Pimp My Ride – Season 6

Episode 57 – Where Are They Now?

Where Are They Now? Episode Number: 57    Season Num: 6    First Aired: Thursday April 5, 2007    Prod Code: 601

Cast and Crew
Add Cast | Add Crew Star: Gyasi (GAS) (Wheels & Tires – Galpin Auto Sports (Season 5)), Cabe (GAS) (Fabricator – Galpin Auto Sports (Season 5)), Beau (GAS) (Owner – Galpin Auto Sports (Season 5)), Xzibit (Host), Ryan (WCC) (Owner – West Coast Customs), Rick (GAS) (Interiors – Galpin Auto Sports (Season 5)), Luis (GAS) (Paint & Body – Galpin Auto Sports (Season 5))

In this episode, we revisit some of the people who have had their cars pimped:

Big Ron still has the Cadillac

Josh wrecked his Corolla (again) and it was revealed taht he also wrecked the rental car that MTV gave him while they were working on his car

Nile still has her Cadillac

Dante still has his ice cream truck

Ryan still has his VW bus

Alex’s Chevy Chevelle was totaled the day that he got it back

And sadly, Christine’s grandmother died of cancer 3 days after the episode about her Honda Civic (season 1) aired. In addition, she now keeps the car on blocks and only has her boyfriend put the wheels on on the weekends.

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Episode 58 – Tenita's Thunderbird


Episode Number: 58 Season Num: 6 First Aired: Thursday April 12, 2007 Prod Code: 602
Xzibit – Pimp My Ride Episode 57

pimp my ride ep57 Tenitas Thunderbird

Tenita: When Xzibit and the crew were about to unveil my car, I was excited and scared all at the same time. I think I have seen almost every episode of Pimp My Ride and the show has been known for always setting trends and most of the time going a little over board with the cars… for example, with some of the cars’ themes. So I was excited to see what my new “pimped” car was going to look like but I was also scared because I didn’t want a fish tank, waterfall, etc in my car. But when I seen my new car for the first time I fell in love with it.

My favorite part of my car is the paint job, it is HOT!!!!!!! The outside of the car is the first thing that you see. The white paint on my car has green sparkles in it. It looks really good. I love it. And when the sun is out my car just shines. My whole car matches from the white and green paint job, to the green interior, and also my green trunk. This one aspect ties into me because when I get dressed I am very coordinated. The racing engine is the icing on the cake. It was funny because when we were on set and Mad Mike was telling me about the horsepower and etc, I didn’t know what all that terminology meant. I just figured it was fast and I was right. It is very powerful.

While showing Tenita the rotating speaker box in the trunk, Xzibit and Mad Mike said “They spinnin’! They spinnin’ man!” This is in allusion to a kid’s reaction when he saw the spinner rims on his pimped car in an earlier episode. (Episode 49: Gerald’s Chevy Monte Carlo)

The Pimp List: ‘65 Thunderbird
Ford Racing engine

MTX Thunder Series spinning speakers

MTX Thunder Series amps

Kumho Pink Smoking Tires

18″ Boss Rims

Sony bullet camera

Sony Digital Video Recorder w/ motion detection

Kenwood headunit (model #615 dvd)

Audiovox 7″ monitor

The “Snapper” – windows roll up and down when you snap your fingers

Pimp My Ride Burnout

pimp my ride ep57 after2 Tenitas Thunderbird

Tenita’s attractive T-bird

Tenita: Everyone loves my car. The car was a gift from my dad so when he finally saw the car and gave me his opinion I was satisfied. His first question was did they do the engine, and I wouldn’t tell him anything about the car because I wanted him to be surprised on the set for his reveal. When I drove the car up to him and he heard the engine, his face was priceless. It was one of my best memories with him because he lit up like a kid in a candy store.

‘65 Ford Thunderbird – Before

pimp my ride ep57 before Tenitas Thunderbird

Everyone wants to drive my car or have me drive them around. That’s not going to happen because if they weren’t willing to ride with me when my car was a complete mess, than no rides now. Well my car is the center of attention when it is on the road. It doesn’t matter if I’m on the freeway, at a stop light or at the gas station people are always looking and telling me that my car is nice. I have gotten so many thumbs up while I was driving it’s not even funny. But the best to me is when people in classic cars show their interest in my TBird. I love all of the attention.

