13. Missin’ U

Artist: Xzibit
Album: Man vs Machine
Song: Missin’ U
Typed by: demon9991@yahoo.com

This for you (uh) there ain’t one day that go by
where I don’t think about you (yeah)
This for my mother, Rest In Peace (uh)
To you and yours (yeah) Ride with me (uh)
Come on

(Verse 1)
I know you watching me, guiding me
I know from up there it’s like you watching ‘Menace to Society’
Listen you was thirty-two I was only nine
But I’ve learned so much with so little time
Now I’m surrounded by the best of my kind
We put it all together, couldn’t waist your pearls on Swine ma
You taught me better
You can’t protect me or expect me to not struggle n fight
Cause see death is a part of life
What I wouldn’t give for 1 more day wit you
One last embrace n face to face wit you
Explain everything that made me what I am a grown man
From the ground up with my own hands
Will I forget you? Neva
Down right angry sometimes that we ain’t here together
You can feel your roots and see how strong we are
Who would’ve thought we could get this far, damn I miss you

(Chorus: Andre Wilson)
Even though I know it’s been tough
I can’t stress enough no matter what – mama I love you
You’ve always been there by my side
You’ve taught the wrong from the right – mama I love you

(Verse 2)
Yesterday was you fifty-ninth birthday
Time flew missing you in the worst way
I still feel the same pain since the first day
You left through death on God’s request
I can’t complain through the year’s mama I’ve been stressed
Through them bullets and the bad times I’ve been blessed
For the times that I fail but I tried my best
Able to do for my loved one’s, real success
Your the source of my strength I was blessed with your gifts
Your insights, your wisdom, your penmanship
Fun n games, I’m doing thangs, I know you wouldn’t agree with
What I drink, what I smoke, who I be with
You made sure I got some love when there wasn’t none
Opened up my heart showed the world where I’m coming from
Your little grandson is just like your little boy
Mama what you built here no man can ever destroy, your bundle of joy
I’ve been through so much
I lose touch and sometimes I feel that life sucks
My women try to get close I push here away
She wanna talk I just sit there with nothing to say
Feel me its all the pain I contain on the inside
You in the right place but left me at the wrong time
Use to cook, clean, and sing me to sleep
Now I only go to bed with my heat, damn I miss you


(Verse 3)
The school of hard knocks where I learned life’s lessons
With not enough answers and too many questions
When you had me you gave birth to a soldier
Now I’m much older now the world much colder
Our lives in the hands of politicians that don’t care
We ponds in the game biological warfare
The family’s so spread out n disconnected
Trying to hold things together put my soul on records
It’s hard; you know your daughter had a baby too
A beautiful baby girl just another little piece of you
Another branch we can add to the family tree
Responsibility bringing out the man in me
You ain’t a man if your not taking care of home
Raise and protect my own, until they full-grown
No matter how much these streets try to change me
I’m never ‘gon forget how you raised me
I Love You, Forever.


(Ad Libs)
Yeah, all the mothers, all the daughters, yeah, come on
Sun, Moon, Earth, yeah, this for you, uh, Damn, Damn I Miss You

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