projector underneath the trunk that shoots the image through a hole behind the moveable license plate.
-2 10" Accelevision monitors that rise up in the trunk. -Gift from Mad Mike, iZ MP3 Robot that sings and dances. -Gift from Xzibit, a Panasonic Lumix digital camera that shoots in a 16:9 aspect ratio.

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Episode 43 – Dante's Ford Truck
Dante's Ford Truck before pimpingDante's Ford Truck after pimping


Ride Owner: Dante, 23 year old male.
Owner’s Ride: 1976 Ford Econoline Ice Cream Truck.

Dante delivers his 76′ Ford Econoline Ice Cream Truck to Xzibit with big dipper’s, super lime’s, and mice. Hold up, mice? Send in the exterminator. If Dante wants to become a successful entrepreneur, then he’s gonna need help from the guys at GAS. Additions & Improvements:
-Sapphire blue flake paint with ultra white frost icicle graphics.
-22″ Giovanna rims.
-Multi colored striped interior
-Sugar coated dash with real crystals.
-Automated side door.
-New shelves that holds the candy, and a 27″ monitor that will act as a menu for the ice cream, and a 10″ touch screen where the people can order.
-New ordering system that allows people to order through a touch screen which the order is sent to a brand new Dell laptop that will act like a cash register.
-Robotic arm that dispenses the ice cream.
-Fully stocked freezer.
-Brand new ice cream song that comes out of a Brand new speaker.
-Microphone in the front.
-Entertainment lounge in the back with a 42″ plasma with Satellite and High Definition tv and TiVo.
-Gift from Xzibit, 2 iPods and a Numark iDJ iPod mixer.

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Episode 44 – Jason's Toyota T100
Jason's Toyota T100 before pimpingJason's Toyota T100 after pimping


Ride Owner: Jason. Male.
Owner’s Ride: 1994 Toyota T100. Quotes
Mad Mike: You’ve got a DVD on your ATV!
Xzibit: By X to the Z!

Review from a fan:

Jason gets a street legal recon unit with deployable unit, but will people strip it again?

Thieves stripped Jason’s truck down to the frame (even the battery). He replaced enough of it to be street legal in CA, so Xzibit didn’t get picked up this time, though, he felt he would. Jason’s insurance company laughed at him when he reported the theft. I don’t know why they laughed, but if its because he didn’t have enough coverage the least they could have done is cry with him. If he was paying for the theft coverage and they just didn’t want to pay, well, Jason needs a gift certificate to a great law firm.

GAS did an outstanding paint job! The Black, Purple, White glamoflauge is outstanding. GAS is the place for original paint jobs!

The weather proof monitor on top is a great idea. At first I thought it should rotate because of the glare, but one could move the truck. Having it rotate to either side would have been hot for parties along the side of the truck.

The ATV is a wonderful addition. Way to go GAS I’m sure Jason will love being able to ATV with is DVD. The ramp is a wonderful addition for loading/unloading stuff or the ATV!

The Doppler radar is just plain sick and works with the military theme! I’d love to know more about the product and where it gets its information. MTV Pimp My Ride should provide us with more information on the items put into the GAS creations.

The GPS system is a great choice and is by the same company as mine. It uses a miniature hard drive (20GB for mine) and feature rich software. I hope they got Jason the USB connector (its non-standard) and the external power supply so he can update his unit. There are free programming updates once in awhile and a yearly (for about $100) update of the program and maps. Keeping it up to date is worth the dollars.

The Kenwood DVD player looks hot! I want to get one for my car.

The seats are radical and Jason cant get shot in the back while driving with those Kevlar seats! I love them and how they relate to Jason’s military experience. Way to go GAS!

Now for the stuff I don’t understand, disliked, or expected, but didn’t see on the truck.

I don’t like the aluminum covering for the truck bed sides. It just doesn’t go with the really hot glamoflauge. I wish GAS had some how painted it to go with the rest of the truck. One thought would be Black or Purple for the aluminum sides.