‘65 Ford Thunderbird – After

pimp my ride ep57 after Tenitas Thunderbird

People are always asking me if I want to sell my car and that isn’t going to happen. I have always had a love for classic cars and my car is flawless… one of a kind.

After being on the show I’ve been getting text messages and phone calls from friends that I haven’t spoke with in months and maybe some years, that saw me on MTV. Which is cool.

Tenita: Xzibit was hella cool. He was funny and down to earth. The whole crew was cool from GAS. Mad Mike was comedy he kept me laughing and he was very helpful. Anytime I had a question about my car he was there to help me. Kevin and Jason from GAS were my next two favorites. They were also helpful and answered any questions that I had.

It was crazy. When I was going through all of the different steps and tapings, I didn’t think it was serious or for real until I opened the door and saw Xzibit standing there. It was an emotional roller coaster. I went through so many emotions that day that it wasn’t even funny. The whole crew had me thinking that I didn’t get picked, and told me that I was supposed to wait for a knock on the door. I was all sad because I really didn’t think I was chosen. And when I heard the knock on the door I didn’t want to open it and not find Xzibit there. But when I finally opened the door and saw that it was him it took my mind a while to grasp what was really going on.

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Episode 59 – Mike's Grumman Truck

Mike's Grumman Kurbmaster Bread Truck Episode Number: 59    Season Num: 6    First Aired: Friday April 20, 2007    Prod Code: 603 Xzibit and the boys at GAS pimp out a 1978 Grumman Kurbmaster bread truck originally owned by the Wonderbread Company. The Pimp List: ‘78 Grumman Kurbmaster “Bread Truck” (Ep. 503)pimp my ride ep58 after3 Mikes Grumman Truck2 Jack Hammer subwoofers (MTX Thunder 9900 Series) MTX Amps (Thunder Elite 1501D and Thunder Elite 404) Sony Headunit Quarter Pipe skateboard ramp 42″ Plasma TV Kenwood Toaster radio Playstation 2 / Guitar Hero 2 20″ LCD monitor 46″ monitor Capitol tires 22″ Forgetec wheels Mike on his new soundsystempimp my ride ep58 after Mikes Grumman TruckMike: So far my favorite thing about my new van is the 2, that’s right, 2 MTX Jack Hammers. Never have I seen such a thing. It is so loud! Outside of that I am in love with my Jim Bell quarter pipe, such a cool piece of the truck. I got to meet Jim while I was on set and I have to say he is such a cool laid-back guy. His ramps are so smooth and skate-able, even though I’m not all that good. But now I got something to work with. Work has changed now that we have gotten “Pimped” because all the students in our community are telling their friends, and so everyone has been really excited to see the episode and ride in the van. All my friends are excited about it, my family is excited, its cool having something that brings happiness or at the least a smile to someone’s face. I’m anxious just to drive it around again and meet new people, skate it, and just have fun with it. The whole thing has been such a great experience; the guys at GAS are genuine and real. They were great and put in so much work just to make this happen. I am so thankful for their hard work.pimp my ride ep58 after2 Mikes Grumman TruckMike on getting picked to be pimpedpimp my ride ep58 after4 Mikes Grumman TruckMike: My name is Mike and I work with youth in Southern California as a Youth Pastor. I hang out with high school and jr. high students daily talking about life, school, pressures, relationships and whatever else comes up. A lot of the time, as a group we’ll go to the local skate park, grab some food or see a movie. This is originally why I bought my bread truck, to convert it into a mobile skate van that I could cruise anywhere and chill with students and their friends. I want to get out to where students are and encourage them to pursue their hopes and dreams and not get dragged down by the negativity that seems to be everywhere. It’s been a vision and hope for such a long time, that it has been so surreal knowing that MTV has pimped my ride and made the vision happen beyond what I could have done. When I originally applied for the show I just kept praying that we would get picked so my vision could become a reality. I think God gave me a good idea, and I went with it. When I found out that we were in the running for being picked I got so excited and began to share with everyone in our church community, young and old. When it came down to waiting for X at my house, I think we had the whole church praying that we would get picked. You have to admit, thinking about our church, young and old, praying that we would get “pimped” by MTV makes you laugh. That day as I sat in my living room waiting for a knock at the door wondering if I was going to get picked I was going crazy. The show’s production team was kind of down, not very confident that we won so I was a bit discouraged. When I heard the knock on my door my whole body tensed up and I was ready to be let down, I prepared for the worst. When I opened the door and saw X, I didn’t know what to think the only thing I could do was freak out. There was so much joy, relief, and excitement that I didn’t know how to process it all at once. The rest of that day was incredible; X was hilarious and was into the fact that the truck was going to be used to promote kids toward skate boarding rather than the negative influences in life. Even though X cracked on me all day about my van, knowing that in a few days I would get it back pimped out made it all worth it. Anyway he’s a funny dude just having a good time.

