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King T Says Dr. Dre & Xzibit Motivated Him To Rap Again

King T recently sat down with HipHopDX where the hip hop super star talked about how Xzibit and Dre motivated him to rap again:

HipHopDX: Not too long ago, you came out with Tha Triflin’ Mixtape. It had been over five years since you’d done a mixtape or an album. What led you to put it out, with the time apart from music?

King T: Really, when I got around Dr. Dre. Xzibit took me up to Dre’s house. This was after a long [bout] of depression. I lost my daughter, like three years ago, in a car accident. So I was kinda down. Me and my wife had separated for a minute. I was just goin’ through some things and wasn’t really feelin’ like doin’ no music or anything like it; it was just a bad time for me. Xzibit had called me up and asked me to start hangin’ around, ‘cause he was workin’ on the Napalm album. And he was writin’ for [Dr. Dre’s] Detox. So I was just hangin’ with him for a month or so. We went out and messed with Dre to do some things on Detox. And just fuckin’ with Dre and dealin’ with X and watchin’ what was goin’ on, I just wanted to get back into it. It gave me that umph—that spirit I needed to just pick up the pen and start writin’ and lovin’ the music, lovin’ Hip Hop again. That’s all it was.

HipHopDX: The first person you worked with outside of your crew was Marley Marl on the remix…

King T: It was a dream come true. That was the happiest moment. Working with Marley [Marl] on the [“Played Like A Piano”] remix was a dream come true then. I gotta say, the best moment in my life so far that brought me back from the dead with this Hip Hop shit was when all of us went in the studio with Xzibit and did the “Louis XIII.” It was classic.


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