I like the concept of the pottery wheel and its location, but the execution falls short. My Mother was a professional artist and I grew up with potter wheels and a kiln in our home. While I’m not an artist, I do know one needs the ability to vary the speed of the potter wheel. There are times to go real slow and other times to go real fast. GAS missed the mark on this for not including a variable speed foot switch on the motor and a splash guard to protect the wonderful truck interior.

Considering the rough terrain ATVs attack, I’m wondering how long the front monitor will last. Only time will tell this tale.

I noticed the truck bed is open (on top) with a 50″ Dell TV in it. Are Dell televisions weather proof? I hope Jason moved the TV into his house! Without other party supplies surrounding the TV and a satellite system, it makes more sense to connect it to a cable system and for it to be close to a refrigerator. Broadcast (NTSC or HDTV) reception doesnt do a TV of that size justice.

As always I wonder about the security on pimped out rides. Thieves already stripped his truck once and what prevents them from doing it again? As part of the theme, GAS should have put together an elaborate security system to notice if someone is stripping the car. Sensors everywhere connecting back to a redundant security system would make this truck state of the art!

As an added benefit, Jason needs someone to pay for theft insurance with a company that wouldn’t laugh at him.

The night vision camera is an outstanding addition based upon the military theme! My concern is the truck hood and how it can be hot. I don’t know which technology the camera uses but I’m wondering how well it work in the real word considering where they mounted it. Maybe mounting the night vision camera up by the weather proof monitor would make more sense. It would have a higher view and be away from a possible heat source. I know this raises questions about it being out of position or blinded when the monitor is up and in use. I doubt someone inside the truck would be using it while a party is going on outside or if they were they shouldnt be snooping on the love birds.

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Episode 45 – Joe's Cadillac Limo
Joe's Cadillac Limo before pimpingJoe's Cadillac Limo after pimping


Ride Owner: Joe. 22 year old male. 
Owner's Ride: 1988 Cadillac Sedan DeVille Limo.
Xzibit: I feel like Dr. Phil, I swear to God.
Trivia This is the first time ever on MTV Pimp My Ride, that Xzibit was pulled over by a cop.

Joe drives a beat up '88 Cadillac limo that he hopes Xzibit fixes up for him. Driving down the highway everyone is stumped how that car isn't falling apart. Joe is so excited to see Xzibit he can barely contain himself. On his way to G.A.S., Xzibit gets pulled over, but the cop is happy to see that the car is being taken to get fixed. The team prepares to give the limo a new paint job and design. The electronics department is busy setting up Joe's flat screen that the back seat riders can watch. Ta-Da! The G.A.S. team reveals Joe's brand new pimped out Caddy. Joe is shocked and excited to see all the fun toys they installed, including the light up computer keyboard. Check it out Joe, your car's been officially pimped! Joe can't wait to hit the streets with his hot new ride.

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Episode 46 – Shawna's Toyota Celica
Shawna's Toyota Celica before pimpingShawna's Toyota Celica after pimping


Ride Owner: Shawna. 19 year old female.
Owner’s Ride: 1990 Toyota Celica.

Xzibit:You got enough room in these terabites to steal everybody’s music; even the dudes that ain’t come out yet – you can steal they’re stuff too! 
ICW Rep:Look at these tires, they’re not even tires at all; they’re like donuts. Not even good donuts at all; they’re like donuts you’d find in the dumpster in the back of the doughnut shop!

Shawna your old car interior was like a blast from the the past but we’re taking a “Quantum Leap”!