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Episode 60 – Kristoffer's Impala SS


Episode Number: 60    Season Num: 6    First Aired: Thursday April 26, 2007    Prod Code: 604 Special Earth Day Episode. Xzibit and the boys at GAS create an 800hp muscle car that runs on biodiesal fuel! It goes 0-to-60mph in less than 3.5 seconds! Guest starring CA. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger! The Pimp List: ‘65 Chevrolet Impala “Bio-Impala” (Ep. 504)pimp my ride ep59 after Kristoffers Impala SSChevy Durmax engine that runs on Biodiesel 800 horsepower, 1200 ft of torque (faster then a Lamborghini) Hemp and recycled fabric seats 20″ Fessler wheels Nitto tires Image Dynamics speakers/subs Jensen headunit Kristoffer on getting his ‘65 Impala pimped ‘65 Chevy Impala – Beforepimp my ride ep59 before Kristoffers Impala SS‘65 Chevy Impala – Afterpimp my ride ep59 after2 Kristoffers Impala SSKristoffer: Being on the show was a wild experience for me like a roller coaster ride. I just told myself to be patient and humble at the same time. Honestly meeting Xzibit and the GAS crew felt like a mind blowing milestone. I was extremely overjoyed when the car was first revealed to me. It felt like god numbed me up from all the pain I have been through and I know my loved one is looking out for me up there. My favorite thing about my car is the huge 800 horse power diesel engine not only is it good for our environment but it smell like french fries when you start the bio rocket up. My life changed for me in a major way now that I’m more conscious about how we should treat and protect our mother earth and I feel like it’s our obligation to take care of our next generation. All of my friends at work still can’t believe that I got picked and to all of my family members they have shown me nothing but love and congrats. Hey, I’ve got a funny story for you all… one of my family members pops up at my door at midnight with luggage in his hand screaming let’s go to Las Vegas. I had to ask him, was he out of is mind? The advice to everybody who wants their car pimped: Stay real with your self and appreciate everything that comes your way. ONE LOVE MTV…….pimp my ride ep59 after3 Kristoffers Impala SSEarth Day Special: Pimp My Green Ridepimp my ride ep59 after4 Kristoffers Impala SSThe GAS crew take a jacked-up ‘65 Chevy Impala, covert it to run on bio-diesel fuel and watch it do 0-to-60 in 3.5 seconds! If that weren’t enough, this pimped out bio-Impala gets twice the gas mileage and puts out halfthe CO2 emissions. Want to know more about alternative fuels, check out thinkMTV’s coverage of this episode of Pimp My Ride. You might learn something new, like this:

“Adding some green to your custom machine is as easy as pulling up to your local KFC and asking for some used fryer grease. Really! If you’re driving a car that already runs on diesel, all you need to do is make some minor engine conversions or simply thin out that old fryer grease, and you too can run your car on vegetable oil!”


Episode 61 – Spechelle's Benz 300SE


Episode Number: 61    Season Num: 6    First Aired: Thursday May 3, 2007    Prod Code: 605

Xzibit and the boys at GAS transform a 1981 Mercedes-Benz 300SE from clunker to “crunker”.

The Pimp List: ‘81 Mercedes Benz

  • “Crunk Trunk” (trunk lid that slams up and down)
  • Phoenix Gold speakers
  • Planet Audio 7″ and 9″ monitors
  • Audiovox headunit
  • iPod Nano
  • MTX I Thunder boom box
  • 20″ D’Vinci wheels
  • Continental tires
  • Performance Products Euro Style headlights
  • Faux beaver fur seat inserts
  • Pink faded paint

An ordinary car becomes a Spechelle edition when Xzibit and the GAS team pimp the crunk queen’s ride.

