11. The Whole World

Artist: Xzibit
Album: Full Circle
Song: The Whole World
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(Police siren)

Verse 1

Big bad inance strong arm steady ang
Way behind the days of rockin the stupid rapper chains
Comin through clear the lane
Send a bullet through your brain
Number one with a bullet
Faster than a bullet train
Pop it if you pull it main
Hang with orangutans
I live for my soldiers
Ask them they gonna say the same
My gage rings your bell
Like the Hunch Back of Notre Dame
Aint even gotta say it
You muthaf**kers know the name
Legendary classic
Ni*gas be punk pu$$y and plastic
Was the time and the minds of the masses
But looks how strong we are
Man I’m a muthf**kin star
Every week I cop a house and a car
The mini mansion off in Vegas
With the vanquish
That’s where I masstamind my situations
Determination and patience
We don’t speak the same language
I gotta translator
Spitting 25 times
See your b*tch ass later


That ni*ga X 2 tha Z
That boys sumethin to see
Cuz he a G
I got the whole world waitin’ on me
I’m about that grind
So muthaf**ka don’t waste my time
I got the whole world waitin’ on me
If you ready to ride
Come on get in my ride and lets slide
I got the whole world waitin’ on me (2 x’s)

Verse 2

Ni*gas screamin they sh*t but that sh*t ain’t real
I don’t need to be the sh*t cuz sh*t roll down hill
I’m escalating agreessively
My millions built up in equity
Corporations invest in me
Banging sh*t to the death of me
Cooked coke recipe
My money come back so thick
My kid’s kids couldn’t spend this sh*t
Get a grip
Dump a lip
Chop down that brick
No amount of change gonna change this gangsta spit
Quick to rollout the backwoods
Smoke out your building
We soldiers devoted dressed like civilians
Ni*gas wanna kill me
Because I make millions
That’s weak
Like gangstas that hide behind children
Novacain the game
No shame no feelings no names no numbers
Naw b*tch
You cant hang with us
Ashes to ashes and you cant bust
You so popcorn and fake industrious


(Police siren)

Verse 3

I’m lifting plates you’ll never find in the weight room
So stay tuned
My platoon finna touch down soon
Cancun to St Thomas
St Thomas to the Bahamas
Most ni*gas aint really honest
So I’m watching my step
I’m the hardest cold hearted artist
The coast is clear
Dubai, Australia to Africa
This is the year
Let the alcohol you sippin saturate in your system
I be swimming through these women
Man f**k em and flip em
I know you hoping I would fall to the side
Or go to the Way Side
It aint a muthaf**ka alive to come and take mine (No)
Don’t procrastinate
Don’t waste time
Never faced time
Houdini with crime
Traffic over state lines
Military minded
Sticking to the base line
Intellectually brighter than California sunshine (here)
I got my bars up
Got pull my cars up
I love my struggle
Never cover my scars up


(Music to fade)

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