The bodyshop guys are giving the Celica a set of super-lambo doors and they said they want it to remind people of the movie “Back To The Future”

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Episode 47 – Tad's Range Rover
Tad's Range Rover before pimpingTad's Range Rover after pimping


Ride Owner: Tad. 23 year old male.
Owner’s Ride: 1989 Range Rover. Quotes
(Disney’s Lion King music playing in the background)
Xzibit: It’s the way of life! Xzibit:Guys, Tad’s in the building, we gotta’ get it crackin’; this doggy-doggy’s gotta be tight! All looking at the partially open hood of this wretchedly maintained Range Rover
Xzibit:I love this chickenwire; it’s very innovative. So when you ridin’ down the freeway, does it ride up like this?
Even the camera crew starts laughing at this point

In the voice of Darth Vader: “Strike me down and I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine!”
(in the closing credits, the bodyshop guys are shown mock-battling with paint-spray wands as though they were light sabers, just like in “Star Wars”)

The guys are in the garage talking about how this Range Rover was a gift to Tad in from his godfather. “he made him an offer he couldn’t refuse”(Theme song from “The Godfather” plays in the background) The guys are talking about how a person could mess up a car this big from Ethiopia, Africa and Xzibit says:
“It’s the Way of Life”…
(The music from Disney’s “Circle of Life” is playing in the background as Xzibit waves his hands)

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Episode 48 – Gerald's Chevy Monte Carlo
Gerald's Chevy Monte Carlo before pimpingGerald's Chevy Monte Carlo after pimping


Ride Owner: Gerald. 21 year old male. Owner's Ride: 1978 Chevy Monte Carlo.

Gerald's Monte Carlo was given the Southern "Box" treatment. It was painted black with leopard flames on the front. The car was given 24-inch spinners, which raised it by 8 inches. This is a GAS record for the largest rims installed on a car.

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Episode 49 – Ellyn's Ford Contour
Ellyn's Ford Contour before pimpingEllyn's Ford Contour after pimping


Ride Owner: Ellyn. 22 year old female.
Owner’s Ride: 1996 Ford Contour.

Just before meeting Ellyn, Xzibit strikes a “Captain Morgan” pose and says “A Captain Morgan’s moment.” He is referencing the TV commercials for Captain Morgan’s Rum.

A fans review:

Exciting but GAS missed the mark (door handles, bear defense, and space).

This is one way cool episode where a bear got caught inside the car. The out of doors and a bear’s visit are the theme GAS uses. The paint and the interior really excel and make the theme out of sight, as always. Their latest usage of car computers is cool and encourages this viewer to add one of the Stargate Mobiles to his car.

My disappointment comes from the hammock and bear defense system. What Ellyn needs is space for camping gear, a cool sound system, and increased safety in all directions.

The bear defense system has at least two issues. The direction and height of the cannons don’t lend themselves to defending against a bear. My concerns come from assuming the bear will attack from back and how low the cannons are to the ground. If ground clutter is in the way it is possible the fish particles will come back onto Ellyn or her guests (as occurred during the demonstration to Ellyn). I’m not sure how one would fix these problems. (Does having the hammock out affect this defense system?)

One bear defense idea is to use the sound system. I found several Internet sites recommending loud sounds (e.g. compressed air horn) as a great defense to bears and other wild animals. Why not give Ellyn an emergency remote control switch to a very loud sound. The sound system via an external speaker or a compressed air horn could be the sound generating system. These two methods would provide an omni-directional effect on bears or other attackers. The sound might also alert others nearby to the trouble.

As for the hammock, wouldn’t the trunk space be of better use for her camping supplies and the inside seats for passengers and/or more supplies? Plus, if bears or other attackers are a possibility isn’t lying out on the hammock problematic?

Bottom line, GAS missed the mark both on what they provided and on some cool possible directions.

Oh, last but not least! What about the door handles? Adding a biometric entry system with powered doors would solve the problem, fun to install, and be very interesting to the viewers. (Yeah, viewing the installation of this baby would be cooler than a satellite phone.)

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Episode 50 – John's Mercury Cougar
John's Mercury Cougar before pimpingJohn's Mercury Cougar after pimping


Ride Owner: John. Male. Owner's Ride: 1968 Mercury Cougar.

