1. damn i think we all nw dat it aint possible 4 Xzibit an lil wayne 2 make a duow 2 getha 4sure like nw jke get rel… PLZZZZZZ!

  2. i wouldnt mind seeing him get back with Em and do a track or 2. man they tore it up together back in the day.

  3. 50 cent , lil wayne ?? xzibit is one of the biggest rap legends, we all know he won’t make song with fuckin singer Lil wayne

  4. this is awsome! on your next album you should hook up wiv lil wayne or 50 cent! that would sell out big time! xD cant wait for MMXI!

    • i could see him doing shit with 50 but i dont see him doing anything with lil wayne

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