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Posted: Sunday, July 13, 2008 4:42 PM

So here we are just a few weeks away from the release of the film, and the promotion is about to be in full swing. Of course Im excited about it and now I get to do my part and spread the word. I have a few dates in germany via interviews and apperances in Berlin I believe. Anyway I will be there for a week. Then I come home to do domestic promotion, you will be well aware of this movie before July 25th. @ least we dont have to open up against Batman, I heard that film is going to open very well. I am just gearing up after such a difficult time and thankful for ALL the LOVE and SUPPORT that I have recieved, It keeps me going folks…..more than you know. My struggles have never been easy, But those things that define me as a man are written in my battle scars so I wear them proudly. Never allow the things that have NOT happend be the excuse to not try.You LEARN from your ups AND your downs. Im still here and my family is behind me as well as you guys…the fans. Music to me has been a voice for the underdogs, as it continues to be. I to this day believe that I have not said what I was put here to say yet thru music, I still feel like I havent written my best music yet. I have alot of work to do and procrastination is like masturbation……..YOU ARE FUCKING YOURSELF. (thats from one of my records called “HANDLE YOUR BIZNESS” go do your homework) So I want you to check out my new film and new music on its way. As I continue to relate, communicate, and bang new tunes out for you and yours, Just know I got your back, cause at the right time… all had mine. less GO!
PS. peedi cracks verse on the roots album is bangin! and go do yourself a favor and
go peep out “guilty simpson” on youtube, dope MC from DETROIT. Just what im bumpin right now.


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Xzibit To Star In Bad Lieutenant Movie

Val Kilmer and rapper Xzibit will join Nicolas Cage and Eva Mendes in a remake of “Bad Lieutenant.”

Industry magazine Variety reports that Val Kilmer and rapper Xzibit will join Nicolas Cage and Eva Mendes in a remake of the Abel Ferrara-directed cult film, Bad Lieutenant.

Werner Herzog is directing and Nu Image/Millennium Films is financing.

Cage is set to play the eponymous police lieutenant, and Kilmer will play his partner.

Herzog’s version will be a re-imagining of the original film, with Xzibit playing Cage’s nemesis, Big Fade.

According to Variety, Edward R. Pressman is producing with Alan and Gabe Polsky, Stephen Belafonte, Emmett/Furla’s Randall Emmett and Cage’s Saturn Films.

In the original film, Harvey Keitel played the Bad Lieutenant, a corrupt and drug-addicted police officer that attempts to seek redemption.

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Win a copy of Tha Alkaholiks – Live from Rehab DVD!

Win a copy of Tha Alkaholiks – Live from Rehab DVD!
We’ve got 2 copies of “Tha Alkaholiks – Live from Rehab DVD” to give away!

To win yourself a copy click here to go to – watch the Live from Rehab promo video clip and finish the lyrics Xzibit is rapping 50 seconds in to promo video:

“Call it what you want to call it, I’m a -your answer here-, Bring it if you really want it, aint gotta put no extra’s on it!”

Send us your answer using the form on the page and you could win yourself a copy of the DVD! Good Luck!

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Justin – founder

New Xzibit Video: Thank You music video clip, filmed in London, with real life fans throughout the clip. Are you in the film clip?

New Xzibit Film Clip

Xzibit – Thank You music video clip, filmed in London, with real life fans throughout the clip. Are you in the film clip?

Xzibit - Thank You

Xzibit – Thank You
Size: 12.1 MB
Duration: 5:13
File Type: WMV

Download Video Clip:

– from (Download and save it to your computer!)

– from (can only watch it, cannot save it.)

This video was previously unreleased and was never going to see the light of day, but kindly Xzibit released the clip on the internet to thank his fans for the support he received after his baby boy Xavier passed away shortly after birth.

Read more about the sad incident here: – Clip brought to you by –

Xzibit Thanks His Fans For The Support Shown

Xzibit has reached out to his fans to say Thank You for the support he has received over the past week. Read the following blog from Xzibit where he thanks his fans:

IN this time I must say the whole entire world seems like, reached out in some sort of way and embraced my family. The emails, the flowers ( my house was like a flower shop for a few days) and all love from my friends. I appreciate the love people, foreal.
The service was yesterday and it was a beautiful day, for what we had to carry out. I want to repeat the message about loving and caring for your children EVERYDAY! They cry, they scream, they laugh, they run when you tell em not to, they run up your phone bills, they leave messes! whatever….just realize that right now its hard to see little ones with there familys because it reminds me that im missing one. its a fresh wound that needs time to heal. Honestly I am humbled by the support thru these last few days. I offer you this in return….please enjoy my unreleased video for “THANK YOU” . Filmed in LONDON ENGLAND. I send this to you with all due respect. GO TO



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