This is John and his 1968 Mercury Cougar that has been passed down from one generation to the next. This Cougar is so run down that just starting it is a three step process. Since none of the break lights in the cougar work, John has resorted to attaching a sign to the back bumper warning other drivers. Cabe installed a fiberglass roof inside the Cougar to mount nine miniature television monitors. The Cougar is a classic racing car and Luis is giving it a classic racing stripe design for just that reason. John's Cougar would only go in first gear, so Dave and Beau decided to install this 450 horse power Roush racing engine. Mad Mike went way over board when he installed this 30 foot inflatable screen and projector into the trunk of John's Cougar. John and Mad Mike play the X-Box 360 projected on the 30 foot screen that comes out of the Cougar's trunk. Mike shows John the brand new rims on his brand new pimped out Cougar. John will not have any problems getting to one of his seven jobs with his brand new pimped out Cougar.

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Episode 51 – Xilomen's Ford Probe
Xilomen's Ford Probe before pimpingXilomen's Ford Probe after pimping


Ride Owner: Xilomen. Female. Owner's Ride: 1995 Ford Probe.

Xilomen's an art teacher who owns this Ford Probe that sleeps one eye up, and is long overdue for a serious makeover. In an attempt to improve the atmosphere of the interior of the probe, Xilomen attached this animal fur to the ceiling. Xzibit gets one of the longest hand shakes and hugs in the history of Pimp My Ride when he shows up at Xilomen's door. The exterior of the Probe was all dented and destroyed that's why Digi Dave is installing an entire new body kit. Xilomen is an artist so Luis wanted to make sure her car reflected that, so he had his good friend and famous LA artist Man One come and paint the Probe's exterior. The Probes trunk was a mess, so Rick installed an entire system that will keep all of Xilomens art supplies organized while she's on the go. Gyasi takes a second to pose with Xilomen's new light and audio relaxation system. Xilomen can hardly believe her eyes when Mad Mike shows her some of the new features in her pimped-out Probe. Xzibit puts the cherry on top of the sunday when he gives Xilomen a heavy duty portfolio she can carry her artwork around in, it even has a small monitor on it. Now that her car has been fully made over, Xilomen can drive to school with her head held high.

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Episode 52 – Tyler's Chevy El Camino
Tyler's Chevy El Camino before pimpingTyler's Chevy El Camino after pimping


Ride Owner: Tyler. 18 Year old male. Owner's Ride: 1965 Chevy El Camino. When seeing the original rims on the El Camino, Xzibit discusses how they were in other TV shows during the 1970s. They were on "The General" in the Dukes of Hazzard and on the Van in the A-Team show.

This is Tyler and his '65 El Camino that was passed down from his grandfather who won it in a poker game. This is Tyler and his '65 El Camino that was passed down from his grandfather who won it in a poker game. Tyler used to rock out in the El Camino compliments of these house speakers; they don’t work anymore and are filled with water. X can't even believe the there is a rat’s nest in the glove compartment of the El Camino. The first thing that needs a fix in the El Camino is the engine, that's why Digi Dave is going to install this 350 Jag Motor engine. Next stop is exteriors where Luis is going to paint a red hot purple base with a flame design. To go with Luis' purple exterior Rick has added matching Purple chairs. You can't tailgate unless you can watch the game, and since Tyler tailgates so much, Mad Mike hooked up the El Camino with this super satellite dish. This Birdcatcher Blower sucks in a ton of air into Tyler's new Jag Motor engine, making it much more powerful. Tailgating will never be the same for Tyler and all of his friends thanks to X, and the crew at G.A.S.

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Episode 53 – Lawanna's Volkswagen
Lawanna's Volkswagen before pimpingLawanna's Volkswagen after pimping


Ride Owner: Lawanna. 19 Year old female.
Owner’s Ride: 1968 Volkswagen Bug.

A Fans review:
“Fine example”

Young hairdresser’s wheels must be transformed from shameful to stylish for her to do her job.