‘81 Mercedes Benz (Ep. 505)

‘81 Mercedes Benz – Before

pimp my ride ep61 before Spechelles Benz 300SE

‘81 Mercedes Benz – After

pimp my ride ep61 after Spechelles Benz 300SE


Episode 62 – Robert's Chevrolet Van


Episode Number: 62    Season Num: 6    First Aired: Thursday May 10, 2007    Prod Code: 606

The Pimp List: ‘84 Chevrolet G20 Van (Ep. 506)

  • MTX gold amps
  • Spytech color lipstick cameras
  • 2″ Monitors
  • Audiovox 9″ flip down monitor
  • MTX Speakers and Subs
  • 20″ TIS wheels
  • Yamaha keyboard
  • Hybrid Mobile computer
  • Olevia 32″ monitor for slot machine
  • Slot Machine sliding door (door unlocks when jackpot hits)
  • Baby grand piano with a roulette wheel inside of it
  • Crap table carpeting

‘84 Chevrolet G20 Van (Ep. 506)

‘84 Chevrolet G20 Van – Before

pimp my ride ep62 before Roberts Chevrolet Van

‘84 Chevrolet G20 Van – After

pimp my ride ep62 after Roberts Chevrolet Van

pimp my ride ep62 after2 Roberts Chevrolet Van

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Episode 63 – Laila's Minivan


Episode Number: 63    Season Num: 6    First Aired: Thursday May 17, 2007    Prod Code: 607

The Pimp List: ‘98 Plymouth Voyager (Ep. 507)

  • Exonic triple flip-down monitor
  • VroomBox (makes the minivan engine simulate the sound of a muscle car)
  • Exonic 32″ monitor as a foot rest
  • Jewelry making station
  • Continental tires
  • D’Vinci wheels
  • Denim seats
  • Mac mini
  • Pioneer head unit single CD/DVD/NAV T/SCR
  • Coustic Speakers/Subs

‘98 Plymouth Voyager – Before
pimp my ride ep63 before Lailas Minivan

‘98 Plymouth Voyager – After

pimp my ride ep63 after Lailas Minivan

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Episode 64 – Seth's Nissan Maxima


Episode Number: 64    Season Num: 6    First Aired: Thursday May 24, 2007    Prod Code: 608

The Nissan Maxima is a car manufactured by Nissan that is in a line of upper mid-size executive and sports sedans. The Maxima debuted in 1976 as an upscale version of the Bluebird and was spun into its own line in 1980, having been made continuously since then. Most pre-2004 Maximas were built in Oppama, Japan, until the current North American Maximas started being assembled in Smyrna, Tennessee.

The Maxima models are also known as Nissan Cefiro or Nissan Laurel in various markets.

Worldwide, the Maxima’s direct competitors are Japanese models such as the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry, and Korean models like the Hyundai Sonata or Hyundai Azera, while in the US it may also compete with the Chevrolet Impala and Ford Five Hundred. In Australia, the local Mitsubishi 380 and lower-end versions of the larger Holden Commodore and Ford Falcon are also competitors.

Unlike most of the competition, which uses belts to drive the camshafts, the Maxima engine has internal chains for the twin overhead cams, eliminating the need for periodic replacement of the timing belt.

The Pimp List: ‘89 Nissan Maxima (Ep. 508)

  • Reverse gull wing rear doors
  • Back seats motorized out and up to reveal speakers and amps
  • Cotton candy machine
  • Pioneer Head Unit (model# AVIC-Z1 NAV 2 DIN Bluetooth)
  • Apple iPod
  • Audiovox 7″ headrest monitor
  • Extreme Dimensions body kit
  • Lynxmotion Robotic arm
  • Visonik subwoofers
  • 20″ Asanti wheels
  • Kuhmo tires

‘89 Maxima – Before

pimp my ride ep64 before Seths Nissan Maxima

‘89 Maxima – After

pimp my ride ep64 after Seths Nissan Maxima

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Episode 65 – Vanessa's Ford Festiva


Episode Number: 65    Season Num: 6

  • Nitrous boost added to the engine
  • Kumho tires
  • Playstation 2 / Guitar Hero 2
  • 8″ Amplified Bazooka Tubes
  • Bazooka amps, speakers and subs
  • Duel headunit
  • Autopage alarm
  • Exonic 23″ monitor for rear box
  • American Racing wheels
  • Festiva Motorsport body kit

