Getcha Groove On

Artist: Limp Bizkit f/ Xzibit
Album: Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water
Song: Getcha Groove On
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Millenium sh*t
Limp Bizkit, Ha, X to the Z
Yeah, Ha
Bringin it live to you and yours
Ladies and gentlemen, ha, ha, ha
My homeboy, yo get at ’em dog

HOOK: Fred Durst
You don’t wanna f**k with, me today
Cuz a little somethin, somethin didn’t, go your way
So try not to be like, that today
Cuz I’m a real motherf**ker from ’round the way
We don’t give a f**k when we’re rockin the place
We’re only givin a f**k if you’re invadin the space
So getcha, getcha groove on [gotta getcha groove on]
Don’t keep us waitin too long [don’t keep us waitin too long]

[Fred Durst]
Don’t you treat me like a toy kid
Do you enjoy this
Every single second I’m alive I’m a mess
Got these laser beam mic checks
Communicatin through the genelect
High tech, keep you on the run now
Don’t wanna be that, guy
Every single second I’m alive, I’m, alive
I, don’t understand why
I got control, full of candy in your soul while
Pumpin up the sweetness
This is what you need
Another little piece of me inside of you
Cuz you know that I always keep it true (keep it true)
And that’s exactly why I do just what I do
Yeah, it’s what I do


I got breakneck delivery, no time for chivalry
Extraordinary ability, sh*t longevity
Dig deep in your soul and find yourself
Cuz mind control can turn y’all to someone else
So fast, your head’ll probably spin the f**k right off
Me and Fred about to go half on Microsoft
Me and Limp burnin twenty percent
Your little half ass direct hits aint even makin a dent
What an event, all hell Xzibit and Limp
As we attempt to bring home the championship
It’s all in the wrists I still leave the league an assist
Gimme the fifth, I’m drinking while I’m takin a pi*s, b*tch


I got untapped material, I serial kill sh*t
Gimme the real sh*t, X finish ’em all quick
Makin your jaw split when I’m touchin the mosh pit
Constant conflict, knockin faggots unconscious
Nauseous, raisin the stakes, increasin the weight
Got homies I can lay down that lift they plates
So quit trying to invade my space
Before I call for a face to face, and gotta rest my case like…

This is how we do it
Just recognize we keep gettin right to it
Lookin through these eyes, look into these eyes
And you’ll see the size of the flame
Then you might despise the size of my game
Step the f**k back, Xzibit’s on the track
You should’ve buckled up before your head hit the dash
You gotta hate that, a demo from an eight track
Brought me to a place, where platinum comes in eight stacks, b*tch

HOOK to end

[Xzibit over hook]
Limp Bizkit ladies and gentlemen
C’mon! Yeah!
Takin this sh*t over for motherf**king 2000, 2001
Limp Bizkit, Mr. X to the Z, Xzibit
Kickin a mudhole in you b*tch ass motherf**kers
Yeah! Ha! It don’t stop what, it never stop huh
Like this! Huh
Yeah, yeah, 2000
R.I.P. Roger Troutman, yeah, yeah

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