Xzibit – Hurt Locker (Flumbeatz Remix)

Xzibit first released the track 'Hurt Locker' in 2009 and this was followed up by the official 'Hurt Locker' video in 2011. Today we bring you this remix of 'Hurt Locker – Flumbeatz Remix':

Xzibit – Hurt Locker (Flumbeatz Remix)

If you missed hearing the original version when it was released here is the official 'Hurt Locker' video:

Xzibit – Hurt Locker (Official)

Tell us what you think of the remix by leaving a comment at https://www.xzibitcentral.com/2013/music/xzibit-hurt-locker-remix-by-flumbeatz/#respond


  1. The original 1 I like more but still the 2nd is sick. I like anything that is XZIBIT music.

  2. This remix is amazing ♥

  3. Thats what I´m talking about! Xzibit….what up…give them Boy a Chance to Produced for you a Amazing New Song! Xzibit & FlumBeatz!!
    We love the Remix…incredible

  4. Xzibit, my dream is meet you. I fucking love you man, i’ve got all of your albums. Please Come Turkey to concert one day, I dont wanna die before seeing you live. X to da Z!

  5. Murder Remix fantastic

  6. This Remix from Flumbeatz is amazing

  7. He pimped out the whole Song;) Flumbeatz 4President ♥

  8. This remix is fantastic!!!

  9. This remix is fantastic!!! Please more of Flumbeatz !!!

  10. Flumbeatz Remix… better than Official

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