Lawanna is a hairstylist. Every client gets first-class treatment. Wish we could say the same about the young lady’s own vehicle. Lawanna gets around in an automobile that would put a junkyard to shame. The panels are so rusty, there is literally no more paint over most of the car. The gearshift can no longer handle reverse. Oh, and the brakes are shot. The car, an exponent of the classic first-generation VW Bugs, would have a lot of charm if it were in remotely respectable shape. Instead, it looks in need of the Last Rites.

In come the rescuers, Xzibit and company.

They take the unfortunate Bug into the garage and go to work. Out goes the nasty decrepit paint, on with a fresh and cheerful blue and yellow design. Also new are a comfy soft seat, a killer stereo system in the trunk complete with video panels and a nest of speakers, a computer system to help Lawanna design special hairdos for her clients, and last but not least, a hair dryer literally rigged up to a pipe out of the sun roof, so that when you switch it on, the car dries you. I’m not kidding.

Lawanna’s salon on wheels is a joy to behold.

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Episode 54 – Josh's Chevy K-5 Blazer
Josh's Chevy K-5 Blazer before pimpingJosh's Chevy K-5 Blazer after pimping


Ride Owner: Josh. 20 Year old male. Owner's Ride: 1987 Chevy K-5 Blazer.

This is Josh and his beat up Chevy Blazer, Josh spends most of his time taking care of his girlfriend and her family, it's about time he takes some for himself. The first stop on the line when Josh's truck arrives at G.A.S. is with Luis who is going to paint the Blazer to look like an R.C. car. Next, Mad Mike is going to install a thirty inch flat screen monitor into the back of the Blazer that will emerge at the push of a button. This is what Gyasi likes to call hater vision; he’s installed custom mud flaps with six inch monitors attached to them. Cabe is in the middle of installing some serious bass into the cab of the Blazer with these 6 twelve in sub woofers. Because Josh enjoys snow boarding in his spare time, Digi Dave has installed this ice blower to the roof of the Blazer so Josh can snow board whenever he wants. Mad Mike shows Josh the new cab of his pimped out Blazer complete with two-thirty gigabyte iPod videos. As a special treat, X presents Josh with this custom G.A.S. snowboard that has a six inch monitor at the top. 

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Episode 55 – Mary's Nissan Pulsar
Mary's Nissan Pulsar before pimpingMary's Nissan Pulsar after pimping


Ride Owner: Mary. 19 years old.
Owner’s Ride: 1988 Nissan Pulsar T-top. Mary’s 1988 Nissan Pulsar is barely pushing it to the limit, the speed limit.

Xzibit brings GAS a new 2006 Ford Mustang instead of Mary’s 1988 Nissan Pulsar.
Body: New body kit with a split hood.
Engine: Parts chromed and painted Green.
Paint: Green with chrome scallops.
Head liner: Mary’s finger print using Black light ink.
Monitors: 20 of them ranging from 3 to 20 inches. 17 monitors are inside. 3 are in the trunk, with the 20 inch extending and dancing out of the trunk.
DVD Player: In dash by Sony
Trunk: Rear Spoiler (as her Nissan had a spoiler).
Tires: 20″ chrome rims
Seats: Black leather and chrome Ostrich.
Extras: Cell phone and finger printing kit.
Gaming system: X-Box 360

This is the third time in the history of MTV Pimp My Ride that the owner has been given a new car in place of their old one. It is also the first time that GAS has pimped a new car for the show.


Mary: I can see myself in the chrome, this is so tight!

Mad Mike: We got a lot of chrome. Jesus, make sure them rims is sparklin’, man! Mad Mike: I’mma’ cram twenty monitors in your new car!

(all looking at the dusty, old Pulsar)
Beau: It’s terrible
Xzibit: Yes, it’s terrible.

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  1. Dear sir:

    Can you please advise of the G.A.S. location in California, in order to have my VW Fox converted, repaired & fully running for work? Thank you for your time.

  2. I have a 2001 Dodge Durango

  3. Can someone help me to please put my ride I am a Detroit Lions fan

    • 2001 Dodge Durango I will like to get my car pimp out

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