Arnold Schwarzenegger Teams Up With Rapper Xzibit On An Earth Saving ‘Pimp My Ride’ Show

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger teamed up with rapper Xzibit to “pimp” a ’65 Chevy Impala on an upcoming episode of MTV’s hit show Pimp My Ride.

Schwarzenegger, Mad Mike and the crew of Pimp My Ride give the Impala an ecological make over on the show’s season premiere, which takes place on Earth Day (Apr. 22).

“I would like to thank MTV and the entire Pimp My Ride crew for shining the spotlight on the importance of alternative fuels and the fight against global warming,” Governor Schwarzenegger said in a statement. “I am very encouraged by the great potential in converting vehicles to run on biodiesel as a way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” said Governor Schwarzenegger. “I am pleased that the power of MTV’s message will reach an audience throughout California and the nation to reinforce the benefits of alternative-fuel vehicles and protecting our environment.”

The special edition features the Impala getting an 800 horsepower Duramax diesel engine that will run on biodiesel fuel, educating viewers during the show about the benefits of ecological friendly cars.

“What better way to celebrate the anniversary of our Break the Addiction campaign than pimping the environment with a pro like Governor Schwarzenegger – a powerful voice in the fight against climate change,” added Christina Norman, President, MTV. “During the past year, we’ve reached millions, giving our audience the tools they want to make changes in their own lives. The state of our environment is one of the most critical issues facing our audience today and we’re honored that we can inspire and educate even more as we celebrate Earth Day with this special Pimp My Ride event.”

Pimp My Ride premieres Apr. 22, on Earth Day.

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