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Episode 66 – Jonathan's Honda CRX (Host – Chamillionaire)


Fantastic Four Special Episode Number: 66    Season Num: 6     Prod Code: 609 Guest host Chamillionaire joins the GAS Garage crew to transform an unfantastic ‘91 Honda CRX into a Silver Surfer-inspired ride. Check it out…pimp my ride honda crx ep65 Jonathans Honda CRX (Host   Chamillionaire)Jonathan test rides his new Silver Surfer-style ride

  • Allsa Mirra chrome paint
  • 18 inch D’vinci wheels
  • Nitto tires
  • MA audio speakers, amps, and subwoofers
  • Xbox 360
  • Exonic monitors and head unit
  • Color Storm ground effects
  • Extreme Dimensions 12 piece body kit
  • Customized seats to look like the Fantastic Four uniform
  • Hidden comic book compartment in the glove box that extends
  • Fantastic Four comic book #50
  • The trunk is made to look like the body of “The Thing”

See guest host Chamillionaire and the GAS crew pimp out Jonathan’s ‘91 Honda CRX on this one-of-a-kind Pimp My Ride. Jonathan’s ‘91 Honda CRX – Beforepimp my ride ep65 before Jonathans Honda CRX (Host   Chamillionaire)Jonathan’s ‘91 Honda CRX – Afterpimp my ride ep65 after Jonathans Honda CRX (Host   Chamillionaire)pimp my ride ep65 after2 Jonathans Honda CRX (Host   Chamillionaire)

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Episode 67 – David's Ford Econoline


The Pimp List: David’s ‘72 Ford Econoline (Ep. 511)


Episode Number: 67    Season Num: 6 – Sliding Door that motorizes up and becomes an awning that has a speed bag attached – Top of the line custom dog grooming salon – Hot dog maker – Panasonic sliding 42-inch TV – Panasonic 32-inch monitor – Hifonics subwoofers, speakers and amps – Tezzen wheels – Nitto tires See Xzibit and the GAS guys pimp out David’s 1972 Ford Econoline to help his dog grooming business get back on its paws or uh, wheels. David’s ‘72 Ford Econoline – Beforepimp my ride ford econoline ep66 Davids Ford EconolineDavid’s ‘72 Ford Econoline – Afterpimp my ride ford econoline after ep66 Davids Ford Econoline

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Episode 68 – Will's Jeep Wagoneer


The Pimp List: Will's '87 Jeep Grand Wagoneer (Ep. 512)


Episode Number: 68    Season Num: 6 Will's '87 Wagoneer – Trunk Workshop

  • Pro Hopper airbags that make the Jeep bounce
  • Motorized windows for quick outside access to power tools
  • Motorized rotating tool box for construction tools and hardware
  • 17″ Viewsonic monitor
  • Dewalt air compressor, 10″ chopsaw and nailer
  • Mac Tools pneumatic hose and airblower
  • Software CD Better Homes & Gardens
  • Exonic 15″ (x2), 10″ (x2), 5″ (x3), 7″ (x2), 2″(x5) monitors
  • Autopage alarm
  • Exonic headunit
  • Video iPod
  • Kuhmo tires
  • 20″ American Racing wheels

Watch Xzibit and the GAS team pimp out Will’s less than “grand” 1987 Jeep Wagoneer into a mobile construction workshop. Will's '87 Wagoneer – Beforepimp my ride jeep wagoneer ep68 Wills Jeep WagoneerWill's '87 Wagoneer – Afterpimp my ride jeep wagoneer after ep68 Wills Jeep Wagoneerpimp my ride jeep wagoneer after2 ep68 Wills Jeep Wagoneer

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Episode 69 – Esmerelda's Sunbird


The Pimp List: Esmerelda’s ’91 Pontiac Sunbird “Tiki Car” (Ep. 513)


Episode Number: 69    Season Num: 6

Esmerelda and her pimped-out Tiki Car

  • Snowcone maker in trunk
  • High powered rising binoculars
  • Custom “Tiki God” painted on hood
  • Exonic 10″ monitor in trunk
  • Genesis Amps and Waterproof Woofers
  • Pirelli P-Zero tires
  • 18″ Tezzen Sonic wheels
  • JVC headunit

See Xzibit and the GAS team turn Esmerelda’s hand-me-down Sunbird into a tiki-god beach mobile.

