1. I want to purchase this song, checked ITunes can't find it????  Heard the song on "Hit the Floor" Will it be released to ITunes or Amazon I take either one? Did I mention I want to purchase the single????!!!!

  2. this song fuckin blew my miiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnddddddddddddddd i want this track. from what album is this song ?

    • It’s from Xzibit’s urban ammo project. He made a few tracks to be used on tv and in movies. I think the tracks are on iTunes so have a search for it there and you may be able to find it!

  3. WOW!!!!!!! this song is going to blow!!!! here in Brazil specially!!!!

  4. X man, so glad that you back behind the mic, hope the financial troubles clear up. This track is hot man. Rollin’ with Mr X to the Z for life!

  5. i like dis song ……

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