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Xzibit's new album Napalm – Released 9 October 2012

Xzibit has announced his new album, Napalm, is official due in stores 9 October 2012. Napalm is quickly becoming the most anticipated album of 2012! The official artwork for Napalm can be viewed below:

xzibit napalm release 9 oct 2012 Xzibit announces official Napalm album release date: 9 October 2012

Xzibit Napalm Album Cover

xzibit napalm track list 300x300 Xzibit announces official Napalm album tracklist & featured artists including Dr. Dre, RBX, The Game, King T and the Alkaholiks, e 40 and more!

The track list for Napalm:

01. “State of Hip Hop vs. Xzibit” produced by (Beat Butcher)
02. “Everything” (produced by Rick Rock)
03. “Dos Equise” feat. RBX
04. “Something More” feat Prodigy of Mobb Deep
05. “Gangsta Gangsta” (produced by DJ Chill from CMW)
06. “Forever A G” feat Wiz Khalifa (produced by E Dan)
07. “1983″ feat Trena Joiner (produced by Insane Wayne)
08. “Stand Tall” feat Slim The Mobster (produced by S1)
09. “Spread it out” (produced by 21 The Producer)
10. “Up Out The Way” feat E-40 (produced by Rick Rock)
11. “Napalm” (produced by 1500 or NOTHIN)
12. “Meaning of Life” feat Ret. Staff Sargent Shilo Harris (US Army)
13. “Louis XIII” feat King-T & The Alkaholiks (produced by Dr. Dre)
14. “Enjoy the Night” feat David Banner & Wiz Khalifa & Brevi (produced by David Banner)
15. “Movie” feat Crooked I, Slim The Mobster, Game & Young DE (produced by Akon) 
16. “I Came to Kill” (produced by Ill Mind)
17. “Killers Remorse” feat Bishop Lamont, B-Real and Young DE (produced by Focus…) 
18. “1983 StringAcapella”

Open Bar Entertainment 

Open Bar Entertainment is Xzibit's record label started early 2000. Xzibit Says : "I started a label called Open Bar Entertainment, being that I gotta take advantage of everything that's happening around me right now, I just feel like [Likwit Crew] never got our fair share in the market place. Whether it was us, whether it was the promotion, whether it was the label…that's not for me to argue about. But what I can do is, since I got my hands around the opportunity, I'll of course, embrace my family members and bring them to the table with me. The first person I signed was King Tee. I also signed Defari and I'm bringing the Golden State Warriors over there. So I'm gonna go ahead and we're going to develop them, and bring them into the circle, putting my family together, coming out correctly." Artists Currently the artists: Xzibit Current Releases Xzibit – Man Vs. Machine (Columbia/Load records/Open bar) Xzibit – Restless (Load records/Open bar) Xzibit Xposed DVD (Open bar/Fortress DVD)

Discography & Lyrics – Albums


Xzibit Napalm album front cover lyrics from songs

Released: October 9, 2012

01. State of Hip Hop vs. Xzibit – Xzibit Lyrics
02. Everything – Xzibit Lyrics
03. Don Equis – Xzibit Lyrics
04. Something More – Xzibit Lyrics
05. Gangsta Gangsta – Xzibit Lyrics
06. Forever a G – Xzibit Lyrics
07. 1983 – Xzibit Lyrics
08. Stand Tall – Xzibit Lyrics
09. Spread It Out – Xzibit Lyrics
10. Up Out The Way – Xzibit Lyrics
11. Napalm – Xzibit Lyrics
12. Meaning of Life – Xzibit Lyrics
13. Louis XIII – Xzibit Lyrics
14. Enjoy the Night – Xzibit Lyrics
15. Movies – Xzibit Lyrics
16. I Came To Kill – Xzibit Lyrics
17. Killer’s Remorse – Xzibit Lyrics
18. 1983 Remix – Xzibit Lyrics

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Released: December 14, 2004

01. State of the Union
02. L-A-X
03. Cold World
04. Saturday Night Live
05. Muthaf**ka
06. Beware of Us
07. Judgement Day
08. Criminal Set
09. Hey Now (Mean Muggin)
10. Ride or Die
11. Crazy Ho
12. Big Barking
13. Tough Guy
14. Scent of a Woman
15. Klack
16. Back 2 the Way it Was



Released: December 12, 2000

01. Restless Intro
02. Front 2 Back
03. Been A Long Time
04. U Know
05. X
06. Alkaholik
07. Kenny Parker Show 2001
08. D.N.A. (Drugs N Alkahol)
09. Double Time
10. Don't Approach Me
11. Rimz & Tirez
12. F**kin' You Right
13. Best Of Things
14. Get Your Walk On
15. Sorry I'm Away So Much
16. Loud & Clear


Man Vs. Machine

Man Vs. Machine

Released: October 1, 2002

01. Release Date
02. Symphony in X Major
03. Multiply
04. Break Yourself
05. Heart of a Man
06. Harder
07. Paul
08. Choke Me, Spank Me
09. Losin' Your Mind
10. BK to La
11. My Name
12. The Gambler
13. Missin’ U
14. Right On
15. B*tch Ass Ni*gaz
16. Enemies
17. My Life, My World
18. What a Mess
19. (Hit U) Where It Hurts


Hey Now
From: "Weapons of Mass Destruction"


From: "Restless"


From: "At The Speed Of Life"


The Foundation
The Foundation
From: "At The Speed Of Life"


At The Speed Of Life
At The Speed Of Life
At The Speed Of Life
40 Dayz & 40 Nightz
40 Dayz & 40 Nightz
40 Dayz & 40 Nightz
40 Dayz & 40 Nightz
Man Vs. Machine
Man Vs. Machine
Weapons of Mass Destruction
Weapons of Mass Destruction
Full Circle
Full Circle
Full Circle


Guest Appearances
Big Bang TheorySnoop Dogg Presents Tha Eastsidaz
Big BusinessThat Was Then, This Is Now (Vol. 1)
B*tch PleaseNo Limit Top Dogg
B*tch Please IIThe Marshall Mathers LP
ConcreteConcrete White Label 12"
E Lucean Le StelleThe Rapsody Overture
Freestyle Ghetto King Tee IV Life
Game FaceGame Face 12"
Get F**ked Up With MeThe Wash Soundtrack
Getcha Groove OnChocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water
Get Your Walk On (Fredwreck Remix)Get Your Walk On 12" (Single)
How You Livin'Snoop Dogg Presents Tha Eastsidaz
In My FaceThe Konnectid Project Vol. 1
Jermaine Dupri DissJermaine Dupri Diss (White Label) 12"
Some L.A. Ni*gazThe Chronic 2001
Likwit ConnectionFocused Daily
Loose CannonsTha Streetz Iz a Mutha
The Mad in the Game (Madden 2001 Theme)Madden 2001
Eyes May Shine (Remix)Eyes May Shine (Remix) 12"
Step UpTha Streetz Iz a Mutha
The Game Don't Wait (Remix)The Game Don't Wait 12"
Thunder & LightningFocused Daily
What's the DifferenceThe Chronic 2001
Year 2000Year 2000 12"


  1. Hi,

    My name is Oskari. Im currently 37 years old and Im producer. What you can say that Im one man army. I write, produce, scratch dj, mixing and master engineer.

    I heard the news you will be open an production division. So I thought what a hell, I can show some of my productions skills.

    If you like what you heard, please contact me. I wish you that you have an really nice day!

  2. where is the mmx album ?

    • The latest full retail release – Napalm – was originally named MMX before being changed to Napalm. A number of leaks across the internet refer to an album released as ‘MMX’, however the full retail release is ‘Napalm’.

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