Esmerelda’s ’91 Sunbird – Before

400x299xpimp my ride pontiac sunbird ep69 before.jpg.pagespeed.ic.3uTPO0rQCL Esmereldas Sunbird

Esmerelda’s ’91 Sunbird – After

400x305xpimp my ride pontiac sunbird ep69 after.jpg.pagespeed.ic.5ESk NhH00 Esmereldas Sunbird

400x311xpimp my ride pontiac sunbird ep69.jpg.pagespeed.ic.6okbvyx0n8 Esmereldas Sunbird

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Episode 70 – Justin's Toyota RAV4


The Pimp List: Justin’s ’97 Toyota RAV4 (Ep. 514)

Episode Number: 70    Season Num: 6

Justin’s ’97 RAV4

  • Chocolate fondue fountain
  • Sparkling cider bottle and champagne glasses that rise up in the back seat
  • Pop-up rose dispenser and LED candles behind back seats
  • Dash-mounted projector and hood that converts to a movie screen
  • Custom red leather interior
  • 22″ D’Vinci Code wheels
  • Pirelli tires
  • Phoenix Gold speakers and subs
  • Pioneer headunit
  • Dual headunit
  • Voice phone service

Watch Xzibit and the GAS crew transform Justin’s busted ’97 Toyota RAV4 into the ultimate love machine.

Justin’s ’97 RAV4 Before – A Back Seat No Woman Could Love – Before

pimp my ride RAV4 ep70 before Justins Toyota RAV4

Justin’s ’97 RAV4 – A Back Seat Ready for Action – After

pimp my ride RAV4 ep70 after Justins Toyota RAV4

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Episode 71 – Terese's Ford LTD


The Pimp List: Terese’s Ford LTD Crown Victoria (Ep. 615)


Episode Number: 71   Season Num: 6

Terese’s Ford LTD Crown Victoria

Original Airing: 1/30/08

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Episode 72 – Amber's Chevy Cavalier


The Pimp List: Amber’s Chevy Cavalier (Ep. 616)


Episode Number: 72   Season Num: 6

Amber’s Chevy Cavalier

Original Airing: 2/6/08

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Episode 73 – Louis' Subaru Impreza


The Pimp List: Louis’ Subaru Impreza (Ep. 617)


Episode Number: 73   Season Num: 6

Louis’ Subaru Impreza

Original Airing: 2/13/08

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Episode 74 – Andrew's Cadillac Hearse


The Pimp List: Andrew’s Cadillac Hearse (Ep. 618)

Episode Number: 74   Season Num: 6

Andrew’s Cadillac Hearse

Original Airing: 2/20/08

  • A 22 year-old Hearse is given a ‘rock’ makeover complete with an illuminated wall of fame

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  1. Please come pimp me and my husband SRX Cadillac 07 I really need a new change it would be so exciting to finally meet the man I see on the screen in person my truck can use a Wonder makeover it needs it very bad I need it for my grandbabies my mom my family and most of all my husband who has a disability it has over 112000 miles runs good hate to give it up it is my life my love my car means a lot to me but it’s hard to have things done that I need done at this time when I’m taking care of family members who needs me and my grandbabies please please please help me

  2. I have a uno 1400 but need alot of work please pimp my ride

  3. My mother has a 1999?ford truck that she loves and uses to pull a horse trailer . Her one life long hobbie that she has got into since she has lost my 2 sisters . She has had a hard time keeping this truck up . She has PTSD AND RIDDING KEEPS her going. Is there anyway you could pimp her ride.

  4. hows it going x? i hve a question, i think it was in the tiki car episode, your painter spilled 2 different product on the work table and it looked like liquid metal/chrome. id like to see that episode again to see what it was that spilled. im a a painter too and i dig the effect. thanks x. steve

  5. MTV I have a 02 chevy trailblaizer needs to fix but I don’t have the money to fix so plaese MTV IMP MY RIDE

  6. I would like you to help me to pimp my ride I m in south africa I think that by asking I will be the first in SA to get help about my ride I will albresheat Please

  7. I have a 86 Grumman crewcab. 5th wheel. love your show.

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