[Bonus]. Don’t Let The Money Make You

Artist: Xzibit f/ King Tee, Soopafly
Album: 40 Dayz & 40 Nightz
Song: Don’t Let The Money Make You (bonus track)
Typed by: pthijssen@freemail.nl

Intro: [An interview with Xzibit]
[I] I want to ask you, what is more important to you guys?
All the money that you guys are talkin’ about?
Or the artform? Or, what is more important? The Lyrics?
Or the leather sized stuff?
[X] I think, what we tryin’ to do is device a way that the
artform and the money is like on a equal level.
You know what I mean, that, that like he said, is a fine
line where gotta pleas the crowd or pleas the artists
that are listenin’ to you. And pleas the real hip-hop
underground people that, that, that is looking for that
you know, that real shit. It’s only a certain way that
that you can go up and doin’ it

Verse 1: [Xzibit]
Xzibit keep it on deck
Live, vinyl, CD or cassette
Whatever you select
I keep you bouncin’ like a bad cheque
See I should have a trigger tattooed on my neck
To represent the heat that I repeat
Now you can take the highs out of the beat
But never take the rucked out of the rhyme
Or tribalize, look into the eyes of the emotional
Your whole style is promotional
A dead giveaway to me is just another business day
Xzibit here to stay
My life, a tribute to the A.K,
you wanna play
A situation only one man can walk away from
The same way he came
When I spit flame, it spits flames like your middlename
So why do I say fuck the fame
Because it come and go
The industry’s a pet without refused to be that gigolo
I put the dope in, got fo’s and tatoos
Niggas make ya money
But let the money make you

Hook: [King T] x2
We make, make money, money
Take’s money to survive
The meanin’ of life with statted chips is stay alive
Cause it’s all about the C-notes
Gonna be fuckin’ when you’re rollin’ this too
Don’t let the money make you

Verse 2: [Soopafly]
It’s Soopafly,
comin’ with that gangsta shit
That shit that only gangstas be gettin’ gangsta with
The pimps, hustlers and the players know the rank I get
Never have to get no money from the bank, I get shit
I Stomp down your whole compound
Takin’ all the shots
Device from the few I’m rise
Let the others drop
I elevate
Who drop when a dime never got me straight
I’m still goin’ for broke
I push you to the stroke
And one man loc and say high
Smokin’ to keep an open, mind
Focus on military time provokin’
The G in me, nigga
(?) when he tried to step the Soopafly
AZ you are shit
Now gettin’ down with the Pound
Now who can shake it till it break ground
Many motherfuckers are greedy
There’s only one thing needed like E.D.I, Amin / I mean business
When it comes to the cash, I’m movin’ quick
(Xzibit: Any other nigga eat a dick)
Fuck type shit
Make ya step back
Soopafly, hit like crack
Life is a jet
Maintainin’ the top figures deliver
The raw, rugged likwidation that be runnin’ the river
Now, whether if a nigga step up
Be prepared to kick your rap up
Try to die in line for you cheque, huh nigga

Hook: [King T] x2

Verse 3: [Xzibit]
So when I die,
bury me upside-down
So the whole world can kiss my ass
Live fast
Sippin’ from my bottomless glass of Hennessy, straight
So I catch you (?)
Xzibit comin’ down like a saint
So prepare for the judgement day
Be careful what the fuck you say
Rhyme these parts
Amadeus and Mozart,
the love for the arts and crash
Paragraphs to bust niggas in half
That’s what I fuck with
(?) time to get my duck sit
Miss me if you try to make a buck with
I mean a quick buck, only got bad luck
Black cash every black trash
Never relax, never get attached to anything
That’s not gonna hand so life
I come back like Christ
Pacific natural ice
With Sharif makin’ sure R&B, was well done
Might live by the gun,
but keep livin’ through my livin’ son

Hook: [King T] x4

[King T]
We make, make, money, money, make, money, money, money (x4)
We take money, take money, take money, money, money (x4)
Don’t let this money make you

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